Here’s How to Turn Betty Crocker Brownie Mix Into Cake!

How To Turn Betty Crocker Brownie Mix Into Cake

People tend to use brownie and cake mixtures in various ways, not only in the ways they are intended to be used. For instance, you can easily turn Betty Crocker’s brownie mix into a cake, but you still have to know the particular ways and methods to do that successfully. So, what are the steps for turning Betty Crocker’s brownie mix into a regular cake? 

To turn Betty Crocker Brownie Mix into the cake, you will need a little bit more baking powder when mixing the dry ingredients. This will bring fluffiness to the cake, which is the actual difference between brownies and cakes. Also, add more eggs for the moisture. 

You can easily succeed in making a cake out of a Betty Crocker brownie mix as long as you follow some helpful steps. In addition, you will need to learn the differences between brownie and cake mixes. In this article, I have included everything that you need to know about these desserts, so you would know what you are doing in the whole process. 

How to Turn Betty Crocker Brownie Mix Into Cake?

Sometimes you might prefer the Betty Crocker brownie mix more than some regular cake mixtures, so you may want to try to experiment and turn it into a cake. Luckily for you, this kind of thing is possible, but only if you carefully follow some steps that will get you to your goal. 

You do not need any special ingredients, or any special methods to do this. However, you need to know what a cake must be made out of a brownie mix. 

That is why I have made things easier for you, and I have included some tips and techniques that will help you make a cake out of a Betty Crocker brownie mix. Namely, you have to do a few adjustments to the recipe, and you will easily obtain a cake texture. 

The main thing you need to remember is that a cake needs to be fluffier than brownies, so you have to make a few changes in the ingredients that will allow you to achieve that fluffiness. 

Decrease The Amount Of Fat In The Recipe 

Generally, brownies have a more dense texture than cakes, which is usually because they contain a higher amount of fat. This means that if you want to make the right texture for a cake, you will need to decrease the amount of fat in the cake batter. When you take out the amount of fat in the batter, you will achieve a lighter texture, exactly what an ordinary cake needs. 

Therefore, to achieve this you can simply replace some ingredients that contribute to the amount of fat a brownie mixture contains. For instance, instead of butter or oil, you can use some unsweetened applesauce. Unsweetened applesauce will give moisture to your cake, but it will still keep your cake light. 

Increase The Amount Of Baking Powder 

You might wonder why you need baking powder when on the box of Betty Crocker’s Brownie Mix it says that the mixture already contains this ingredient. However, the baking powder that is already in the mix is enough for brownies, but not for a cake. The cake must contain a certain level of fluffiness, and baking powder is responsible for that. 

You will need to add a little bit more baking powder to the dry ingredients before you mix them with the wet ingredients. If you mix the baking powder later, you might end up with lumps in the batter. This way you will ensure that no lumps will appear, and you will be able to make your cake accurately. 

Add More Eggs

Each Betty Crocker brownie mix comes with a recipe that calls for a certain amount of eggs (usually, three of them). However, to make a cake that will have a real, cake-like texture, you have to think about the moisture you need to achieve. Cakes are not only fluffier, but they are also moister in comparison to brownies, and eggs help you in obtaining this. 

Also, cakes need to have a cakey texture, not a chewy one. Therefore, adding one more egg to the mix will really make a change for the end result. You may think that a lot of eggs might affect the texture, but bear in mind that you are making a cake, not brownies. 

How To Turn Betty Crocker Brownie Mix Into Cake

Monitor The Cake During The Baking Time

Usually, brownies and cakes need the same amount of time for baking. Since they have the same ingredients, the time needed for baking will be the same. Generally, the Betty Crocker brownie mix recommends 20 minutes for baking the brownies. 

You should anticipate a few minutes more for your cake. But, don’t bake it too long. Two to four minutes will be enough. By doing this, you will be able to cut your cake in half and even add a layer of cream in between.

Make sure that you monitor the whole baking process. Some ovens can be more powerful, so they can get the job done more quickly. Similarly, some ovens can be less powerful, so you will need to wait more or to increase the temperature to successfully bake your cake. 

