How to Reheat Costco Kirkland Boneless Turkey Breast?

How to Reheat Costco Kirkland Boneless Turkey Breast?
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Not everybody enjoys spending hours in the kitchen, even for holidays. There are so many methods to prepare a homemade-alike turkey within just a few hours. You can buy it already cooked and serve it the way it took you ages to make it. So, how to reheat Costco Kirkland boneless turkey breast?

Microwaving is the fastest way to reheat Costco boneless turkey breast. However, using a roasting bag, slow cooker, grill or stovetop will make it tastier and more flavorful. In these ways, it will stay succulent and tender, like it’s freshly made.

I’ve always thought that you couldn’t serve a delish turkey if you didn’t make it on your own. I was definitely oh so wrong. I listed many ways to reheat premade turkey and lift its flavors to the sky. Read ahead to get some recommendations on what to serve it with.

Do You Need to Cook Costco Kirkland Turkey Breast?

Costco Kirkland turkey comes already cooked, so you can just serve it cold or heat it by your preference. If it’s frozen, even though it is fully cooked, it requires the same treatment as frozen fresh turkey.

That means you’ll need more time to defrost it than to prepare it. The best thing is you can just leave it in the fridge, never a room temperature, to gradually defrost. It will take about one or two days, depending on its size.


How to Quickly Thaw a Turkey Breast?

Keep in mind that Kirkland turkey breast is pretty much bland in taste, as it comes quite unseasoned. It is rather briny, though, so hold back when it comes to salting it. Instead, add herbs, butter, olive oil, and citruses.  

How to Warm Up Costco Turkey Breast?

When you’re heating already-cooked meat, don’t overdo it. The best is to heat the oven at no more than 325°F, that way, you can cook it longer without changing its taste and texture.  If you want premade turkey looks like you spend a full day preparing it, here are some tips.

Roasting Bag

A roasting bag is an effortless and convenient way to make your meat drip in juices. Just pop the whole turkey in it, add some water or broth for a fuller taste and let it cook in the steam. You should definitely add some season and herbs in the broth for a mild flavor or rub it on the turkey with butter for a more intense savor.

If you want to make the sides simultaneously, add baby carrots, red onion, and potatoes to the bag, too. They will cook in broth and turkey juices, so you’ll get full-flavored vegetables to serve. A plus thing is that the meat will take in the light aroma of vegetables.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the gravy, as the residual juices packed with seasoning will be more than enough. After cutting the roasting bag, pour the liquid into the skillet and save it for later. Season it more, if needed, according to your taste, although thyme, parsley, and ground pepper are a must-have.

If you fancy a bit thicker marinade, you can add heavy cream, all-purpose flour, or starch to dense it up. If you’re doing this, don’t forget to add more water or broth, so you don’t get a pudding instead of a creamy dressing. 

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is an obvious solution when it comes to warming up any meat, chiefly lean pieces such as turkey. Put the turkey on a roaster with gratings and pour water or broth underneath. You can enrich the liquid with herbs as their smell will induce the meat flavoring.

The aluminum foil acts similar to roasting bag, but it will come out crispier for sure. So, if you crave crunchy skin, opt for foil, and remove it for 5 minutes before taking it out of the oven. For more crunchiness, cover it in herb butter prior to heating it.


While reheating it in a roasting pan, baste it with melted herb butter. For more moisture, mix melted butter with broth, and sauce the turkey. The meat will absorb broth-water and butter will enrich its taste.


Put the turkey along with the stock, winter vegetables, herbs, and olive oil in a crock pot and cook it for about 3 hours. Yes, it’s a long time if you remember that it’s already cooked, but those are low temperatures that won’t affect its texture.

Turkey heated in this way will be moist, tender, and have no crispiness at all. If you want a more steamed-like taste, you should try this method. This is the healthiest way to warm it up among all.

Slice It Up

Slice your turkey into meatier pieces and arrange them in one layer on the roaster. Pour it abundantly with the gravy and cover with foil. The foil will keep them succulent, and they will heat much faster than the whole turkey in one piece.  

