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Best Modeling Chocolate Brands Reviewed

Best Modeling Chocolate Brands Reviewed
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In the delightful and often delicious world of cake decorations, you have many fun items at your disposal to make someone’s dream cake. One such item is modeling chocolate, which is a mixture of melted chocolate and corn syrup. You can find various branded modeling chocolates in the market, so I listed the best modeling chocolate brands I could find!

In this article, I will take a look at some of the popular commercially available modeling chocolate out there. I will discuss their quality, taste, ease of application, availability, etc., to judge how viable they are as an option for you to try out. 

List of Best Modeling Chocolate Brands

BrandOverall Verdict
Satin Ice ChocoPan Satin’s modeling chocolate is a truly premium product. They offer plenty of variety in terms of color and flexibility in terms of application.
Hot HandsDespite their limitations in terms of pack size and available colors, Hot Hands modeling chocolate is fun, user-friendly, and provides you with a smooth finish.
Squires Kitchen In terms of taste and texture, Squires Kitchen brings you one of the best choices for modeling chocolate available. Though they are not the most suitable for all dietary needs.

Satin Ice ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

Best Modeling Chocolate Brands Reviewed

We start this list with Satin Ice’s wide range of modeling chocolates. They come in various shapes and sizes. You have the option to buy Satin’s modeling chocolate in 3 different tubs – 1 lb., 5 lb., and 10 lb. 

They also have a total of 11 different colors to choose from. From bright yellow to a deep brown, the chances are likely that you will find the exact color you are searching for.

Here are some of the advantages of using Satin Ice modeling chocolate:

  • Made with real chocolate, you can mold and bend them to your desired shape without fearing that the chocolate will crack or break.
  • The chocolate taste shines through.
  • You can rework the clay as long as the product remains warm.
  • You can mix and match the colors.
  • These products are gluten-free and nut-free.

Here are some things against this product:

  • It contains milk and dairy products. So, the product is not vegan-friendly.
  • Their manual specifies that you should not expose this product to temperatures over 75 °F. Otherwise, the chocolate will melt over your cake.

Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate

Best Modeling Chocolate Brands Reviewed

Next up on the list is Hot Hands modeling chocolate. Their brand of chocolate clay has been featured on many television networks and shows such as the Food Network, Netflix, Cake Wars, Halloween Wars, etc. 

You can buy this product in a 2-pound pack. They have both black and white colors, but you can easily color them with food-grade gel and other colored candies. Their product comes in 2 flavors – dark chocolate and vanilla. 

So, here are some of the main features that make Hot Hands modeling chocolate a premium choice:

  • The flavors of their chocolate shine through. One of the few premium chocolate clay brands uses dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.
  • The product has a super-smooth texture.
  • This product is very user-friendly. Novice chocolate artists can easily start decorating their cakes without too many complications.
  • This chocolate remains firm at the warmth of your touch. So, you can continue working on your decorations without the chocolate prematurely melting.
  • The chocolate easily takes in other colors. So, you can work with food-grade colors and gels. 

Some of the disadvantages of this product:

  • Their pack size is limited. You only have the 2-pound option.
  • They do not have many colors of their own. So, you have to use other methods to color the clay.

Squires Kitchen Modeling Chocolate

Best Modeling Chocolate Brands Reviewed

Squires Kitchen brings you a selection of modeling chocolate fit for any occasion. Made with the finest Belgian chocolate, you are assured of a superior taste when using this product.

Squires Kitchen has multiple variations for you to try in flavor and color. You can choose from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry, orange, and vanilla. You can buy the small 150 g pack, enough to decorate a single cake. Or you can get the 1 kg pack, which can offer great value.

Here are some of the highlights of Squires Kitchen modeling chocolate:

  • It tastes like genuine chocolate. 
  • Comes in several different flavor profiles. All of the flavors taste natural.
  • Easy to work with. 
  • The clay remains pliable without cracking for a significant amount of time.

Some of the negatives holding back this brand:

  • Their products do contain dairy. So, they are not vegan-friendly.
  • May contain one or multiple allergens such as soy, nuts, gluten, etc.
  • You also need to buy their modeling sugar paste to create the chocolate clay.

How to Use and Color Modeling Chocolate?

You can use the modeling chocolate and sculpt it into different shapes using your hands, tools, or silicone molds. You can also use cutters of various shapes and sizes to get pretty cutouts of the clay. Or you can simply roll the clay into a large sheet and cover your cake entirely.

Step 1

When working with modeling chocolate, it is best to use small amounts at a time. Just pinch the amount of clay you need for a particular shape and knead the clay until it becomes workable. 

Step 2

To flatten the clay, dust a clean surface with powdered sugar or cornstarch. Then using a dusted rolling pin, turn the clay into a thin, pliable sheet. You can make the sheet as thin or thick as you want, depending on the situation.

Alternatively, you can put the clay inside a large zip bag so that your workstation remains clean and tidy. You can also roll the sheet out with the help of a pasta machine.

Step 3

Once you have rolled the clay into your desired thickness, you can cut out pieces from this. You can use cookie cutters, fondant cutters, or pizza cutters. You can also use a knife if you are going for more extravagant designs.

If you plan to cover the entire cake with the clay-like fondant, you do not have to cut it any further. Simply roll the clay until it is thin enough, and using a rolling pin, place the chocolate over the cake.


The best part about modeling chocolate is the sheer freedom you have over your creation. There is no right or wrong method here as long as you are using it safely and hygienically.

But you can make modeling a bit easier with dedicated tools. From designated cutters and extruders to little gum paste tools that will help you shape the clay better, you can get various tools to make the process more convenient. 

How to Color Modeling Chocolate?

The modeling clay you buy from the store will be one uniform color. This can be desirable in some cases. But if you want to play with the color when decorating your cake, you have some options.

You can give your modeling clay a different complexion by using coloring gel, liquid food color, or powdered food coloring. 

If you are using candy coloring gel, add a small drop of it to your clay first. Then start kneading the clay, and you will see it change the complexion. If the color is not bright enough, add one more drop of color at a time until you reach your desired consistency.

You can do the same with store-bought liquid food colors. But you do have to remember that adding liquid to the clay will make it softer.

Powdered coloring is best for the colors to be very strong and popping. Because to get that same level of color with a liquid or gel-based product will make your clay too soft to work with. But with powdered colors, you can add as much as you want without ruining the consistency of the clay.

What Is the Difference Between Chocolate and Modeling Chocolate?

Chocolate is simply a confection made from cocoa. Modeling chocolate is mixed with corn syrup or normal syrup and other ingredients to give it a clay or play-dough-like consistency.

Is Modeling Chocolate the Same as Modeling Paste?

Modeling paste can refer to any paste used for decoration that may or may not be edible. But modeling chocolate is a paste that is for the specific purpose of making food.

Which Is Better, Fondant or Modeling Chocolate?

Fondant is much softer than modeling chocolate and will remain so even after use. So, fondant is a better choice for covering the cake. But if you want to make elaborate shapes and other structures, then modeling chocolate will be better suited.

To conclude, modeling chocolate is a fun and stylish way of decorating any cake, materializing your fantastical imaginations into delicious pastries. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gotten some insight as to which modeling chocolate brand suits your needs the best.

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