how to fix fudge that didn't set

How To Fix Fudge That Didn’t Set? [The Easiest Tips]

Fudge is one of the most preferred treats for those who have the sweet tooth and want to make some special desserts for themselves. However, even though fudge requires some basic ingredients and following a simple recipe, you might notice that your mixture did not set properly in the process of making. So, can you fix fudge that did not set, and what is the easiest way to do that? 

To make fudge, you need your mixture of sugar, milk, and butter to be properly cooked and set. But, sometimes the mixture needs more cooking time and higher temperatures in order to set as you expect. To reset soft fudge, you can add a little bit of evaporated milk, reheat it and bring it to boil. 

If you are new to the process of making fudge, it would be necessary to know some hacks and tips that will help you when your fudge mixture does not turn out as it should. Here, I have provided some ways in which you can fix runny and soft fudge. I have explained the steps by which you can fix your fudge, so you will not be forced to throw away your whole mixture and waste your ingredients. 

What to Do if Your Fudge Didn’t Set? 

If you are making fudge for the first time, you are probably following the recipe thoroughly and carefully. Usually, during the first time, you might experience a lot of issues since you are not exactly sure how the process should go. Therefore, you try to stay true to your recipe as much as possible. 

It is a common occurrence for the fudge to turn out soft and runny when you expect it to set and harden properly. If this happens, you might believe that your fudge mixture is completely ruined and you will have to simply throw it away. 

Luckily for you, there are ways that might allow you to fix your fudge without the necessity to waste any food. You just have to know the right steps and your fudge will be back on track, i.e. back in the process of making. Therefore, first, you will have to make sure that your fudge will not harden any time soon, so you would take some additional steps in order to fix it. 

Once you establish that your fudge did not set, i.e. it does not have the proper texture, you can take the following steps

1. Put the Mixture Back in a Cooking Pot 

You should first scrape the fudge mixture and put it back in a cooking pot. Make sure that you mix it well, so you get it ready for another cooking process. You will have to repeat the process that you have done previously, so you would be able to fix your fudge. 

2. Add Water or Evaporated Milk 

Once your mixture is in a pot add some water or evaporated milk, so it will become runny again and ready for the heating process. Usually, the amount of liquid that is needed for making your mixture runny again is a cup and a half, but this depends on your recipe, so you will need to see the required amount from there. 

After that, put the mixture on medium heat on the cooker and let it dissolve completely. 

3. Bring the Mixture to a Boiling Temperature

With enough mixing on medium heat, your fudge mixture will come to a boiling point, i.e. 212 F. This is the same step as you have done previously when you cooked your fudge the first time. 

4. Repeat the Cooling Steps 

Once your mixture reaches its boiling temperature, you should repeat all of the steps for cooling your fudge according to your recipe. 

Once you see that you have reached a texture that is no longer shiny, you can transfer it to a pan, and see whether it will set successfully this time. Let the mixture cool off completely before you put the pan in the fridge. 

If these steps do not help, then something else might be the issue with your fudge. In other words, you might have problems with the ingredients you are using, or you have missed something during the initial stages in the preparations of your fudge. 

Why Doesn’t Fudge Set? 

When you are trying to find the perfect fudge recipe, you might notice that all of them might suggest different cooking temperatures. The temperatures are probably right for the appropriate ingredients, but not all ingredients have the same content, so they may behave differently at different heating temperatures. Therefore, you might end up with fudge that did not set properly. 

If you have done everything according to your recipe, and you have used all the appropriate ingredients, then you should expect your fudge to harden after cooling off.

However, if your temperature was not adjusted properly, your fudge will not be set. The right temperature plays a crucial role when it comes to the setting of fudge properly, so you should be really careful with this.

However, there might be some other issues, such as too much-added milk in the mixture, which will make the fudge runny and difficult to harden. In these cases, you might need to wait a little bit longer, but if nothing changes, then, it will mean that your fudge mixture was not prepared properly. 

How Can You Avoid Fudge Not Setting? 

If you want to be on the safe side, and avoid fudge not setting at all costs, then you should use marshmallows or condensed milk as your ingredients. With these ingredients, fudge is prone to a quick setting without any issues along the way. This is due to the fact that marshmallows and condensed milk are regarded as natural thickening agents, so you will not regret using them in your fudge cooking process. 

Can You Put Fudge in the Freezer to Set? 

Putting your fudge in the fridge is possible if you have the right ingredients, and you ensure that you have cooked the mixture properly. However, the freezer would not be an option when it comes to the setting of fudge. Some people have tried it, but there have not been many successful results. 

You are allowed to try and hope that it will work for you. But according to confectioner experts, this is not the recommended way for the setting of fudge.

How Long Does Fudge Take to Set? 

The time it takes for the fudge to set depends on the recipe. However, generally, it takes about three hours for fudge to properly set, or if you want to be entirely sure for your mixture, you can leave it overnight. Being patient with your fudge is of crucial importance, so make sure you do not be hasty with this process. 

Some people make the mistake when they put the fudge in the fridge without entirely letting it cool off. Therefore, make sure that you make give it time to cool off and then let it at least three hours to set in the appropriate manner.

Can You Reboil Fudge That Didn’t Set? 

If your fudge mixture did not set, then you can take the appropriate steps for reboiling the mixture. This means that you will have to add some water or condensed milk and reheat your fudge mixture at the appropriate medium heat temperature. With enough stirring, your fudge will reach the boiling temperature. 

What Happens If You Put Too Much Butter in Fudge?

If you fail in putting the right amount of butter in your fudge mixture, you might run the risk of making your fudge runny and without the ability to set. When a fudge mixture seems that it cannot reach the hardening step, one of the reasons for that might be an exaggerated amount of butter in it. 

As you could see, you have the opportunity to fix your fudge mixture if it fails to set. This means that you will have to follow some steps, like reboiling your fudge and adding some more liquid in order to fix it. Therefore, make sure that you follow each step carefully, and you will be able to give your fudge another chance. 

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