17 Kinder Chocolates Ranked and Described!

Kinder chocolates raked
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As a lifelong Kinder chocolate aficionado, I’ve had my fair share of these delightful treats over the years. With their wide array of flavors, textures, and unique combinations, it’s no wonder that Kinder chocolates have won over the hearts of both children and adults alike. However, attempting to rank these beloved sweets is no easy task. Each one offers its own distinct experience, captivating our taste buds in different ways.

In this article, I will take you on a journey through the world of Kinder chocolates, as I attempt to rank them from my personal perspective. As a true connoisseur, I’ve delved deep into the details of each chocolate, examining their appearance, taste, and sometimes even their smell. Join me as I share my insights and unveil the ultimate Kinder chocolate ranking – a labor of love that’s sure to spark some delectable discussions.

Kinder Colazione Più (1/5)

Kinder Colazione Piu

Surprisingly dry and sour, perhaps due to too many preservatives. The cream is scarce and its flavor is barely detectable. This small amount of cream that can be tasted resembles a margarine-infused chocolate cream.

It doesn’t taste like Kinder, and you might be disappointed.

Kinder Delice Coconut (2.5/5)

Kinder Delice Coconut

You can easily feel the coconut smell, but you can’t tell the same about chocolate. The chocolate layer is quite thin, which is unfortunate as it doesn’t deliver the classic Kinder taste. If there were more chocolate, the Kinder essence would be more prominent. As it stands, it doesn’t quite measure up to other Kinder treats.

On the other hand, the biscuit is very soft and juicy and coconut flavor is really noticeable despite the thin layer of coconut cream. Overall, the taste is reminiscent of lamingtons. This dessert is better suited for those who prefer coconut over chocolate and appreciate biscuits more than cream.

Kinder Surprise (2.5/5)

Kinder surprise

This Kinder chocolate is probably the most known one – crispy chocolate that looks like an eggshell! There’s no kid that doesn’t like it. However, I’m reviewing these chocolates and I may be a little bit strict.

If you expect fine chocolate from Kinder chocolate, you will be disappointed. It has a little fake sweetness that tingles the throat. This chocolate is maybe among the worst in terms of taste, but it’s still a cult product that makes everyone happy with a toy. I also want to mention the shine of chocolate. It’s really admirable Kinder’s work, but I wouldn’t choose it next to Kinder Bueno, for example.

Kinder Maxi King (3/5)

Kinder maxi king

The outside strongly reminds me of Ferrero Rocher. The caramel is barely noticeable. The wafer doesn’t contribute much to the taste; it’s more there to hold everything together, which is great because it doesn’t crumble. To be honest, the caramel doesn’t taste much like caramel. It reminds me a bit of coffee, actually. Hazelnuts still dominate. This chocolate is also quite sweet, and I’m not satisfied with what I got. I expected more. It’s a shame that the hazelnuts overpower the creamy, milky taste of the white cream.

Kinder Delice (3.5/5)

Kinder delice

This chocolate brings to mind a Hostess treat. It’s fairly sweet with a hint of cream. The dessert is not overly dry, thanks to the sufficiently thick milk chocolate layer. The unexpected dark chocolate cream layer provides a delightful bitterness for those who enjoy dark chocolate. The chocolate glaze is smooth, milky, creamy, and crispy. Unlike Kinder Colazione Più, the biscuit is moist and tender. It’s best when chilled and accompanied by a glass of cold milk. 

However, the artificial sweetness leaves a dry, tingling sensation in the throat and the taste doesn’t captivate as much as other Kinder sweets.

Kinder Country (3.5 /5)

Kinder country

The most natural of all and easiest to eat, yet full of flavors. The taste is like a regular Kinder chocolate bar with a few pieces of crispy cereal that are not chewy. Great aftertaste. You can’t really get enough of just one.

Kinder Pingui Strawberry Melody (4/5)

Kinder pingui strawberry melody

This treat brings to mind a strawberry cake: layers of chocolate cake, cream frosting, strawberry jam, all covered with crispy chocolate. A juicy, fresh aroma entices the senses. Strawberry lovers will surely enjoy this. Despite the thin strawberry layer, the flavor is delightfully bold. Similar to the classic Kinder Pingui, the chocolate covering is crispy and milky, offering a satisfying crunch with each bite. The fruity layer adds a slight tanginess that doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment. A single portion is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth.

