How Much Refried Beans Is a Serving?

How Much Refried Beans Is a Serving
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Refried beans aren’t deep-fried beans, but cooked beans and then pan-fried with lard and salt. Often, they contain garlic, onions, and peppers for flavor. The dosage of refried beans depends on whether they are served as a single dish or a side dish. So how much refried beans is a serving?

If the refried beans are the primary source of protein and are served as a single dish, then one cup per person or 250 grams is the right amount. If the refried beans are served as a side dish, the amount should be two-three tablespoons or 30 to 50 grams. 

Creamy, flavorful, playful, and edgy refried beans are a staple dish in Tex-Mex cuisine. They come in several variations, and regardless of the type of refried beans, they all are very satiating and nutritional. Nevertheless, beans can be hard on the stomach, so you need to know when to stop; therefore, in the following paragraphs, I will explain how much refried beans a person should eat in a serving. 

How Much to Serve Refried Beans?

 A reference table where the refried beans are a single dish:

5 people10 people15 people20 people25 people50 people
Grams 200 gr.400 gr.600 gr.800 gr.1000 gr.4000 gr.
Oz.83 oz.88 oz.132 oz. 176 oz. 220 oz. 440 oz.

This reference table is purely indicative, showing the sheer math. The numbers were obtained by multiplying the number of people by the number of grams which were then converted into ounces. 

If you need this table to determine how much refried beans to make for a certain number of people, deduct a certain amount from the number. Not all your guests will eat the set amount of refried beans; some will eat more, and some will eat less, but you will end up with plenty of leftover refried beans. 

Therefore, use this table only as a guide and a rough and purely mathematical estimate which you should further adjust to your quests. 

A reference table where the refried beans are the side dish:

5 people10 people15 people20 people25 people50 people
Grams 200 gr.400 gr.600 gr.800 gr.1000 gr.4000 gr.
Oz.8 oz.14 oz.21 oz. 28 oz. 35 oz. 141 oz.

As you can see, the amounts listed in this table are significantly smaller compared to the previous one. When refried beans are served as a side dish, their quantity should be very modest as they tend to make nasty reactions with the rest of the food, which is usually spicy. 

You should use this table solely as a reference and adjust it according to your need. Nevertheless, this table usually has more minor adjustments, as the amounts of the refried bean are considerably lesser. 


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What to Serve With Refried Beans?

Refried beans are a staple food in Tex-Mex, so it goes with spicy foods and meaty meals. It goes with tacos, nachos, beef, pork, and chicken, as well as ground beef, sausages, pulled meat, minced meat, and chunks. 

It goes with virtually everything in Mexican cuisine and can be served cold or hot with either cold or hot dishes. It goes with both spicy and mild dishes and with a variety of textures and consistencies. 

Refried beans are made to go with all Tex-Mex dishes. Initially, they are cooked beans, which are then fried with salt and lard, so the only flavor, except the bean flavor, is its saltiness. 

They are neutral yet delicious. 

How Much Refried Beans Is a Serving

More flavourful variations are intended to be served as the main dish. These variations often contain garlic, peppers, onions, and other sautéed vegetables for extra flavor. These flavorful versions are not as popular as sides, as Tax-Mex cuisine is very zesty, and there is such a thing as too much flavor. 

In addition to Tex-Mex dishes, refried beans work great as additions to your everyday meals, such as roast chicken, fried chicken, roasted vegetables, beef patties, ribs, sausages, or even certain smoked deli meats. 

Refried beans also work well with fresh vegetable salads and yellow cheese plates. You can also pair refried beans with chili con carne or other dishes that include meat, sauces, and spices.