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9 Best Oil Based Food Coloring for Chocolate

Oil Based Food Coloring For Chocolate
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When making sweets and treats more fun and attractive, oil-based food coloring is the way to go. However, you cannot choose whatever comes first in your hand because the type of food coloring you pick will affect the quality of your baked goods. But, what are some of the best types of oil-based food coloring for chocolate?

Some of the best oil-based food coloring brands are Wilton, Chefmaster, Colour Mill, etc. Oil-based food coloring is the most suitable choice for coloring chocolate since its formula is made for binding the coatings on candy and chocolate. 

In this article, I have included a list of some of the best oil-based food coloring brands, so you will not be forced to spend hours browsing through the countless options. 

List of the Best Oil Based Food Coloring for Chocolate 

Oil-based coloring is regarded as the best type of food coloring for chocolate. The oil-based food colors are strictly created to bind well with chocolate, candy, and other confectionery coatings. This way, you will add some vibrancy and festivity to your chocolate treats, and make them look amazing. 

The best thing about oil-based food coloring is that you have many options, and you can make your choice according to your needs. When I talk about countless options, I refer to the ability to choose from gluten-free, egg-free, or peanut-free oil-based food coloring. You can always make your chocolate treats better. You just have to know which food coloring will give you the desired effect. 

Below, I have included a list of the best food coloring, so you do not have to wander through the internet or around stores. Everything you need is included in the list. 

Chefmaster Liquid Candy Food Color 

Chefmaster Liquid Candy Food Color is the perfect brand for coloring chocolate and candy melts. All ingredients in Chefmaster colors are safe, so you do not have to worry about adding any toxins to your sweet treats. Also, these colors are odorless and tasteless, so they will not change the taste of your recipes. 

In addition, Chefmaster offers a variety of choices in terms of colors. There are a lot of vibrant tones and shades, which can even be mixed if you want to experiment a little bit. However, the colors are not the only choices offered by Chefmaster. 

This brand also offers you the opportunity to choose from different food properties, such as gluten-free, peanut-free, egg-free, and vegan features. Therefore, you have the chance to pick the ingredient you need, and not mess up with your diet necessities along the way. 

The Chefmaster colors come with liquid texture, meaning that they are very easy to apply. They can easily blend with the recipe since their texture simply sticks to the food on which you are applying it. However, you need to be careful in applying, meaning that you have to use one drop at a time to avoid exaggerating the dosage. 

McCormick Nature’s Inspiration Food Colors

McCormick Nature’s Inspiration Food Colors is the perfect pick for those who are following a vegan diet but are also trying to stay away from GMO products. It is a tasteless and odorless food coloring type, meaning it would not mess up with the taste of your recipes. Also, all of the ingredients included in these colors are safe, i.e. gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. 

This food dye is specifically designed for food characterized by a high content of fat, meaning that it is easily soluble with butter and oil. These features make this food coloring perfect for chocolate and candy melts. It is usually used for decorating cakes due to the amazing variety of colors and shades they offer. 

Wilton Garden Candy Colors 

Wilton Garden Oil-Based Color Set is perfect for tinting candy melts and chocolate, and they will definitely give you some colorful results. This set comes with four amazing pastel tones that will make your chocolate delicacies really elegant and classy. Sometimes, you need to keep it simple and stay away from the bright ones, and Wilton gives you that opportunity.

These colors are made of completely safe ingredients, and they are kosher certified. What is more, this food coloring is tasteless, so you can be sure that the taste of your recipes will not be messed up. Also, you can rest assured that you are not going to smell them at all since they are odor-free. 

Wilton Garden Candy Color Set is perfect for chocolate and other types of candy melts. You may use them for decorating desserts for special occasions when you need to keep the simplicity but still remain classy. If you are looking for soft and calming colors, then this set should be your pick. 

Wilton Candy Decorating Primary Colors 

Wilton Candy Decorating Primary Colors is a set that comes with four oil-based colors. This is what you need when you do not want to overdo it with so many color tones and shades. The four colors that are included in the set will be quite enough for you to create some colorful candy or chocolate treats. The colors that will be at your disposal are red, orange, yellow, and blue. 

This Wilton set is the perfect pick when you are not really sure what to do about colors. When you have only four shades at your disposal, you will get the job done more quickly, and still be amazed by the result. The formula included in the Wilton colors is specifically designed to work with chocolate and candy melts, so you do not have to worry about ruining your recipes. 

