How to Melt Almond Bark? Tips For Microwave And Stove

how to melt almond bark
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Almond Bark is known as an amazing substitute for chocolate, and people tend to use it in cooking quite often. The frequent use of Almond Bark is due to its amazing features, such as easy melting, but you need to know the right steps to make this process smooth and quick. So, how do you melt Almond Bark easily? 

Almond Bark will be melted quickly if you use the microwave method, but you have to do a lot of stirring. If you opt for the stove, you will have to set up a double boiler. To use Almond Bark accurately, you need to melt it without burning it, and you can do that by using a microwave or a stove. 

In this article, I have explained how you can melt Almond Bark quite easily. I have given you tips for both microwave and stove, so you can opt for the method that you find more convenient. Below, I have provided many tips that will make the melting process easier, and you will not run the risk of burning your Almond Bark in the meantime. 

How to Melt Almond Bark In a Microwave? 

Many people opt for the microwave when melting is in question. There are logical reasons for this if you consider that this kitchen appliance is quite faster when it comes to heating or melting something. However, when it comes to melting Almond Bark, you need to be careful. Otherwise, it will burn in a second. 

The texture and the properties of Almond Bark are not the same as those of chocolate, hence the reason to be careful when melting it. However, you can always follow some tips to make the melting process a piece of cake. Below, I have included some tips that might be helpful, and try them next time you have to melt Almond Bark. 

Cut Almond Bark in Chunks

If you want to do the melting process quickly and successfully, make sure that you cut your Almond Bark into chunks. This will enable you to get the job done faster than usual. By cutting the Almond Bark in chunks, you are not only doing yourself a favor for finishing quickly, but you are also engaging in eco-friendly cooking, meaning you are being responsible in the kitchen. 

how to melt almond bark

Do Not Overfill the Melting Bowl 

When you decide to melt Almond Bark in a microwave, you will need a bowl or similar cookware that is suitable for microwave use. Whatever you choose for the Almond Bark, make sure that it is big enough. You do not want to overfill the bowl because you might not be able to stir the melting Almond Bark, and without that, the whole process will end up a waste. 

Cut the Melting Process in Several Repetitive Phases 

You cannot place the bowl with Almond Bark in a microwave and just wait for it to melt. On the one hand, this might burn it quickly, or, it might get the job half done. To avoid this, you need to melt the Almond Bark in careful steps, and with pauses in between. 

So, place the bowl in the microwave and wait for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds have passed, remove the bowl and stir the chunks. Repeat this process several times until the chunks of Almond Bark have melted completely and have obtained a smooth melted texture. 

How to Melt Almond Bark on a Stove?

If you do not have a microwave at your disposal, you can use your stove. When using the stove, you will have to set up a double boiler, which is a method for melting without exposing the Almond Bark to direct heat. Direct heat might easily burn your Almond Bark. Therefore, a double boiler is your only safe way. 

Set Up the Double Boiler Accurately

Accurately set up double boiler consists of two components – a small pan that is placed on top of a larger pan that is filled with water. You need to put the chunks of Almond Bark in the smaller pan, and the larger pan will be used as a mediator. This method prevents Almond Bark from burning out. 

Do Not Expose the Smaller Pan Before Water Starts Boiling 

The larger pan needs to be filled with water that needs to start boiling before putting the smaller pan on top. Depending on the power of your stove, you will know when to adapt the heat from medium to high, or vice versa. Once the water starts boiling, place the smaller pan on top, and monitor the whole process.

Stir Constantly

Once you place the smaller pan on top of the larger one, you will notice that the chunks of Almond Bark will start melting almost immediately. This is one of the best properties of Almond Bark, and that is why people use it so frequently. However, as it starts melting, you cannot just leave it like that. 

Make sure that you constantly stir through the melted Almond Bark texture until you get the mixture you desire. Not stirring is one of the mistakes people make while melting Almond Bark.

The texture you are looking for is smooth and without any clumps in it. Once you achieve the texture you desire, you may easily use your Almond Bark for whatever reason you have melted it in the first place. 

how to melt almond bark

Do Not Add Hot Water in Attempt to Speed Up the Process 

It is true that when you add hot water to food, you can speed up the process of cooking. However, you should not rely on this method when it comes to melting. If you add hot water to melting Almond Bark, you should expect it to become stiff and hard. 

What Is the Best Way to Melt Almond Bark? 

While many people believe that melting almond butter in the microwave is the easiest method, the double boiler technique is proven to be more convenient. 

If you compare the microwave and the stove, you will notice that the stove gets the job done more quickly, even if it does not seem that way. Namely, when using the microwave, you repeat the process several times until it is done, while with a double boiler, everything happens speedily. 

Nonetheless, some people have their own preferences for using kitchen appliances for particular purposes. Therefore, they will always choose what they find more convenient instead of what is considered to be the best. 

How to Keep Almond Bark From Hardening?

Something might go wrong during the melting process and make your Almond Bark harden. This can happen for several reasons, but the most common might be the addition of water to the mixture. Many people get tempted to add boiled water while melting the Almond Bark to speed up the whole process. 

When this happens, you can try adding one tablespoon of shortening for every six ounces of chocolate and stir it through the mixture. This will probably help you save your Almond Bark, although you should expect that sometimes the reasons for hardening are completely different, hence this procedure will not be successful. 

There are several ways in which you can melt Almond Bark. Almond Bark is one of the best substitutes for chocolate due to its easy-melting features. If you know how to melt it properly, you will probably want to add Almond Bark to your ordinary cooking methods and recipes. 

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