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How to Make Melted Chocolate and Chocolate Chips Thinner?

How to Make Melted Chocolate and Chocolate Chips Thinner
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Chocolates come in various shapes and sizes, and we all love them. One of the best ways to enjoy chocolate is to melt it. However, melted chocolate and its variants can sometimes be too thick. This is why you need to know how to make melted chocolate and chocolate chips thinner.

I also know that there are different types of chocolates, so I wanted to cover the question if you can thin them all the same way. Read on to find out!

How to Thin Melted Chocolate?

To make melted chocolate and chocolate chips thinner, you can either add fat (such as melted butter), warm milk or simply sieve it. But, never add water because it would curdle.

Water seems like a simple and obvious choice, but all it will do is make the chocolate separate, meaning you cannot use it.

Regardless of the substance you choose to add, ensure it is not cold as it will affect the consistency of your chocolate and create chunks. Also, add the substance gradually and not all at once.

Adding Fat to Melted Chocolate

Adding fat to your melted chocolate is one of the best ways to thin it. Chocolate already has fat in it; therefore, adding more will not affect it in ways you do not desire. 

By adding a little cooking oil, shortening, or butter to the chocolate, you can make it thinner while still retaining its smooth consistency. 

If you choose to use oil, I suggest you use unflavored oil because it will not affect the taste of the chocolate.

To thin your chocolate, ensure it stays melted by heating it at a low temperature, or else it will be too thick and difficult to handle.

How to Make Melted Chocolate and Chocolate Chips Thinner

Adding Warm Milk

If you don’t want to go with fat, you can go the warm milk route. Milk works better than water because it contains a high amount of fat. By adding milk, you are creating thinner, creamier chocolate. 

To ensure your chocolate does not seize, try warming the milk to around the same temperature as your chocolate. You can start with a capful of milk and work your way up, depending on the consistency of chocolate you want.

You can use any kind of milk for the thinning process. However, for the best result, I recommend you use whole milk.

Another option you can try is warm heavy cream. Warm cream gives you the same results as warm milk; however, you will get a richer texture.

Sieving the Melted Chocolate

Sieving the Melted Chocolate

Sometimes, adding a substance to thin your melted chocolate isn’t the only answer. In situations like these, you can sieve the chocolate. 

Sieving the chocolate will help you eliminate chunks or lumps that give your chocolate a strange texture. By doing so, your chocolate will become thinner.

Despite the ease of this process, keep in mind that sieving chocolate can get messy. Therefore, ensure you carry out the process carefully and with a large bowl.


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How to Thin White Chocolate?

White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, vanilla, and a fatty substance called lecithin. There are some discussions about whether should white chocolate be called chocolate. Still, it contains cocoa butter, which is why it bears some resemblance to the real deal in terms of texture. 

In addition, white chocolate has a much lower melting point than standard chocolate. This is why it is important to melt the white chocolate using a double boiler.

However, the process of thinning white chocolate is just the same as any other chocolate. Therefore, you can add some oil, warm milk or sieve it. White chocolate will come out thinner and ready to be served.

How to Thin Melted Chocolate Chips?

Chocolate chips are the same as regular chocolates; they just happen to be in smaller chunks for easier use in certain deserts. They come in several shapes and sizes; however, they are usually less than 0.39 in diameter.

Therefore, thinning melted chocolate chips is just as easy as thinning melted chocolate because they are all the same.

When thinning melted chocolate chips, my favorite addition is warm milk because I love the creaminess milk gives.

How Long Does It Take Chocolate to Harden?

The time it takes for chocolate to harden depends on several factors, including its thickness, type, and environment.

If you want to harden chocolate in small molds, it will take about 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature. However, if you are looking for a quicker result, it will take 10 to 15 minutes to harden in the fridge. If you put it in the freezer, you cut the hardening time to about 5-10 minutes. 

A larger piece of chocolate will take about an hour to harden at room temperature, about 20 to 30 minutes in the fridge, and between 10 to 20 minutes in the freezer. 

Remember, if you choose to refrigerate your chocolate, allow it to cool down a bit before putting it in the fridge or freezer. You do this to avoid the clumpy mess that comes with refrigerating hot melted chocolate.


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How to Make Melted Chocolate Stay Soft?

You’ve finally learned how to make all kinds of melted chocolate thin. How about learning to keep it soft?

Keeping melted chocolate soft is just as simple as thinning it. For one, you can add heavy cream. To use heavy cream, heat it with ½ cup of corn syrup, then pour it over the solid chocolate as you melt it. 

Before combining the mixture, allow it to stay for a few minutes, then mix them. Even after this mixture cools, you’ll find your melted chocolate is still soft.

Another way is to add oil. Oil helps thin chocolate; therefore, it is not surprising that a little more will keep it soft. Preferably, add flavorless oil.  Add the oil to the solid chocolate and stir the mixture as the chocolate melts.

What Are Good Chocolate Dipping Sauces That Don’t Harden?

If thickening your melted chocolate don’t go the way you want to, stick to the store-bought chocolate sauces. However, know that it is not easy to find chocolate sauces that do not harden, but there are a few good brands that never dissappointed me. 

You can try Ghirardelli Chocolate Premium Sauce. It is a fantastic thick sauce that is made with real chocolate. It is pretty pricey, but it is definitely worth the price.

There is also Stonewall Kitchen Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce. You will enjoy this product because it comes in multiple flavors and sizes, and you can use it with several treats.

If you do not want a store-bought chocolate sauce with preservatives and other substances, you can make yours right at home. The best part about this sauce is that it will not harden.

To make this dipping sauce, you need ½ cup of chocolate chips or its equivalent, ½ cup of milk, one tablespoon of butter, two tablespoons of heavy cream, and two tablespoons of honey.

After getting all the ingredients, place the chocolate in a bowl, then heat the milk until it starts boiling. Afterward, pour the hot milk into the bowl with the chocolate and mix slowly until the chocolate has melted. 

Now, mix the heavy cream, honey, and butter in a saucepan and boil the mixture while stirring so it doesn’t get burnt. After this, add the mixture of milk and chocolate into the saucepan and stir slowly until you have a smooth consistency. 

When you have gotten the texture you like, you can turn off the heat and transfer your sauce to the container you have. There you have it, your very own homemade chocolate dipping sauce that doesn’t harden.

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