How to Eat Boudin? [+ Side Dish Ideas]

How to Eat Boudin
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Boudin is rich, spicy, and filled with different flavors — and both its varieties, the noir and the blanc one, are out of this world delicious! The base ingredient is rice mixed with meat (usually pork) and cayenne peppers to spice it up, but there are many variations, the noir one even including pig blood. It may sound like a whole meal in a casing, but it can be boring served plain. So, coming from a true lover, here are some tips on how to eat boudin!

You can, but you don’t have to eat boudin casings – when cooked, it will be rubbery, but fried is heavenly crispy! It’s ready quickly in the microwave or on the grill. Serve it on fluffy bread, with a spicy sauce, or some veggie-rich side dish.

I’m a sucker for making regular food like sausages a fancy meal! Whether baking my own fresh bread, making a creamy sauce, or serving it with veggie soup – boudin will thrive! Read on to have an insight into some technical cooking skills, too, besides those tasty, fun ones!

Do You Eat Boudin Sausage Casing?

The choice depends solely on you! The casing is 100% edible, as it’s made of a pig’s small intestine. But also, the meat is not packed very thickly, which makes it very easy to remove. 

On the other side, it can be quite chewy when cooked, but only in a specific way. The casing becomes rubbery when steamed, boiled, or microwaved, so if you prepare the sausages that way, remove the casings undoubtedly. But there are moments when casings actually become the tastiest part of the sausages!

When you bake, fry, air-fry, or grill them — casings will be crispy, aromatic, and super delicious. That way, they will get browned crunch that has an intensified, slightly smoky unique flavor. 

How to Cook Boudin?

There are probably a thousand ways to cook boudin, but here are the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind, so you can alter them later according to your taste. They are usually pre-cooked, so that’s why they are ready very quickly. If the label doesn’t say so, double the cooking time — the inner part of the sausage has to reach 160 °F!


Boiled Boudin Blanc

You don’t need more than 15 minutes for a perfectly boiled boudin! It can’t be easier to do so, just drop the sausages in boiling water and cook them over medium heat. Make sure they are simmering, not vigorously boiling.

It’s also important to submerge the sausages completely, as that’s the only way they will be equally and thoroughly cooked. If you want to intensify the taste, you can season the water, as well. Besides salt and pepper, Cajun seasoning is a top-notch option for spicy relish!

What’s more, you’ll need to get rid of the casing, as it will be hard to chew, and that would be it!


Microwaving is my least favorite option among all, to be honest, but it’s undoubtedly quick and easy. Sausages are still delicious, though; I’m just not the happiest with the texture, as it’s a bit spongy. But here’s how to do it for the best results!

First, you’ll need one microwave-friendly dish with a lid. Put a sausage in it, pour a bit of water in, and secure the bowl. Water will act like a steaming bath, so the sausage won’t dry out and will stay succulent.

Check it every two minutes; maybe that’s all you’ll need! One to three intervals at tops! This method requires casing removal for the same reason, as well.


Roasting is a premium option if you want crusty skin and have a crowd to feed. You need a minimum of effort, and you can prepare loads of boudin sausages at the same time. Plus, they will all be thoroughly cooked and perfectly delicious.

Bring your oven anywhere between 300 and 375 °F, depending on how strong it is and how much crust you want. You can oil the baking sheet lightly, but I like to cover it in baking paper, as I find it crunchier like that. Arrange the boudin nicely, making sure they don’t touch, so they can properly bake from each side.

Also, they will be perfectly baked if you flip them over a few times (every 5 minutes or so). You won’t regret it, I promise!


Fresh-off-the-grill food has a special flavor, you must admit. So, it’s nothing new boudin sausage is even more flavorful prepared this way, especially if you’re using a charcoal grill which gives an intensive smoky relish. Casings will be finely crunched, with signature grill marks, making both texture and aroma superb! 

I know the crunch is tempting, but still, keep the grill on medium heat. Only this way, you’ll get it all — perfectly cooked and crispy sausage. 2 to 5 minutes per side will be enough, or when the casing splits in the middle and becomes brownish. 

Tip: Wrap the boudin in aluminum foil if you want a softer sausage.


Pan-Fried Boudin Blanc

Whatever frying method you use, boudin will be tasty — whether you fry, air-fry, or deep-fry it. If you want to fry them regularly, do it on medium heat with a splash of oil on the pan so they don’t stick. When it comes to deep-frying, removing the sausages from the casings and shaping the balls is best.

Roll them in the bread crumbs for crispy touch and fry till golden. Air-frying is a top-notch option when you want fried sausages but without additional fat. Bring your gadget to 400 °F and leave the boudin in for about 10 minutes.

Either way, they will be crunchy and tasty, so try them all!

What Bread to Serve With Boudin Sausage?

The bread is Boudin’s best friend, especially cloud-soft types, milk and butter-based. Here are all the best options!

French Roll

Canapes With Boudin Noir and French Roll Bread

French rolls are extremely fluffy and lightweight. I love to make them similar-sized to sausages and eat them like hot-dog. They are crusty outside but soft and chewy on the inside, which makes a perfect contrast to juicy sausage.

When it comes to boudin noir, you can even make canape bites! Just slice the French rolls and boudin, and combine them together with some olives and sliced onions. Delicious!

Serve them with mustard or BBQ sauce if you want a bit of smoky relish!


This is a traditional companion to boudin! Cornbread is light and pretty crumbly, so it’s wonderful when served sliced into cubes. The texture is grainy, and the flavor very corny, so it pairs finely with spicy sausage.   


Plain or seasoned flatbreads are a superb option! From naan to tortilla and everything in between will go great. My favorite is lavash, as it can be both perfectly stretchy for the main course or crispy for appetizers!

What Sauce Goes With Boudin?

Staples such as Creole mustard, rémoulade sauce, or BBQ sauce are top-tier, but here are some unusual combos to try, as well.

Marinara Sauce

Boudin Noir With Marinara Sauce and Boiled Potatoes

A slightly tangy marinara will elevate the existing spicy taste! I like to serve it with a baguette and loads of sauce, as it can never be too many tomatoes and garlic. The sauce and sausage are both spicy, so it’s only for heat lovers.

Cheesy Sauce

Sausages and cheese — a match made in heaven. I like to mix up some mild, stretchy cheese and add a bit of flavor with sharp ones. My favorite combo is Havarti, Gouda, and aged cheddar.

Mushroom Sauce

If you’re serving sausages with mashed potatoes or rice, definitely go for mushroom sauce. It will unite the whole meal into one perfect bite! It is creamy and very rich, especially if you go all out with wine and garlic.  

What Side Dish to Serve It With?

Potatoes and rice are always there, of course, but let’s see something new!

Fried Apples

Boudin Noir With Fried Apple Toast Canapes

Caramelized apples in butter and honey will enhance the spiciness of the sausage. They are both sweet and sour, creating a new twist to a meal we are all used to. Sprinkle some cinnamon, too, for the best taste.


A fresh salad is always a good idea, especially when paired with spicy boudin. It is ready in a heartbeat and packed with flavors and vitamins. Besides the cabbage, grate in some carrots, onion, peppers, cheese, and onion – bind it with sour cream.

Okra Soup

If you like eggplants, you’ll adore okra, too! It has an earthy flavor, so I always cook it with tomatoes to smash it with some acidity. Also, I like to add loads of spices and veggies for the ultimate treat. This is a unique side dish worth trying!

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