How Much to Charge for Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Pretzel Rods?

How Much to Charge for Chocolate Covered Pretzels
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Pretzels are a classic snack both in movie theaters and sports venues. And what better way to improve on it than dipping it in chocolate? If you are in the business of selling homemade classical treats, these two items should be on the list. But the question is, how much should you charge for chocolate-covered pretzels?

You can charge $24 to $26 per pound of chocolate-covered pretzels, while for a large pretzel rod dipped in chocolate, you can charge $1 to $1.50 per piece. This will cover the cost of ingredients, labor, and packaging. Depending on your toppings, you can charge an additional $0.50 to $1 per piece. 

In this article, we will go over the basic process of making chocolate-covered pretzels and pretzel rods and how you can package them properly. 

How Much to Charge for a Pound of Chocolate Covered Pretzels?

You can make different chocolate-covered pretzels and your fun twist to them. But for this discussion, we will make standard chocolate-covered pretzels with sprinkles on top. For this, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 48 oz or 3 lbs. of semi-sweet chocolate (48 oz of Ghirardelli’s semi-sweet chocolate chips cost about $13 to $14).
  • 16 oz or 1 lb. of salted, mini pretzels or pretzel twists (you can buy a one-pound bag of Great Value’s mini pretzels for about $2).
  • ½ cup of sprinkles for decoration.

All of the ingredients will cost you $16 to $18. You will also need to buy clear cellophane bags or plastic boxes with windows. The latter is a more elegant and appealing choice for packaging the pretzels. 

So, you should look to sell one pound of chocolate-covered pretzels for between $22 to $26, depending on how much it costs for the ingredients and the packaging. This will give you a profit margin of 20-30%, which is a solid amount of return. 

You may need to charge more depending on shipping the pretzels. Also, if you want to use additional toppings (such as chopped nuts) or coat them in caramel as well, you can charge in the region of $30 per pound. 

How Do You Preserve Chocolate Covered Pretzels?

The ideal way of preserving chocolate-covered pretzels is to seal them in an airtight container. This can keep the treats fresh and tasty even at room temperature for up to two weeks, possibly longer. 

If you do not seal the sticks properly, they will absorb moisture and become soggy and soft. This will drastically reduce the quality and value of your pretzels.

You can use an airtight box to store the pretzels. Alternatively, you can place them inside a plastic bag and squeeze all air out. Then you need to wrap the plastic tightly so that air cannot get in.

Should You Store Chocolate Covered Pretzels in the Fridge?

Unlike most chocolate-based confections, you should not store pretzels covered in chocolate in a refrigerator or freezer. This is because the sticks will become damp, losing their crispy texture. You can use the fridge to set the chocolate quicker. But after that, you should not put them back in. 

Fortunately, these treats have a decent shelf-life even at room temperature. So, instead of storing them in a fridge or freezer, try to store them at room temperature. This is also why chocolate pretzels are best to serve fresh.

How Do You Package Chocolate Covered Pretzels?

There are a couple of different ways to package these delicious treats for shipping. The best way is to place them in plastic or cardboard boxes with a transparent window. You can get ready-made boxes or order custom-sized boxes to fit your needs. 

This box is a terrific choice for shipping similar sweet treats such as candy apples, cookies, etc. These boxes can be a bit expensive. But they can enhance the appeal of your products tenfold.

Alternatively, you can choose a cheaper option with clear cellophane bags. These bags are better suited for packaging pretzels rods. You can also get a large enough bag to store one pound of mini pretzels. 

How Much to Charge for Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods?

Chocolate-covered pretzel rods have a similar making process to pretzel twists. So, the cost of making them is also identical.

It is best to price them per piece if you are making regular-sized pretzel rods dipped in chocolate. Ideally, you can charge somewhere between $1 to $1.50 per pretzel rod. The exact price will depend on the quality of the ingredients, the packaging, and the additional toppings you decide to use.

How Much to Charge for Chocolate Covered Pretzels

How Far in Advance Can You Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels?

When making chocolate pretzels in advance, you have to consider the quality of the pretzels more than the chocolate. You will enjoy pretzels best when they are fresh and crunchy. But when dipped in chocolate, they can go stale.

Now, if you store them properly in an airtight container, you can preserve the freshness of these treats for 2-3 weeks. Sometimes the sticks may remain crispy for even longer. But as a general rule, you can safely make chocolate-covered pretzels 1-2 weeks in advance. This way, you can maximize the crunchiness of these treats while building up your inventory. 

How Long Do Pretzel Rods Dipped in Chocolate Last?

Pretzels are best when they have a snap as you bite into them. And if you store them properly, this snap will last for 1-2 weeks, sometimes longer. After this period, the pretzels will not necessarily go bad. But the sticks will become soggy and bland.

What Else Do You Dip Pretzels In?

Melted chocolate is not the only item suitable for dipping pretzel twists and rods. You can also dip them in honey, yogurt, caramel dip, peanut butter, etc. The salty pretzels go perfectly with the sweetness of these items.

Alternatively, you can eat pretzels as part of a savory dish. Dip them in Greek yogurt, ranch dressing, melted cheese, spicy tzatziki sauce, etc. If you want to try something very unorthodox, dip the pretzels in artichoke dip for a unique flavor profile.

How Do You Decorate Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Pretzel Rods?

While the standard chocolate pretzels are appetizing on their own, you can heighten their look and taste with some toppings. For example, immediately after you dip the pretzels in melted chocolate, roll them in sprinkles or hard candy. Or you can do the same with roasted and chopped peanuts.

You can also top them off with M&Ms or similar colorful candy to appeal to kids. Additionally, you can tie a ribbon on top of the package to make them more presentable.

To conclude, the salty, soft pretzels match deliciously well with sweet chocolate, making for a highly vaunted treat. These easy-to-make treats are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.