If you want more lushness, cover the slices with simmering bouillon. Warm stock will emphasize the flavors and infiltrate the meat faster. However, don’t drown the turkey in stock, as it will become too soggy and texture-less. 

If you opt for a stovetop, take sliced turkey and sort it into a single layer in a skillet. Pour about two fingers of chicken broth and cover it with a lid to ensure steam cooking. See if it’s heated thoroughly. 

How to Reheat Costco Kirkland Boneless Turkey Breast?


Use sliced turkey for grilling. Do that for a minute on each side. To prevent it from drying, leave it in the marinade with herbs and lemon. If you want more tanginess, smear it with mustard which will keep its juices in, too. Turkey will stay moist and gain a smokey flavor while it’s warming up.


Microwaving Costco turkey breasts is really the fastest way to warm them up. However, it may not be the tastiest way. That’s why I have some tips that will make these turkey breasts taste way better. 

First, start cutting turkey breasts in slices, but don’t go all the way to the bottom. Rather, stop in the middle. This will help the turkey breast to warm up quicker, but it won’t dry it out.

Now, place the turkey breast in one microwave-safe container, then spread one tablespoon of butter all over the turkey breast. Put a few slices of ham on top, and cover it all with cheese.  Note that turkey breast needs to be already thawed.

Cover everything all together with a microwave-safe cover and microwave it for two minutes. If it seems warm enough and if the cheese is melted, it is ready to be served!


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What to Serve with Costco Boneless Turkey Breast?

For a dash of Mediterranean, try couscous salad. This light salad won’t overstuff you while providing freshness and a bit of texture. Mix couscous with fresh vegetables: roman tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, and onion. 

You can add feta cheese, beans, and olives with different herbs like rosemary, basil, parsley, and mint for a cool aftertaste. Dress it in lemon or orange, virgin olive oil, and vinegar for the best taste.

The second salad option is green beans salad with goat cheese and almonds. Coupled with dried cranberries which will add a bit of sweetness, it is a perfect addition to the turkey meat. Lemon, vinegar, and garlic are inevitable relish.

If you want a bit of sugar and spice, make candied sweet potatoes. Bath sliced potatoes in maple syrup and butter with sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. For a real holiday twist, drizzle it with bourbon.

To keep things traditional, mix potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onion, and beets. Throw this colorful blend in a baking pan with a few drops of olive oil, salt, and ginger. Serve it with a sour cream dip, and enjoy.

If you can’t imagine dinner without an American favorite side dish but fancier, read on. Carve potatoes fry-like, and cover it in cornmeal, garlic powder, salt, and chili to spice things up. You can deep-fry them or bake them on parchment paper as a healthier option.

Whether you like Turkish food or not, you need to try this. You can never go wrong with s good old potato, but this one is the best you’ll ever try. Wrap a whole potato with skin and add a butter cube with salt.

When baked, after at least an hour, cut it through the middle. Mix cream and smoked cheese with sweet corn and fill the potato. Drizzle it with the juices you saved from the foil. It is soft and buttery, while corn gives it a bit of crunch.

Garlic bread served with turkey will emphasize each other’s tastes. It’s simple and fast to make with the use of a few ingredients. Top baguette with garlic, butter, and chives and bake till golden. Its crumbliness pairs perfectly with moist turkey.

If you opted for smokey turkey, this is the best side dish to serve – honey macadamia paste. Macadamia nuts, oranges, honey, and herbs will highlight the smokiness of the meat. Spread it over the slice and enjoy in taste rhapsody – sweetness, tanginess, and smokiness. 

How Long Does Costco Turkey Breast Last?

You can keep the turkey unopened in the fridge according to the expiration date. If it’s opened, you should eat it in a 7 days frame, though. Whit this in mind, freeze your leftovers, as they can last for about 3 months. You can defrost it just once, to be safe. 

If you reheat your turkey, eat it in 3 days. It’s better for you not to reheat it again. You can use it in sandwiches and cold salads instead.