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Top 11 Best And Most Popular Italian Candy

Italy is popular for many things, and one of them is Italian candy. There are many kinds of candy that have a unique taste and you might find them delicious, however, you need to know the right brands, so you will not make a mistake in your choice. So, what is the best and the most popular candy that comes from Italy? 

The best Italian candies are Serra Sicilian Candy, Fida Lemoncella, Herbamelle Honey Drop Candies of various flavors, Fida Gocce, Sperlari Coffee-Filled Candies, Fida Glacia, Fida Bonelle, Galatine Strawberry Milk Candy, Perugina Rossana Hard Candy, and Le Specialità Italiane Toffee. 

This article is specifically written for people who have sweet tooth and cannot say no to different kinds of candy. Italian candy is known to be very delicious, so it would be a pity not to try them if you have the chance. Therefore, I have included a list of the best ones, so you could know what to pick whenever you have the opportunity to taste Italian candy brands. 

List of the Best Italian Candies 

This list is carefully created, and it includes various types of Italian candies which are combined with various ingredients. Also, they include different textures, so you will definitely be able to choose something that will suit your taste. However, since Italian candies are quite delicious and attractive, you might have difficulty making your choice. 

Serra Sicilian Red Orange Filled Candy 

If you want to feel the taste of the Mediterranean Sea, citrus flavors are your best option. And what sounds better than citrus-flavored candy coming right from Sicily. The Serra Sicilian Candy is filled with red orange flavor and it is something of which Italians are really proud. This candy offers an impeccable taste because it is created by a really confectionary master. 

Once you taste it, it might seem that it is just a citrusy flavor and nothing special about it actually. However, when it starts melting in your mouth, the unique flavor will simply hit you, and you will not be able to stop yourself from eating one after another. So, if you are thinking about trying something different, do not hesitate to try these magnificent Serra candies. 

Fida Lemoncella Hard Filled Candy

If you have been to Italy or have done some research on this beautiful country, you probably know that lemon is one of its secret ingredients in many dishes. So, there is no reason why candy would be excluded from this combination. The Lemoncella Hard Filled Candy by Fida is something on which you should not miss out because it includes the real taste of Italy. 

Firstly, you will fall in love with the bright and fancy colors of the candy, then you will be over the moon with the taste of it. The unique taste will remind you of summer, and will definitely bring Italy closer to you. Although we are talking about candy, you should expect some fresh and light taste rather than something too sweet, meaning you will be able to eat this candy any time you want. 

Herbamelle Amarena Fabbri Black Cherry

If you are a fan of cherry, Herbamelle has the perfect candy for you. Herbamelle Amarena Fabbri Black Cherry candies have a distinctive, natural cherry flavor. It is the perfect snack that will satisfy your sweet cravings but will not leave you feeling guilty for including some sweetness in your daily diet.

What is more, the dark red color will include some festivity in your life, especially if you include them as a decoration on your coffee table. They are also a great gift for Christmas occasions due to their amazing color. Both adults and kids love them, so you will not make a mistake if you decide to try them and include some different flavors in your palate.

Fida Gocce Licorice-flavored Candy

If you are a fan of licorice, then Gocce Licorice Hard Candy by Fida would be the ideal choice for you. There is nothing better than the astonishing and fresh licorice taste that comes from the Mediterranean. Gocce candy is specifically designed for those who want to combine sweetness and freshness in one, and want to have a snack at every moment. 

These licorice candies are separately wrapped, so you can easily take them everywhere with you and share them with the whole family. If you have set to try something sweet that comes from Italy, but at the same time have the licorice flavors you enjoy in your candies, then this is the perfect pick for you.

Cedrinca Cappuccino Hard Candies

If you are a real coffee lover with a sweet tooth, then Cedrinca has the candy you definitely need to try and enjoy at any time of your day. The Cedrinca Cappuccino Hard Candies will leave you astonished with its delicious coffee flavors and real Italian authenticity. Whether you want to sweeten your morning with the perfect candy, or you want a quick snack after your lunch, Cedrinca will be the perfect option either way. 

This is the real experience you want from Italian candy – a perfect and balanced amount of sweetness and coffee flavors. Cedrinca is known as one of the best confectioneries, so there is no chance that you will be disappointed. 

