9 Best Organic Ground Turkey Brands You Must Try!

Best Organic Ground Turkey Brands
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Even though organic turkey is pricier than conventional, the quality is far more superior than the price indicates. Still, the turkey quality varies from brand to brand, but organic turkeys are the safest option for me because of their quality. There are many organic turkey brands, and while they all offer great products, some are better than others, so I decided to list the best of the best. So, what are the best organic ground turkey brands? 

Organic Prairie, Honeysuckle White, Butterball, Applegate Organics, Simple Truth, Shelton’s, Diestel, Mary’s Organic, Diestel, and Jennie-O are among the best organic ground turkey producers.

Getting the right turkey brand is essential not only price-wise but also quality-wise. Although when it comes to organic ground turkey, the meat quality is excellent, regardless of the brand, those little shades of difference can be significant. So, in this article, I will describe the best organic ground turkey brands so you can choose the one you like best.

Organic Prairie

Organic Prairie Ground Turkey

Organic Prairie is a turkey brand that offers various turkey products, ground turkey among them. They are known for their quality and sustainability and the way they raise their turkeys. It is a family farm, which is what compelled me to add it to this list. 

In general, family farms are more dedicated to the meat they raise because it’s a family business and it has a different value. In addition to turkey, they also farm other animals and make other products. 

Their ground turkey is known as tender, juicy, and very easy to cook with. Also, it has been described as a healthy option for meat lovers. The prices for Organic Prairie’s ground turkey range from $7 to $10 per pound, depending on the package size and where it is purchased. 

Compared to conventional ground turkey, Organic Prairie ground turkey is definitely pricier, but the quality is incomparable. They also come with an organic certificate, so you know exactly what you eat.

Applegate Organics

Applegate Organics Turkey Burgers

Applegate Organics is a brand specializing in organic food, in general, not only turkey meat. They offer a wide range of organic products, and if you go to their website, you’ll find a lot of healthy recipes for their products. 

Although they don’t offer ground turkey in the traditional sense, they do offer delicious turkey burgers that are, technically, ground meat. Since they are unseasoned, I like to use them as ground meat, so I just separate the burgers and mix them into a bowl with my favorite seasoning. 

This way, I can make whatever I want using the turkey burgers as ground turkey. 

The brand has farms where they raise the meat they sell. They take much pride in their meat-raising policies and are 100% organic. They don’t use antibiotics and provide their animals with humane treatment, making their comfort a top priority.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic™ 93% Lean Ground Turkey

If Kroger is your go-to for groceries, you should pick up some Simple Truth Organic 93% Lean Ground Turkey on the way. USDA-Organic-certified, raised in a free-range environment with organic vegetarian feed, this ground turkey ticks all these boxes.

On top of this, being non-GMO and no-antibiotics-ever is just an added plus. Still, the availability and prices may differ depending on the location. [1]

The size of the packaging is 16 oz, and the prices are quite affordable for what you get in return.


Shelton's Ground Turkey

With an almost a century-long tradition, Shelton’s is a family-owned company that offers organic ground turkey sourced from turkeys raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, or GMOs. Again, since it is a family farm, the value of their business is much more significant, so they have taken all necessary steps to maintain their image over the last hundred years. 

The brand specializes in poultry and invests beyond words in its products. Their ground turkey is typically available in one and three lbs. chubs. The packaging is very charming and very vintage. 

Still, the downside is you can’t buy their ground turkey online because they sell it fresh, so you have to go and get it from the store. Still, for meat that is delicious, it is definitely going the extra mile.

Diestel Turkey 

Diestel Turkey Ground Turkey

Diestel Turkey is a turkey brand specializing, yes, you guessed it, turkey farming and turkey meat production. The brand is known for its high-quality organic turkey products and sustainable farming practices. 

They offer turkey in all shapes and forms, including ground turkey. Even though I love this brand for its superb turkey sausages, they have turkey chorizo; imagine that; I rank their ground turkey very high too.

It’s soft, juicy, and very easy to handle, and it comes in different packaging and fat percentages. I really love this brand because their organic ground turkey comes in various sizes. Although it may be on the higher end in terms of pricing, Diestel Turkey’s focus on animal welfare and environmental awareness is at a much higher level than the price indicates.


How to Make Ground Turkey Taste Good? 6 Tips

Mary’s Organic

Mary's Organic Ground Turkey

Mary’s Organic is another family farm that specializes in poultry. In addition to turkeys, they raise ducks and chickens. Organic turkeys are a given, but they also raise heritage turkeys, which is a true rarity among larger-scale farms. 

Their turkeys are left to roam and fed naturally, animal welfare is a top priority, and the humane treatment of their animals is unquestionable. Their ground turkey, and turkey meat in general, comes from turkeys raised on certified organic feed and without the use of antibiotics or hormones. 

Their ground turkey is lean with 1 to 4% fat, making it a very healthy and extremely delicious choice. 


Butterball Ground Turkey

You don’t have to be a turkey meat expert to know about Butterball. This well-known turkey brand makes all kinds of turkey products, including whole turkeys and ground turkey meat. They specialize in turkey raising and turkey meat production, so they offer a wide range of turkey products. 

The brand takes much pride in the way they raise its turkeys, which are free-range, organically fed, and treated with the utmost respect. They also want to clarify that antibiotics and hormones aren’t a part of their practice. 

When it comes to ground turkey, the brand definitely has a lot to offer. Their ground turkey products vary from seasoned to unseasoned. The seasoned ones have another sub-division, so they offer standard Italian seasoning and many more — and it’s easy to make them taste their best with certain tips and tricks

Price-wise, they are competitive in the organic turkey market, but they aren’t cheap. Still, if you want a quality meal, you should definitely give this brand a chance. 

Honeysuckle White 

honeysuckle white ground turkey

Honeysuckle White is another well-known brand that has made a name for its quality, not the price. I genuinely enjoy their turkey products, including ground turkey. 

This brand has a generous ground turkey offer, varying in fat percentage and packaging. Their ground turkey is known as very lean and a very popular choice among people who practice a healthy diet and exercise. 

Flavor-wise, compared to Butterball, for example, Honeysuckle ground turkey is less juicy and more “assertive,” so to speak, so you may prefer Butterball if you are after juiciness. Still, the meat quality of Honeysuckle ground turkey is indisputable. 

The brand raises its own turkeys without antibiotics, hormones, or any other growth-stimulating substances. They are free-range turkeys, treated humanely and with respect. 

Price-wise, Honeysuckle is similar to Butterball, so not very cheap, but not unaffordable either. So, I must say that it’s definitely worth every try. 


Jennie O ground turkey

Jennie-O is another very popular and high-quality turkey brand. Just like all of the brands mentioned here, Jennie-O farms its turkeys humanely, with organic feed and not artificial feed components, ensuring that its customers get the best possible quality. 

Known as the Queen of Protein, Jennie-o produces nutrient-packed ground turkey, very lean and very delicious. I love their ground turkey because it fits in every ground meat recipe, even if the recipe calls for another type of ground meat. 

Price and availability-wise, they are very competitive with the other brands in the same department, so you can easily get yourself a nice pack of Jennie-O ground turkey.

Have you tried all of these? I would love to know about your favorites in the comments below!

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