Pb2 vs. Pbfit: Differences & Which Is Better?

Pb2 vs. Pbfit
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Pb2 and Pbfit are two very similar products but aren’t identical. Deciding which one to take depends on the purpose you are taking it for. Both are intended for healthy lifestyle fans, high in protein, but you need to know their properties to choose the right one. So, what are the differences between Pb2 and Pbfit, and which is better?

Both are low in calories and high in protein and nutrients. They are great for maintaining a healthy weight as well as weight loss. However, the main difference between Pb2 and Pbfit is that Pbfit powder contains a larger variety of peanut butter. They also differ in other aspects, but this is the most important one. 

Although Pb2 and Pbfit are very similar, they are not the same. To help you decide which suits you better and would better meet your needs, in the following paragraphs, I will describe and compare Pb2 and Pbfit.

Pb2 vs. Pbfit: Differences  

Both Pb2 and Pb fit are nutritious supplements. They are powdered peanut butter for protein shakes and other healthy meal substitutes. Used predominantly by people who work out regularly, they both do an excellent job nurturing the muscles. 

However, since they are different products, it is only logical that they are not the same. Therefore, there are differences between them, dividing them and pre-determining their uses. 

Taste and Texture

Since they are powdered peanut butter, both Pb2 and PBfit predominantly taste like peanut butter. However, the question is, to what extent do they taste like peanut butter, and how close to peanut butter is each of them? 

The Pb2 tastes exactly like peanut butter but less fatty. One spoonful of Pb2 is said to substitute for two spoons of peanut butter. However, if you eat two spoons of peanut butter, you will feel its fattiness immediately, and it may even make you feel nauseous. 

However, adding two spoons of Pb2 to your protein shake will not cause that feeling in your stomach, as there are significantly more fats in the Pb2 than in regular peanut butter. Nevertheless, Pb2 is creamy and creates a delightfully silky texture when activated. 

On the other hand, PBfit is even less fatty than Pb2, which, as nice as it sounds, creates a bit of a texture problem. The lack of fattiness prevents PBfit from turning into a creamy substance when activated. Instead, it gets grainy and somewhat dry. 

The grainy and dry-ish consistency negatively impacts the taste. It is in no way bad-tasting, and it does resemble regular peanut butter, but it is kind of toned down. 

While peanut butter is a flavourful condiment, PBfit gravitates more toward neutral. Nevertheless, PBfit is delicious and flavourful, despite being somewhat of a mellower version of regular peanut butter. 

Pb2 vs. Pbfit

Nutrition and Protein Content 

Nutrition-wise, PBfit, and Pb2 are very close; however, they differ. PBfit is slightly less fatty than Pb2; it contains more protein, sodium, and dietary fiber. Both Pb2 and PBfit contain the same amount of sugars. 

While PBfit has 8 grams of protein in one spoon, Pb2 has 6 grams in the same powder quantity. PB2 has a tad more fat than PBfit and is therefore recommended in slightly lesser doses. While the recommended dose for PBfit is one and a half tbsp. You should take one tbsp of PB2. [1]

Nevertheless, they are both excellent sources of nutrients and nurture the body, giving it the energy it needs. They are exceptionally good for people who work out regularly as they are excellent protein sources. 


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Pb2 is significantly cheaper than PBfit. PBfit costs about $15, while Pb2 is approximately $6. By seeing these prices, you are likely to judge too quickly and categorize Pb2 as a lousy-quality peanut butter powder. 

However, you would be wrong, as PBfit and Pb2 are made similarly, using similar technology. The price difference derives from the brands. While Pb2 is more of the underdog here, PBfit is the more famous one. 

This is because there is only one Pb2 variety, the peanut butter-flavored one, while PBfit has several of them. The PBfit varieties are PBfit peanut butter powder, PBfit chocolate, PBfit pumpkin spice, PBfit organic, PBfit pure peanut, PBfit sugar-free, and PBfit plus vegan chocolate. 

So, the price has virtually nothing to do with the quality but, rather, the popularity and the variety of the brands. 

Popularity and Uses

As I mentioned in the previous section, PBfit is the more popular one. Its popularity is due to a better marketing strategy and the larger variety of products. While Pb2 does great, PBfit does slightly better economy-wise. 

PBfit has several varieties, thus enlarging its audience. While Pb2 is very popular with peanut butter lovers and does excellent with that audience, PBfit does equally well in several fields. 

Not only peanut butter lovers love PBfit, but also chocolate fans, pumpkin spice lovers, and vegans. 

So, in terms of popularity, they are both beloved and popular, but Pb2 is popular with peanut butter enthusiasts, while PBfit has a larger consumer body because of its variety. 

You can use either for protein shakes, smoothies, and baking. You can also turn them into cookie dips, as well as crackers. 

Pb2 vs. Pbfit: Which Is Better? 

Both Pb2 and PBfit are excellent. If you like the standard peanut butter flavor, both will enrich your shakes, smoothies, or baked goods. They are high in protein and low in calories and fat, so the differences are nearly negligible nutrition-wise.

On the other hand, if you like trying out other tastes, that’s something Pb2 cannot offer you, as it comes only in the traditional peanut butter taste. Therefore, if you like variety, you should probably go with PBfit. 

Conversely, if you mind the grainy consistency of the PBfit and you prefer smooth and creamy textures, then Pb2 is for you.  

Are Pbfit and Pb2 the Same?

Pb2 and PBfit are not the same but share many commonalities, so they are very similar.