Fida Glaccia Mint Candy 

Fida Glaccia Mint Candy is perfect for those who want some freshness in their candy coming from the delicate taste of mint. There is nothing better than giving some refreshment to your breath with some delicious Italian candy. The Glaccia Mint Candy is the representation of the Italian tradition with its cooling, minty, and green flavors.

The candies are irresistible and they suit every taste. You will not regret opting for this kind of candy, and you will definitely be satisfied with the deliciousness that comes from these tiny treats. 

 Fida Bonelle Jelly Candy

If you are up for some festivities, you should opt for some Italian jelly candy. The Bonelle Jelly Candy by Fida will add some real brightness and deliciousness to your life, and you will be amazed by the brilliant sweetness that comes with these candies. They come with various fruity flavors which both children and adults adore. 

These soft and delicious treats represent the Italian tradition and some real high quality and uniqueness characterize them. The fruity flavors come directly from the Italian orchards, so you will experience authentic Italian flavors by choosing the Bonelle Jelly Candy. 

Sperlari Galatine Strawberry Milk Candy 

A combination of strawberry and milk has always resulted in a good candy, so the Galatine Strawberry Milk Candy is the perfect treat of Italian origin. Sperlari is famous for its simplicity in candies that result in astonishing deliciousness. The Galatine Strawberry Milk Candy is perfect for those who do not want complex ingredients in their treats, but still want to have the opportunity to eat some high-quality candy. 

These candies are quite popular and they are sold in many supermarkets around the world. So, you might have the chance to buy these treats at your local supermarket, but you just have to look more closely at the shelves in the stores. 

Serra Soft Toffee 

Nothing beats the sweetness of some good toffees, especially if they come from Italy. The Serra Soft Toffee Candy is soft and a little bit sticky, and they taste like little drops of heaven. The best thing about these toffees is the fact that the taste of their sweetness stays present in your mouth for a long time, and that is the exact thing you need in candy. 

The sweet combination of cream and Alpine milk is the taste that will take you to Italy and allow you to experience the flavors of one of the best Mediterranean countries. Do not miss a chance to try this candy because you will surely not regret it. 

Herbamelle Fabbri Fresh Mint Candy

Herbamelle will never disappoint you since it offers many flavors in combination with honey, but there are also some spicy flavors.

Nothing works better for some freshness in your mouth than mint. Herbamelle Fabbri Fresh Mint Candy is a gluten-free minty treat that will definitely bring Italy closer to you.

This might be your all-time candy since that kind of freshness cannot be experienced by many candies. Italian treats like Herbamelle candy are rare and difficult to find, so you would probably stick to it once you try it. 

Perugina Rosanna Hard Candy

Perugina Rosanna Hard Candy is an attractive choice for those who want to try something traditional and iconic. The Rosanna candy is specifically designed to tempt your taste and let you enjoy provoking deliciousness of this Italian confectionary. The candies are wrapped in bright red packages to remind people of passion and desire because this is what these candies awake in you. 

The main ingredients are crunchy milk casing along with a perfect blend of hazelnut and almonds. Rosanna candies have been present on the market for many years, and it seems that Italians and the rest of the world never get tired of them. 

What Is the Most Popular Candy in Italy?

Italians like milky candies, so Galatine candies are the most popular sweets in this country. There are many different flavors of the Galatine series, but the most commonly chosen flavor is the mix of milk and strawberry. Italians tend to pick this candy because these flavors remind Italian people of their childhoods.

What Is the Most Popular Chocolate in Italy? 

Ferrero Rocher is the most popular chocolate in Italy, but it is also found on top lists of best chocolates worldwide. Italians cherish the amazing taste of hazelnut and chocolate cream, as well as the luxurious and fancy package of these chocolates. 

Does Italy Have Good Chocolate? 

Italy is known to be a source of great dishes and recipes, and chocolate is not excluded. Italian confectioners and chocolate manufacturers are widely recognized for producing high-quality and thick textures of chocolate that are enjoyed across the globe. 

Is Ferrero Rocher Italian?

Ferrero Rocher is an Italian product produced by a chocolate manufacturer known under the name Ferrero. That is why these chocolates are the most popular in Italy, and they are considered a luxurious selection of chocolate.

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