Jennie-O vs. Butterball Ground Turkey: Differences & Which Is Better

Jennie-O vs. Butterball Ground Turkey Differences
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Ground turkey is the healthy sibling of ground beef or ground pork. Although many people are skeptical about it, it may not be as satisfying; I am here to tell you that nothing can be further from the truth if you pick the right brand. 

I will tell you about two of my favorite ground turkey brands in this article. So, we will discuss the differences and similarities between Jennie-O and Butterball ground turkey. Comparing two brands that are as close to perfect as possible is a tough job, but you will find some answers in the following paragraphs. 


Jennie-O and Butterball wouldn’t have become such famous and beloved brands if they didn’t offer sufficient variety to satisfy the diverse needs of their consumers. So, with that being said, you can expect a diverse offer of ground turkey from both. 

What I appreciate most about the ground turkey products they offer is that I can find what I need, even when I need clarification. So, if you are strolling down the supermarket isles, rest assured that you will find your perfect ground turkey product from one of these brands. 

Jennie-O vs. Butterball Ground Turkey variety of products

Jennie-O mainly focuses on lean ground turkey, offering three main ground turkey varieties. The extra lean ground turkey is indeed extra lean. It is still very delicious, but you will feel the difference; it will keep you full for hours. 

The second variety is the lean ground turkey, the most common and their “bestseller.” When I get a Jennie-O ground turkey, more often than not, it is this variety. 

The third kind is the one they call “raised with no antibiotics, ever ground turkey,” which can be misleading, indicating that the other two varieties contain antibiotics, which isn’t the case. The thing is, these turkeys are raised precisely for the purpose of producing this variety. 

The brand also offers lean turkey patties, which are still ground turkey but shaped in the form of a patty and seasoned with rosemary extract. They come frozen and fresh. 

And finally, we have the Jennie-O turkey sausages, which I is ground turkey in a pork casing. This is important to know if you are following a Halal diet or you are serving these sausages to people who consume only Halal meals.

They also offer the sausage meat without casing, so that’s a good option if you want to avoid sausage links.

Butterball also offers a wide range of ground turkey products, and I must say that it has a more diverse portfolio than Jennie-O. This is because Jennie-O focuses on lean meat, while Butterball focuses a little broader

They offer six ground turkey varieties, i.e., fresh seasoned all-natural ground turkey 91/9, fresh Italian style seasoned all-natural ground turkey 91/9, fresh all-natural ground turkey 93/7 flex pack, fresh all natural extra lean ground white turkey 97/3, fresh all-natural ground turkey 93/7 and fresh all-natural ground turkey 85/15. The numbers you see next to the varieties are the lean-to-fat ratio, and as we can conclude, Jennie-O’s selection offers leaner products. 

Like Jennie-O, Butterball also offers diverse ground turkey patties, seasoned and natural, frozen and fresh.

Ground turkey sausages are a part of their assortment as well, and again they come in a sausage casing. However, we are talking about beef collagen casings that are Halal. To remind you, Jennie-O sausage links are not Halal.

Of course, you will find the casing-free sausages here, too.


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It would be easiest to just say that both brands make delicious ground turkey, but what use would that be? Don’t worry, I’ll give you more insightful description. 

Despite my loving both of them, they do differ and have their respective sets of fans. Jennie-O is a beloved ground turkey brand among those who prefer the leanest side of meat. Their ground turkey is natural-tasting, bursting with healthy richness, and the perfect canvas for you to paint your culinary painting on.

On the other hand, Butterball’s ground turkey is slightly different. It is lean, don’t get me wrong, but not as lean as Jennie-O’s, which brings those who aren’t as concerned about the fat percentage. 

The slightly higher fat percentage in Butterball ground turkey contributes to the richness of the meat, its juiciness, and tenderness. So, be prepared for a flavor burst with each bite. 


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Both Butterball and Jennie-O offer a seasoned ground turkey variety, so you don’t have to worry about your meat being tasteless; they’ve got you covered. 

Prices And Availability 

Price and availability-wise, both Jennie-O and Butterball are affordable and easy to find, which is another excellent feature both brands share. The prices vary depending on the pack size, store, time of year, and similar, but generally, they are competitive. 

The current price at Walmart for a 16 oz pack of Jennie-O 7% fat ground turkey is $ 4.72, while a 3 lb pack of Butterball ground turkey costs about $14. When you do the math and compare the prices, the prices are similar, with Butterball being slightly less expensive than Jennie-O. 

Differences In Preparation

When preparing ground turkey from Butterball or Jennie-O, you can go wild or as tame as you want. Still, both varieties do best when cooked in a specific way. 

So, for Jennie-O ground turkey, I recommend grilling, even though it does well when cooked otherwise. Butterball does excellent grilled, fried, or roasted, so you can cook it any way you like. 

Both require minimal seasoning and are minimally processed, so expect a flavor bomb of natural turkey meat flavors!


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Animal Treatment 

Neither Butterball nor Jennie-O turkeys include any antibiotics or growth hormones. The turkeys are kept free-range, which means they move as much as they want and feed naturally and with a particular feed the brans provide for them, packed with all the nutrients the turkeys need. 

Final Choice

Ultimately, choosing which one is totally up to you since both brands offer variety, quality, and taste. If you are more inclined towards lean meat and are on a low-fat, high-protein diet, Jennie-O is for you, while if you like a little bit of fattiness in your food, Butterball should be your choice. 

The bottom line is that both brands produce healthy and quality turkey meat, so my warmest recommendation is to give both a chance. 

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