Ring Dings Vs. Ding Dongs: Differences and Which Is Better?

ring dings vs ding dongs

Ring Dings and Ding Dongs are round chocolate hand cakes with cream inside. Dipped in chocolate, these small cakes are a dream come true. In fact, there’s something indulgent about finding your way through the coating, to the cake, to the creamier center. But, the two chocolate hand cakes are different. So, which is better, Ring Dings or Ding Dongs?

Ding Dongs are a bit smaller, darker, and have a bumpier coating than the Ring Dings. Ding Dongs have a bit more cream filling and roughly the same amount of cake. Both are covered with chocolate and have a really similar taste.

This article elaborates on the two famous snacks cake market competitors: Ring Dings vs. Ding Dongs. Besides their taste, read on and learn the Ring Dings vs. Ding Dong differences, if they’re bad for you, and which one to choose.

Ring Dings Vs. Ding Dongs: Differences

If you are looking from a further distance, Ring Dings and Ding Dongs look almost identical. But, if you take a closer look, there are some small differences between the two when it comes to the shape, size, texture, and colors.

Outerior (Appearance of Coating)

  • Ring Dings are just a bit larger than Ding Dongs.
  • The color of Ring Dings is brown while Ding Dongs are a bit darker, you could tell they are even black.
  • The coating of Ring Dings is a bit flatter, more plane, than the chocolate coating of the Ding Dongs.

Interior (Appearance of Filling and Cake)

  • Both Ring Dings and Ding Dongs have a really similar looking cream filling and cake base. If you would be looking at the two sliced in half, it would be really hard to tell a difference. Tough, Ding Dongs have a bit more cream filling.


  • Ring Dings have a nice, high-quality chocolate taste and the cream filling gives a mushy resemblance. Altough, the same could be said for Ding Dongs. Chocolate coating has a nice, sweet, quality taste while the cream filling is a nise addition.

What Is a Ring Dings?

A Ring Dings is a moist, dense cake with a creamy, smooth filling covered in a thick, rich chocolate layer that was invented in 1958. Its cake is dry but soft with excellent crème. The outer chocolate coating is tasty but doesn’t give you the chocolatey goodness. It melts if held for too long in hand. 

Are Ring Dings Bad for You?

Ring Dings cake has 180 calories: 9 g of fat (6g are saturated fat), 24g carbs, and 17g sugars (16g of which is added sugars). [1]

That means they’re loaded with fat and sugar, making them rather unhealthy for you. Besides, it’s highly processed and has low nutritional value.

Just a serving of two Ring Dings cakes contains 50% of recommended maximum daily intake of saturated fat. Moreover, some contain trans-fats that aren’t good for your health.  

Did Ring Dings Come in Foil?

Ring Dings were initially wrapped individually in foil but are now in cellophane. As a result, you’ll find eight individually wrapped cakes in one carton of Ring Dings. 

What Is a Ding Dongs?

Ding Dongs is a chocolate cake snack sold in the US under the Hostess brand name (owned by Interstate Bakeries Corporation). The chocolate cake is round and has a flat bottom and top, like a hockey puck. It’s approximately an inch high and three inches in diameter. 

It has a white cream filling injected at the center with a thin chocolate coating glaze that covers the entire cake. However, the cream at the center isn’t continuous and seems to be injected in two areas. The cream also tends to be plastic-like and is waxy and can stick to your teeth.

Initially, the company wrapped the Ding Dongs cake in thin, square tin foil to enable consumers to carry and pack in lunches without melting the chocolate coating. Today, you can find a Ding Dong individually wrapped in a white plastic package. 

Are Ding Dongs Bad for You?

Ding dongs cake has 160 calories: 8.5g of total fat (5.5 g of which are saturated fat), 21.5g carbs, 16.5 g of sugar (16g of which are added sugars). Moreover, Dings Dongs have 2.5mg of cholesterol per cake. [2]

Therefore, while Ding dongs can satisfy your sweet tooth, they are bad for you if eaten excessively.

Ring Dings Vs. Ding Dongs: Which One to Choose?

The lighter, fluffier cakes, superior outer shell, and balanced interior flavors make Rings Dings an ideal choice.

Do They Still Make Ring Dings?

Hostess Brands filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and eventually filed for liquidation later that year. In 2013, McKee Foods bought Drake’s brand out of liquidation from Hostess Brands. McKee Foods reintroduced Drake’s Ring Dings and other top-selling products in 2013 and has continued to sell these delicious treats.

Ring Dings – Ding Dong Conflict: Why Ding Dongs Keep Changing Its Name?

Initially, Ding Dongs were sold as Big Wheels on the East coast of the US so they don’t share any resemblance with Ring Dings. However, the names were consolidated in 1987 when a merger of Drakes and Hostess (then Continental Baking Company) resolved the Ring Dings-Ding Dong conflict.

But, the merger was short-lived, and Hostess was forced to stop using their Ding Dong name in areas where Ring Dings were sold. They came up with a compromise sound-alike name King Dons, which lasted until Interstate Bakeries Corporation bought Drakes in 1998. 

Today, Hostess sells the chocolate snack cake as Ding Dongs in the US and King Dons in Canada.

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