How to Cook Honey Gold Potatoes on Stove?

How To Cook Honey Gold Potatoes On Stove

Honey-colored, incredibly delicious, and amazingly versatile within incredible buttery creaminess, they will entice you with their refinement and dazzle you with their versatility. Easily combined with various dishes, honey gold potatoes go with virtually everything under the sun, provided that you cook them correctly. A vegetable that is mainly intended to cook in the oven, honey gold potatoes need some skill for proper cooking. So, how to cook honey gold potatoes on the stove? 

Honey-gold potatoes do well on the stove, but only if you know what you are doing. They won’t handle experimenting well. So, as long as you are careful and skillful enough, fried, broiled, boiled, and sizzled are excellent ways to cook honey gold potatoes on the stove.

The biggest mistake people make is treating honey gold potatoes as regular potatoes when cooking them on the stove, without giving them the treatment they need to turn them into the delicious treat they are. To help you avoid the most common mistakes in cooking honey gold potatoes, in the following text, I will explain how to cook honey gold potatoes on the stove. 

How to Pan Fry Honey Gold Potatoes?

Mainly intended to bake, roast, and grill, honey gold potatoes don’t do well when pan-fried, especially if you haven’t done that before. The trick to successfully pan-fried honey gold potatoes is to fry them in lots of oil. Although that isn’t the healthiest way to cook your honey gold potatoes, pan frying them requires a lot of oil so that they can float in the pan. 

Honey gold potatoes are very creamy when cooked and tend to stick, which is why they do best when baked, roasted, or grilled. So to pan fry them and keep them in one piece, you should fill the pan at least halfway through with oil and heat it. Dip the honey gold potatoes in the hot oil and let them fry for a few minutes without bothering them. 

After a few minutes, take a fork and stick one of the fries with it to check how they are doing. The honey gold potato fries should be rough on the outside but creamy on the inside. Each new batch of fries will need less and less time to fry. The first batch takes the longest to fry, so don’t leave the subsequent batches in the pan for the same amount of time as the first one. 

Pan frying honey gold potatoes takes far more vigilance than pan frying regular potatoes, so you must always observe the process. 

How to Cook Honey Gold Potatoes on Stove

Are Golden Potatoes Good for Frying?

Golden potatoes taste extraordinarily delicious when fried, but the frying process is more complicated than frying regular potatoes, which is why grilling, roasting, and baking are the recommended methods for cooking golden potatoes. 

Nevertheless, frying golden potatoes, although demanding, isn’t impossible, resulting in crispy fries on the outside and buttery creamy on the inside. 

How to Serve Pan Fried Honey Gold Potatoes?

You can serve pan-fried honey gold potatoes with virtually anything. You can serve them with various dips, such as tomato ketchup, mayo, honey, mustard dip, tartar sauce, or sour cream dip. 

Make the fried honey gold potatoes a side dish. Many main dishes with fried honey gold potatoes go with it. Roasted chicken, pork, or even lamb are great choices. 

If you want something lighter and vegetarian, serve your honey gold potato fries with some fried mushrooms and grilled cheese on the side, or opt for a salad making the fries the star of your meal.

How to Cook Honey Gold Potatoes on a Skillet?

Cooking honey gold potatoes on a skillet is a bit of a procedure, as you can’t just slap the potatoes on the skillet and let them cook. If you do that, they will stick and ruin in seconds. 

To properly cook honey gold potatoes on the skillet, you must pre-cook them. Boil them in water until they soften up, and then transfer them onto the skillet. The boiling will alter the structure of the honey gold potatoes, making them less sticky, and also, they will already be cooked, which will significantly reduce the skillet time. 

Cooking raw honey gold potatoes in the skillet will mean that they will need more time until they are fully cooked. The problem is that until they fully cook, the honey gold potatoes will fully stick to the skillet. Therefore, you need to pre-cook them to reduce the time they will need on the skillet. 

How to Cook Honey Gold Potatoes on Stove

Do You Peel Yellow Gold Potatoes?

If you intend to make mashed potatoes, you need to peel yellow gold potatoes, but if you plan on using them otherwise, you don’t need to peel them. 

Yellow gold potatoes have a very thin and tender skin that peels itself off when you cook them and also gets pretty crispy when you bake or fry them. The peel also protects the potato interior, so it may even be useful not to peel it off. 

However, there’s no rule in terms of whether you should or shouldn’t peel gold yellow potatoes, and it is more of a personal preference. Still, remember that you need to rinse the potatoes well before you cook them unpeeled. 

How to Serve Cooked Honey Gold Potatoes?

Similar to the serving options of the fried honey gold potatoes, cooked honey gold potatoes also have countless pairing options. They do excellent as a side dish to roasted meat, sausages, ground beef, pork patties, or even the topping for shepherd’s pie. 

You can add some peas and onions and mash everything together, getting an incredibly delicious mashed potato dish you can serve with a plain salad or use it as a side to a meat pie, for instance. 

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