How Long Are Pillsbury Orange Rolls Good For?

How Long Are Pillsbury Orange Rolls Good For
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Soft and puffy Pillsbury orange rolls are definitely even better-tasting than actual homemade orange rolls, especially if you don’t have much experience in the baking department. Since Pillsbury orange rolls don’t contain perishable ingredients, they are pretty durable, safety-wise, but they do lose quality after a while. So how long are Pillsbury orange rolls good for? 

An unopened package of Pillsbury orange rolls can last one or two days on the counter and four to five days in the fridge. Opened, they need to be refrigerated, where they can last up to three days, and frozen, they can last up to three months.

Since Pillsbury orange rolls are meant for consumption while still fresh and soon after baking, they don’t have a very long shelf-life. However, prolonging the shelf-life of the Pillsbury orange rolls is still possible if you store them the right way. 

How Long Do Pillsbury Orange Rolls Last?

Still, in the original package, the Pillsbury orange rolls can last up to two days on the counter at room temperature. After those two days, the Pillsbury orange rolls will still be safe but won’t taste good, nor will their texture be what it is supposed to be. 

Pillsbury orange rolls are a puff pastry that is made of a very sensitive type of dough. This type of dough tends to dry up very quickly, which will result in a crumbly pastry. That’s actually the reason why Pillsbury orange rolls are meant to consume freshly made. 

In the fridge, Pillsbury orange rolls can last for up to five days if they are still in the original package. The moist air of the fridge will do a good job maintaining the moisture of the rolls, leaving them fresh and stable after baking. 

Opened Pillsbury orange rolls need to be refrigerated immediately after opening as they won’t do well on the counter. They are very sensitive to external elements, such as heat, light, and air, so they will dry up before you know it. 

An opened package of Pillsbury orange rolls in the fridge lasts up to three days if properly stored. 

Whether opened or unopened, the Pillsbury orange rolls can last up three months in the freezer. 


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How to Store Pillsbury Orange Rolls?

The Pillsbury orange rolls are best stored in an airtight container, whereby you should separate each roll with parchment paper. This is, of course, the best storage way if you are storing an already opened pack. 

If you don’t have an airtight container, store the Pillsbury orange rolls in individual freezer baggies, place them in a regular plastic or glass container, and keep them on the fridge’s top shelf. 

Suppose you are storing your unopened pack of Pillsbury orange rolls. In that case, you should place them in a cold and dark storage area, preferably in a plastic container for additional protection from the external elements. 

Don’t store your opened Pillsbury orange rolls outside the fridge, as they will soon turn bad. 

In the freezer, store your unopened pack of Pillsbury orange rolls in a plastic container to prevent them from getting squished by the other products you keep in your freezer. The same goes for the opened pack of Pillsbury orange rolls, whereby it is best to place each roll in a separate freezer baggie and place them gently inside a larger plastic container so that they don’t squish each other. 

How to Know If Pillsbury Orange Rolls Have Gone Bad?

The first sign that the Pillsbury orange rolls have gone wrong is the change in texture. Instead of fluffy and airy, they will be ashy and will crumble as soon as you touch them. The further along they are in the spoiling process, the harder their texture will become. 

Mold is always a clear indicator that the Pillsbury orange rolls have gone wrong, which always happens in the deeper stages of spoilage. 

The smell, dough, is not a factor here, as the Pillsbury orange rolls won’t smell bad until the mold appears, so always touch and closely analyze the appearance of the Pillsbury orange rolls if you suspect that they have gone wrong. 

Can You Eat Expired Pillsbury Orange Rolls?

You can eat expired Pillsbury orange rolls, but it isn’t recommendable that you do so because the quality will be significantly diminished. FDA even recommends following the instructions on the packaging. [1] They will crumble and be very unstable and below every puff pastry standard.

Health-wise, nothing bad should happen to you, but some stomach ache is to be expected, however far from food poisoning. Eating moldy Pillsbury orange rolls is another story, but you surely won’t be eating food with visible mold. 

If the mold is very discrete, has just started to form, and isn’t as visible, eating such Pillsbury orange rolls may result in more serious stomach pain and maybe vomiting, but again, far from food poisoning. 

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