Kinder Maxi (4/5)


Kinder’s classic. The creamiest and milkiest chocolate I’ve ever tasted. Sweet, but not too sweet. Easily melts in your mouth, and that’s the way I suggest eating this chocolate. Let it melt in your mouth and enjoy it with a glass of light, cold milk. The only downside is that you always want more. I could eat 20 of them.

Kinder Cards (4 /5)

Kinder cards

A classic waffle perfect for dipping in cold milk. Maybe a little short on filling, but the chocolate inside has a true chocolate taste, so it’s not like it’s lacking in chocolate flavor. It doesn’t have an artificial taste, but is creamy, chocolatey, and milky. You can feel the cocoa cream that gives a slightly bitter taste.

Kinder Schoco Bons (4/5)

Kinder schoko bons

A classic Kinder treat featuring hazelnut pieces that contribute a delightful crunch. They create an interesting sensation in the mouth. While they’re quite sweet, their small servings make it difficult to resist eating more.

Kinder Milch-Schnitte (4.5/5)

Kinder milch schnitte

It has the most homemade taste of all, it’s not overly sweet, and the natural honey sweetness shines through. It is compact, so it doesn’t crumble, which I appreciate in chocolates after eating Kinder Bueno White. 

The finesse of cocoa in the biscuit is noticeable. The taste of the biscuit itself is quite basic, with just a slightly bitter cocoa taste. But the cream wins, to be honest. The milk cream reminds me of homemade ice cream and sweet cream, and the biscuit is there to give some balance and hold everything together.

Kinder Choco Fresh (4.5 /5)

Kinder Choco Fresh

Two cubes of milky creamy chocolate with a milk filling and a hazelnut cream that actually predominates. It crackles in the mouth when bitten, and the inside is creamy and light. It strongly reminds me of hazelnut ice cream. Even a little bit like Ferrero Rocher because of the strong hazelnut flavor.

Very interesting and very delicious chocolate, especially if you like hazelnuts. I don’t know any other Kinder chocolate in which you can feel the hazelnut so much, so I don’t even know what to compare it with. Maybe the closest is Kinder Maxi King.

Kinder Bueno White (4.5 /5)

Kinder bueno white

It’s annoying that chocolate crumbs are everywhere. You can only eat it at the table. It’s more milky than chocolatey. The waffle is very crispy. I would describe it as sweet rather than bitter. It has a slightly fake sugar aftertaste compared to the classic Kinder Bueno, but still very tasty. It seems to have less filling than the classic one, but I can’t be 100% sure. It’s hard to recognize the hazelnut.

Kinder Pingui (4.5/5)

Kinder pingui

Here is how I would describe Kinder Pingui: a thin, crispy layer of chocolate with a touch of bitterness. The slim biscuit provides a solid base. The cream is rich and milky with a hint of tartness. Ideal for fans of dark chocolate. It’s not overly sweet but still satisfies that sweet craving. Best enjoyed cold, straight from the fridge. A single portion is just right, leaving you content without wanting more.

Kinder Happy Hippo (5/5)

Kinder happy hippo

A light and crispy wafer with an eye-catching appearance. The perfect portion to satisfy your sweet cravings.

The filling is dense and creamy, featuring a sweet milky component and a slightly bitter chocolate element. The rich flavor is complemented by a pleasant white layer beneath. The outer crumbs are tasty as well, making the first and last bites the most delightful. A well-deserved 5 out of 5.

Kinder Bueno (5/5)

Kinder bueno

A great harmony of filling and waffle. The hazelnut flavor is not as intense as in Kinder Fresh chocolate. The waffle is quite noticeable. You want more. It has a very good aftertaste. The waffle is crispy, just as it should be. You can really tell that it’s Kinder chocolate.

Kinder Bueno Eggs (5/5)

Kinder bueno eggs

These chocolate eggs are perfection. If you love classic Kinder Bueno, there’s a high chance you’ll find this to be a real level up. There’s something in that small bite, that bite-sized chocolate that you just unwrap and put in your mouth. The crispy wafer crackles, and the fine hazelnut cream is so rich and delicious that you want to buy all the stocks in the stores because you know they won’t be available for the rest of the year. What’s more, the packaging says “7 pieces,” and I got 8! A coincidence? I don’t know. I’ll have to buy another package to check. 🙂 I have nothing else to say except – perfect.

That’s it for now, but make sure you visit this article again because I will update it as soon as I try something new. Until then, pick your favorites and treat yourself!

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