How Much to Charge for Chocolate Covered Oreos?

How Much to Charge for Chocolate Covered Oreos?
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I know that when starting a new food business initiative, calculating your dessert selling price may be one of the main concerns you have, as the price can determine your success. The buyer may feel that a very low price implies cheap and inferior quality, but a very high price may be unjustifiable. But how much should you charge for homemade chocolate covered Oreos?

For one piece of chocolate covered Oreo, you should charge about 0,90 USD. But, the first step to deciding the price is to calculate precisely the cost of production of your chocolate-covered Oreos per piece. After that, add the profit margin you want to have. Similar entrepreneurs apply a value of 25%-30%.  

But before we get there, some other questions may arise: how much will the price of this recipe be? Is it possible to start a small business from home? If yes, which would be the most effective way to package or protect the final product? Below, I will explain everything in the most detailed and precise way possible. 

How Much Does It Cost to Make Chocolate Covered Oreos? 

The basic recipe for Chocolate covered Oreos has a minimum of two ingredients: dark or white chocolate and Oreo cookies. Oreos are cheaper at 2,30 USD for 36 pieces compared to other similar cookies. As for the chocolate, you can find on the market plenty of varieties depending on the quality and the size, but a bar of good chocolate suitable for this recipe does not cost more than 6 USD.  

With those prices, I must say that the cost of 0,23 USD per piece may be considered relatively affordable. Although I have to admit that it depends on how you treat this recipe as several options are possible. 

You might want to melt the chocolate with coconut oil to differentiate your cookies a little. This will give them a nutty taste, or you might want to use a mold to make the chocolate cover thicker. In this case, the costs will increase accordingly.

Can You Sell Chocolate Covered Oreos from Home?

Considering the simplicity of this recipe, which does not need refrigeration nor has a cream filling, and due to the low cost of production, it is possible to manage the whole process from home without a lot of requirements. 

Still, suppose you are thinking of starting a business with homemade chocolate-covered Oreos. In that case, you need to have three things in your mind:

Firstly, check the legislation of your country to see if it allows you to sell from home and the procedures needed. 

Secondly, be aware of the hygiene of every step of the process, from the expiration date of Oreos and chocolate to the cleanness of the tools. You may unwittingly expose your clients to various health risks by ignoring hygiene measures. 

And thirdly, consider carefully the cookie’s life-shell while selling them. 

How Long Will Chocolate Dipped Oreos Last?

Due to its low moisture content, chocolate can stay stable at room temperature for at least three months. The same tendency is present in confectionery products like Oreos because of the high sugar levels and low moisture content. 

In this case, the shelf-life is dependent on the sensory analysis attributes: what feels acceptable to one client may feel unacceptable to others. If you want to be 100% sure of the quality, I suggest respecting the expiration date on the Oreos packaging.

How Do You Package Chocolate Dipped Oreos? 

As an extension of the above question, this is a critical step in the quality of the final product. Airtight packaging prevents Oreos from degrading, thus helping them stay fresh, protect the flavor and appearance and arrange them in groups of suitable size for sale. I always put the maximum effort into the package because it affects the consumer’s acceptance. 

As cookies are delicate and fragile and you want them to arrive properly to your client, I would suggest a strong package similar to wholesale drawer boxes. Lastly, don’t forget to specify the ingredients and the list of allergens included as Oreo may contain milk and soya. 

How to Decorate Chocolate Covered Oreos?

If you want to sell the cookies from your home, and here I assume that they will be delivered to other people’s homes, the first thing I would suggest is not to use chocolate frosting or cream. If the chocolate you choose to dip the Oreos in is dark, you can use white for decoration based on your skills.

To conclude, I usually create zigzag lines or small trees on any other occasion, depending on the season. While I prefer to leave the chocolate in its natural white color, you can add liquid-gel coloring in any color you like. My final touch is always colorful sprinkles to make them more colorful and fancy-looking.