Brownie vs. Fudge: Differences & Uses

Brownie Vs Fudge
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While brownies and fudge have the same shape and might look quite similar at the first sight, they have significantly different tastes and textures. I know that almost everything is good when you crave something chocolaty, but if you are careful what you consume, it would be good to know what is the difference between brownies and fudge.

There is flour in brownies, while fudge is only made of milk, sugar, and butter. While fudge has a harder and thicker texture, a brownie is a softer and lighter treat that is easier to make. Fudge also has more intense and diverse flavors than brownies

If you have always been curious about the differences that exist between a brownie and fudge, you have come across the right article for you. I have discussed their differences in texture and taste in detail along with some other features, such as their prices. Also, I have explained which treat is easier to make, so you would know what to expect if you decide to make one of them. 

Brownie vs. Fudge: Comparison

In order to understand what exactly makes a brownie and fudge different, you need to make a comparison in detail between the two. Although they might resemble one another at some point, they are still very different treats, and they are suitable in different situations. 

Understanding the differences will also help you determine what you should eat, i.e. what is suitable for your dietary habits, especially if you are trying to maintain balance in your daily meals. 

Therefore, I will discuss each of the differences separately, so you would surely understand what I am talking about.


Even though, at first sight, brownies and fudge might seem the same, their texture is actually quite different. Fudge has generally a soft texture, but in comparison to a brownie, it is quite thicker and harder. In a way, fudge reminds of cream cheese due to its structure, so many times, fudge is compared to the texture of this type of food. 

Brownies, on the other hand, are soft and light, and they are quite close to the texture of a cake. They are kind of fluffy, and that fluffiness is also present in a cake, therefore, many people regard brownies as a type of cake. However, brownies also have many differences from cakes, so it would be not correct to assume that they are the same thing. 


Since there are differences in texture, it is obvious that the ingredients used in fudge and brownies are not the same. For instance, brownies have flour along with cocoa powder, eggs, butter, and oil. In addition, it might sound strange, but there is no chocolate in brownies, even though they have a chocolatey taste due to the presence of cocoa powder. 

On the other hand, fudge does not include many ingredients besides milk, butter, and sugar. These are the main ingredients, but there could be some additives in order to intensify the flavor. Therefore, fudge might include chocolate, nuts, fruits, berries, marshmallows, candies, and so on. 

differences between brownie and fudge

Taste and Flavor 

Taste and flavor are also factors that make fudge and brownies pretty distinguishable. Fudge is richer in flavor and also quite sweeter than brownies. While both can include some additional ingredients, usually fudge is more chocolatey, i.e. closer to real chocolate. Brownies are more cake-like, and they usually feel lighter on your stomach due to their structure. 

In addition, the taste of fudge can vary because you can add ingredients such as dried fruit, peanut butter, nuts, and similar types of food. While adding other ingredients in brownies is also possible, this is not commonly done, meaning not many recipes include ingredients like this in brownies. 


Usually, fudge and brownies come at a similar price, so you will not see a significant difference in this case. However, there might be brownies made of more expensive ingredients or fudge made with more additives. This means that the prices can greatly vary, so it is never easy to tell the average cost. 

Also, if you make your treats at home, you will need to spend a similar amount of money on ingredients for both of these treats. However, it will always depend on the quality of the ingredients, and that is the main reason why it is difficult to determine the accurate price of these treats.  

Final Thoughts: Which Is Better, Brownie or Fudge?

It goes without saying that both of these sweet desserts are really delicious, so it does not come easy to determine which is better, i.e. it is practically impossible to do so. However, if you have read about the differences and the ingredients included in each, you might make the selection according to what you believe is more appropriate for you. 

Therefore, since fudge is more like candy, you should opt for it when you feel like eating candy. On the other hand, if you crave cake-like texture, then it is better to go for a brownie. It is really difficult to choose one because the answer to this question usually depends on personal taste.

Which Is Easier to Make?

Both of the treats are quite easy and simple to make; however, one includes baking while the other includes cooking. In other words, to make fudge you will need to melt chocolate and milk and later add the other ingredients. After that, you just put it in the fridge for the night and the next day your fudge will be ready to go

On the other hand, brownies require baking. But the process is very simple considering that you just mix all of the ingredients, put the mixture in a baking tray, and wait for about half an hour. This sounds like brownies are easier to make since you don’t need to be present during the whole process of baking, so it is harder to mess something up.

But, which of these two treats would be easier for making would depend on your skills in the kitchen. This means that if you are better at baking, you would find brownies easier to make, while if you are good at cooking, you would feel better at just melting the ingredients. 

Fudge and brownies are quite different, even though they might have similar looks. It is important to understand the differences along with their features, so you would be able to choose the perfect treat for yourself. 

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