The Secret To Perfect Chicken Breasts Everytime

perfect chickenThe Secret To Perfect Chicken Breasts Everytime

As you know I came by this little secret tip quite by chance and am now sharing it with you free. Its not too hard to bake the perfect chicken breasts everytime. I used to dread my chicken breasts coming out dry and chewy. Not now with this little method. So what is it? ( Dont forget to also check out our secret to baking chicken legs here)

The Secret Revealed

How is this possible? Well grease the foil prior to positioning the chicken onto it, and remember to also pour olive oil over on top of the already seasoned breasts. Thats it. Once the foil is wrapped around the chicken, remember you must grease the bottom as well, most just place the chicken straight onto the foil and grease the top with oil. But greasing the bottom also will allow the oil to circulate up into the chicken also from below, making it more moist than you could ever imagine. Just try it and leave a comment below on how it turned out for you.

Here is The Full Baked Chicken Breast To Perfection Recipe:




Also Dont forget to also check out our secret to baking chicken legs here

Ingredients for the Perfect Chicken Breast

2-4 Chicken breasts – Its important to choose the right chicken to start with. I always buy Free Range and preferably Organic if you can afford it. Organic is expensive but you will notice a big difference in taste. At the very least if you cant afford organic then go for free range.

Sea Salt

Black Pepper

Whatever seasoning you like

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One Large Cookie Sheet

Tin Foil


Pre-heat the stove to about 400 degrees. Position the foil across the cookie sheet… this really is going to ensure that the clean up is a BREEZE. Make use of a small amount of cooking spray in order to grease the foil and after that pull your chicken breasts right out of the package. Season your chicken breasts very generously on both sides using some sea salt, black pepper along with the herbs which you decide on. Next drizzle a small amount of extra virgin olive oil over every breast to ensure they are kept moist and succulent.

Place them inside the oven for 20-25 min’s (according to the size of your chicken breasts) and There you are! The most effective way to bake a tasty, succulent chicken breast.


Was that simple or WHAT?

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