They come in a solid form, which is preferred when doing some precise coloring. When applied to chocolate or other types of candy, the colors look surreal, and that is everything you need when you have only four options at your disposal. 

Colour Mill Oil Based Food Coloring

If you are trying to reach vibrant and color-rich shades, then Colour Mill Oil Based Food Coloring is the brand you are looking for. These colors are the ideal choice for Swiss meringue, buttercream, chocolate, cake batter, fondant, and ganache. You will be able to express your creativity through chocolate treats in an amazing way. 

Furthermore, Colour Mill food coloring is perfect for those who are leading vegan diets. Also, it does not contain any allergens, so you can stay relaxed when using these colors. What is more, these colors are produced according to all safety measures and standards, so you will know that you are staying completely safe with the decorations of your sweet delicacies.

The greatest feature of these colors is that they offer pastel shades. They are great for decorating elegant cakes or desserts, and they are suitable for every occasion. 

Watkins Assorted Food Coloring

Another option for your chocolate decorations is the colors produced by Watkins. They work amazingly well with high-fat content food since they are soluble in butter, oil substances, and fat. Watkins Assorted Food Coloring is amazing for chocolate and candy melts, so choosing them for your dessert will not be a mistake.

These colors come in a set of four vivid and bright shades perfect for any type of dessert containing chocolate. You can also mix the colors and obtain some new tones you believe are important for your needs. They are also produced by following all safety measures, and they are also suitable for vegans. 

You can use these colors for icing, frosting, buttercream, hard candy, and any other type of dessert you usually prepare in your kitchen. They are also without any odor or taste, so they will not mess up your recipes. 

Cherrysea Oil Based Food Coloring For Chocolate 

If you are looking for something revolutionary, then the Cherrysea Oil Based Colors are the ideal choice for you. These colors have upgraded formulas designed to work with food with quite high levels of fat in the content. They are easily applied, and they blend perfectly with chocolate and candy melts. 

They are made according to all safety measures and American standards, and they are suitable for vegans since they do not contain any eggs in their content. They also do not contain any gluten or nuts, meaning that you should not fear any allergens. This means that you can safely use this food coloring in all of your desserts without worrying that they will have any negative effects. 

They come in a set of 12 colors, meaning that you do not have to combine for more shades. However, the colors allow mixing, so if you think you need something more, you can freely combine them. 

AmeriColor Food Coloring Student Kit 

If you are an absolute beginner in the field of coloring food, especially chocolate, then you should opt for a set that will make everything easier. AmeriColor Food Coloring Kit comes in a set of 12 assorted soft gel paste colors, and it contains everything a rookie needs. Along with versatility, they also offer beautiful pigment, so you will end up with amazing end results.

The formula of the AmeriColor Food Coloring is designed to preserve the taste of the food, so you will not sense any strange aftertaste. What is more, the colors are strong and vibrant, so you should not expect any fading. Since we are talking about soft gel colors, you can rest assured that the gel will not affect your icings. 

However, even though these colors are oil-based, they are not suitable for every kind of chocolate. So you should check the properties of your chocolate before you decide to buy this set. 

U.S. Cake Supply Food Coloring

The amazing feature of U.S. Cake Supply are highly concentrated edible cake decorating colors in a wide range of bright vivid intense colors. It works well with high-fat content food even though it contains water as its base. It is suitable for coloring chocolate, but also cakes and other candy melts. 

The set comes with twelve colors that can be easily mixed and blended into a different and unique shade. They offer vibrant and long-lasting colors, so you should not fear any fading. They are ideal for decorating desserts for some special events, such as children’s birthday parties.

Why Should You Use Oil Based Food Coloring For Chocolate? 

Oil-based food coloring is designed to work well with food that contains high levels of fat. Since chocolate belongs to that food group, it is logical that you need to use this type of food coloring. It binds well with oil substances and butter, so you will easily apply it to any kind of chocolate dessert. 

What Are Different Food Coloring For Chocolate? 

You can use food coloring for many things and on many occasions. Food coloring works well with icing, frosting, fondue, chocolate, hard candy, candy melts, and so on. Usually, people use food coloring for cakes and desserts that are prepared for a certain special event. 

I believe that you have found what you are looking for in food coloring from the list I have made for you. Whichever brand you choose from the list will not be a mistake since each of them is perfectly suitable for coloring primarily chocolate.

Before diving into the nutritional details, please review our Nutritional Disclaimer page for important context and clarifications.

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