Hostess Cupcakes vs. Ding Dongs: Differences

hostess cupcakes vs ding dongs
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There’s probably nothing more nostalgic than biting into a sweet treat from Hostess. Hostess makes lots of products similar to each other, two of those being Hostess Cupcakes and Ding Dongs. They both are chocolate cakes with a creamy filling and chocolate frosting. So, what makes Hostess cupcakes and Ding Dongs different?

Cupcakes are taller than Ding Dongs and have a lighter texture. You will find them in a cupcake shape, while Ding Dongs are round. Cupcakes are coated only on the top and with milk chocolate, while Ding Dongs’ are wholly covered with bitter chocolate. You will recognize Cupcakes by the swirl of white frosting on the top.

I understand Hostess Cupcakes and Ding Dongs can be confusing: both chocolate cakes come in similar shapes and are from the same company. But, stick around and learn about their distinct differences.

Hostess Cupcake vs. Ding Dongs: Differences

Hostess Cupcake is an American brand of snack cake with vanilla cream filling and soft chocolate icing. Typically, it has been claimed that Hostess Cupcakes are the first commercially produced cupcakes and hence have become an iconic brand. Today, Hostess Cupcakes have a trademark of squiggly frosting across its top.

Ding Dongs are round with a flat bottom and up, close to three inches wide and over an inch tall. It has an even, thin, crunchy coating of chocolate glazing over it and has a creamy white filling in the center. Ding Dong’s interior cake is drier, but it has more filling to cake ratio, straightening the dryness. 

Biting into the Ding Dongs icing coating, the cake and the creamy texture is like a culinary archeologist. First, it has an irresistible entrance, and then a delicious cake and later the delightful cream filling.

hostess cupcakes vs ding dongs

What Is the Flavor of Ding Dongs?

Ding Dongs are like real, little cakes. They have a rich chocolate flavor, and their softness proves that they melt in a mouth. The layers of texture and flavor are revered across the borders by cake lovers. 

Ding Dongs come in peanut butter, mint, wintermint, and white fudge flavors, as well as Star Spangle and Valentine varieties.


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What Is the Flavor of Hostess Cupcakes?

Hostess cupcakes come in different flavors, which allow the cupcakes to transcend into dreamy Creamsicle territory. 

Orange cupcakes have a cream surrounded by moist, citrusy cake with a thick coating of tangerine-colored icing. Conversely, the iced lemon-flavored version has a lemon-flavored cake stuffed with the classic white filling. Other flavors include chocolate and red velvet.

Are There Eggs in Hostess Cupcakes?

Chocolate Cupcakes contain whole eggs in single-serve and multipack sizes. That was made public by Hostess Brands in an allergen notice.

Did Hostess Cupcakes Go Out of Business?

Hostess has filed for bankruptcy twice, in 2004 and 2012. The company was liquidated in 2012, and various assets and brands went at auction to the New Hostess under Metropoulos. 

In 2016, Hostess came to life again, and today under Gores Holding, the company continues to manufacture and sell its sweet candies and treats, including Ding Dongs and Cupcakes. 

Who Makes Hostess Cupcakes Now?

Hostess Brand emerged first in 1919 with their cupcakes. It has been shuffled between various owners since it sought bankruptcy protection in 2012 for a second time. 

Recently, Hostess Cupcakes were made by Metropoulos & Co. and private equity firms Apollo Global Management. But today, Hostess Cupcakes are manufactured by Gores Holdings, an acquisition company operated by a private equity firm.

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