How to Sweeten Dark Chocolate? 4 Easy Ways

How to Sweeten Dark Chocolate
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Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite food. You can serve it solid, liquid, cold, warm – you name it! Besides being delicious, it is the most known for its sweetness. But, sometimes, the chocolate is too bitter and you want to make it sweeter for tastier pleasure. So, the question is how to sweeten dark chocolate?

The easiest ways to sweeten dark chocolate are to stir a tablespoon of sugar or 2 teaspoons of stevia in it; to pour 2 tablespoons of honey in melted chocolate; to chop in the candied fruit. The last way is to eat it with some salty food like cheese to boost the chocolate’s sweetness.

Good news; I will explain each way separately in detail! So, make yourself comfortable and keep on reading because I will share with you tips on how to add different flavors to chocolate and how to enhance the chocolate flavor. 

How Can You Make Dark Chocolate Taste Sweeter?

Here are the 4 easy ways that will successfully sweeten your chocolate every time!

Melt the Sugar In It

The first way to make your dark chocolate sweeter is to melt the chocolate in the microwave or using the double boiler method (melting chocolate in a bowl above the boiling water). One 3.5 oz dark chocolate should be enough. After it melts, stir in one tablespoon of sugar. Mix well.

Proceed with the mixture to the mold and let it cool down. You can also use it immediately as a chocolate glaze or in a cake cream. 

The best part is that it works with powdered stevia, too. So, if you want to stick with a non-sugar version, just add 2 teaspoons of stevia powder in the mixture instead of adding sugar and you got yourself a sweet, guilt-free treat!

Use Honey

The honey bee produces a sweet, viscous food substance called honey. It is made from floral nectar or from the secretions of other insects, such as honeydew.

This natural sweetener is famous due to its health properties. It proved to be good at relieving coughing, providing antibacterial properties, healing skin injuries, and many more! These are just a few reasons to use this golden liquor. 

The steps are the same as with sugar. Melt the bar of chocolate and add one tablespoon of honey. Stir it well and fast to spread the sweetness evenly.

Put In Candided Fruit for More Fun

Fruits also help improve the taste of your dark chocolate because fruit is naturally sweet. Candied fruit has added sugar, so it will be sweet enough to make your dark chocolate better. But, that’s not all.

You also give your dark chocolate some flavor. That’s one reason why you have to pick your fruits carefully because different fruit means different tastes. For example, pineapple and cherries are my favorites to mix with dark chocolate.

First, you will need to melt the chocolate and leave it to cool down for 10 minutes or so. Remember to stir it occasionally. While waiting for chocolate, chop the fruit into small pieces. Use two tablespoons of chopped candied fruit and stir it in the melted chocolate. Pour the mixture on the baking paper or into the prepared mold.

Cheese Always Does the Trick

When in doubt, add some cheese! Salt usually enhances the sweetness in chocolate, so don’t be afraid to combine salty food with it. 

In addition, cheese and dark chocolate are the perfect combos. Since cheese naturally tastes good, it’s a terrific way to improve the taste of dark chocolate.

Here’s how I do it. I place a small cube of cheese side by side with the dark chocolate.

There’s the problem of pairing the right type of cheese with dark chocolate. I generally try to match the bitterness of the chocolate to the sweetness of the cheese. In other words, the more distasteful the dark chocolate is, the more aged cheese it can handle.

This can also be a surprise treat for your next party!

How to Dissolve Sugar In Chocolate?

I’ll run you through the steps of dissolving sugar perfectly into chocolate.

Step One: Prepare the Water

Pour water into a pot and boil it. It should be within 1-2 inches full. When it starts to boil, then lower the heat a tad or two.

Step Two: Measure Sugar and Chocolate

Make sure you have 2 teaspoons of sugar per ounce of dark chocolate.

Step Three: Put the Chocolate In the Smaller Bowl

Place your chocolate into the second bowl that is slightly smaller than the first one, so it fits perfectly on the top of it. You can also use a pan. The boiling water in the bottom bowl will melt your chocolate. So, make sure you stir it as it melts.

Step Four: Add Sugar Into the Chocolate

Once it is fully melted, add measured sugar to the chocolate. Do this gradually and stir as you go. The mixture should be homogeneous. 

Step Five: Use the Mixture

Turn off your double boiler and remove the mixture. Pour the sweet chocolate paste into the mold or use it as regular melted chocolate.

What Flavor Enhances Chocolate?

Looking for a flavor that can enhance chocolate? The good news is that many flavors match the criteria.

A large group of flavors falls under the spices category. Here, you can spice up your chocolate with vanilla beans, ginger root, whole seeds, and mace blades. Add just a bit because they have too much oil and could overwhelm your chocolate.

Herbs are another ingredient that can enhance the flavor of your chocolate. So, don’t hesitate to explore with herb flowers mixed with sugar.

How Do You Make Chocolate Flavor Stronger?

Here are some ingredients you can add to achieve your goal of making chocolate flavor stronger.

Making chocolate more flavorful by using chili peppers is the right way to do it. If you have dark chocolate, even better. Chili pepper is bound to give your chocolate an extra boost.

Sea salt enhances and takes the flavor to another level. To get the best out of sea salt, make sure you sprinkle it on top of your chocolate. 

Bacon and potato chips are other ways you can make your chocolate flavor even stronger. You’ll be delighted you gave it a shot!

How Do You Add Flavor to Chocolate?

The process is similar to adding sugar. First, make sure that your chocolate has melted. Then, add the flavor of your choice while stirring your melted chocolate. Once you are done, you can place it in a container or mold.