Check Your Cake

You should not rely on the recommended time entirely. As I said, the baking time can vary depending on the kitchen appliances you use at your home. Therefore, make sure that you always make a quick test of your cake before you determine that it is done. 

The best way to do this is by using a toothpick or a knife. You will have to stick the toothpick or the knife in the center of your cake and see whether it will come out clean. If there is no sticky batter when you take out the toothpick or the knife, that will mean that your cake is absolutely ready. 

Add More Layers

When someone mentions cake, an image of the layered cake appears in your head. So, to make the real cake from the brownie mix, try to cut the batter in half and add a layer of cream or jam. Another way is to add the layer of cream and add-ons to the top of the cake. Either way, your new dessert will both taste and look like a real cake.

How To Turn Betty Crocker Brownie Mix Into Cake

Brownie Mix Vs. Cake Mix: Differences 

To successfully transform a brownie mix into a cake, you have to understand the similarities and differences between these two. This is important because you will know what to expect, and what changes you need to add to the brownie mix. To make things easier for you, I have included a precise comparison between these two mixtures, so you will clearly understand the distinctions. 


The first different thing that you will notice when you compare brownies and cakes is the texture. Although they might look the same, if you touch or taste them, you will immediately acknowledge the difference in the texture. Namely, brownies are characterized by a certain level of chewiness and density – properties that cannot be found in cakes. 

Cakes are fluffy and soft, and their texture usually melts in your mouth. If you take one bite from each of them, you will immediately notice the difference. Due to this fact, sometimes brownies can be eaten during breakfast, while cakes are usually considered a dessert.

In order to transform a brownie mix into a cake, you need to be aware of these differences. This way you will know what kind of texture you need to achieve to successfully obtain a cake out of a brownie mix. In other words, you will know what to focus on when you prepare the batter. 

How To Turn Betty Crocker Brownie Mix Into Cake


As I mentioned before, generally, the ingredients in both brownies and cakes are the same. That is why it is possible to transform a brownie mix into a cake. For instance, if you look at the ingredients of the Betty Crocker brownie mix, you will see that the main ingredients are sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, flour, and some other additives that contribute to different flavors. 

You can find the same ingredients in cakes as well. However, there might not be as many additives as in brownies. Also, these ingredients are modified in a way, so you can achieve a different texture that is needed for one or the other. 

To understand how the ingredients are modified and adjusted, you need to look at them closely. 

Butter, Oil, And Applesauce 

Brownies are characterized by density, and that density is mostly obtained by fat. Generally, the ingredients in brownies that contribute to the density are butter and oil. You may add these ingredients to a cake, but they will definitely be in smaller amounts. 

Usually, when it comes to transforming a brownie mix into a cake, a better option would be applesauce in order to achieve fat. Applesauce generally makes the texture softer, and that is exactly what you need in a cake.

Baking Powder And Flour  

Baking powder is usually added to both brownies and cakes. However, the amount of baking powder is increased in cakes since they need to be fluffier than brownies. Therefore, you usually have to add more baking powder to a brownie mix in order to make a cake. 

Nonetheless, if you want to achieve some real density, you might consider flour instead of baking powder. The flour will definitely contribute to density, but it can also give some crunchiness to your cake. 

Brownie Mix Vs. Cake Mix: Which Is Better?

The obvious answer to this would be that cake mix will be a better option since it is specifically made for baking cakes. However, if you are looking for something different and special, then a brownie mix will really make a difference in your baked treat. Therefore, you cannot actually state which mix would be better, but you can determine what you want to achieve when baking a cake. 

If you want the taste of brownies but in a fluffier form, then a brownie mix would certainly be your best option. In other words, it is up to you to decide what you want from your cake. 

As you can see, you can easily transform a Betty Crocker brownie mix into a cake if you only follow some simple steps. If you decide to try these tricks, you will be amazed by the new flavors that can be added to your cake with just some simple ingredients. You can order your brownie mix here.

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