How Long Are Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Good For?

How Long Are Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Good For
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Few experiences are as satisfying as enjoying warm cinnamon rolls with a cup of coffee in the morning. And with Pillsbury’s pre-made cinnamon rolls, you do not have to go through the hassle of making the rolls yourself. You just have to bake it in the oven. But how long do Pillsbury cinnamon rolls last?

Baked Pillsbury cinnamon rolls will last for 2 days at room temperature and 6-7 days in a refrigerator. You can store them for longer in the freezer, about 2-3 months. Unbaked and unopened boxes of cinnamon rolls will remain safe even 2 months after their expiration date.

If you happen to make more cinnamon rolls than you need right now, you can always just store them for later. But you do have to do it properly or else the roll will lose its freshness and taste dramatically.

So, in this article we are going to discuss the proper ways of storing cinnamon rolls (baked and unbaked), the length of time you can store them, and how to tell if the roll you are eating has gone bad or not.

How Long Do Baked and Unbaked Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Last?

The shelf-life of cinnamon rolls is going to depend on multiple factors. The temperature of the room, the condition of the storage, and the container you use are all factors that will affect their longevity. 

Out of all the factors, the temperature is likely to be the key variable. So, let’s look at the shelf-life of both baked and unbaked cinnamon rolls at different temperature levels.

Storage Baked Unbaked 
At room temperature2 days1 day
In the refrigerator6-7 daysUntil expiration date, if sealed properly
In the freezer 2-3 months At least 6 weeks

However, I told you that the temperature is not the only factor here. So, keep reading to find out the best solution for storing your Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

At Room Temperature


One of the best things about cinnamon rolls is that you can keep them out on the counter. In fact, for some, the taste of these rolls only increases after a day.

You can safely store baked cinnamon rolls in a pantry for 2 days. Make sure to keep it in a dry and cool area of the house. To ensure the rolls do not become soggy, allow them to cool down completely after baking. Then place them inside an airtight container or wrap them individually in a plastic bag.


If you do not want to bake them right, you can simply keep them in their package without opening it. This will ensure that the rolls do not lose their quality or become contaminated. Again, you can keep them in your pantry in a dry and cool area. If you accidentally leave the package on the counter, bake them the next day without waiting or putting it back in the fridge.

In the Refrigerator


If you do not plan on eating the rolls in the next couple of days, transfer them to your refrigerator. The lower temperature will keep them fresh and edible for at least a week. After that period, the roll will still be edible. But you will start to notice the drop in quality and taste the longer you wait.

Before placing them in the fridge, let them sit at room temperature and cool down. If the rolls are still steaming when you place them in a container, steam is going to get trapped with the rolls. This will quickly turn the rolls soggy and mushy. Moisture also facilitates the easy growth of bacteria.


If you opened the box but do not plan on using all of the rolls immediately, then store them in the fridge. The unbaked roll will remain good until its best-by date and even sometimes after that. For the best quality, you should look to eat the cinnamon rolls within a week of opening the package.

In the Freezer


To preserve baked cinnamon rolls for an extended period, the freezer is your best option. Thanks to the chilling environment of the freezer, there is reduced growth of bacteria and rate of oxidation. So, the rolls remain good for 2-3 months. 

Similar to keeping them in the fridge, it is important that you allow the rolls to cool down completely. This will ensure maximum quality the next time you bring the rolls out.


If you have not opened the box of Pillsbury rolls yet, then there really is no need to keep them in the freezer. But if you have already opened them, just keep them tightly sealed in the package they came in and place them in the refrigerator. Unbaked rolls will last for at least 6 weeks and possibly more.

Note that Pillsbury doesn’t recommend putting the dough in the freezer since the rolls won’t rise properly while baking.

How Long Are Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Good For

How to Store Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls?

In the Pantry

The best way to preserve any cinnamon rolls and ensure it remains at peak quality is to store them at room temperature. Place them inside an airtight container after letting them cool down completely. Then transfer them to a cool and dry area in your pantry or kitchen cabinet. 

This will keep them fresh for 2 days. If you are not sure that the rolls will be gone within that time, it is best to keep them unbaked. The great thing about Pillsbury’s boxed cinnamon rolls is that they require very little prep work. You can pop them in the oven any time and enjoy fresh cinnamon rolls.

In the Refrigerator

So, let’s say that you ended up making more rolls than you want to eat or going to eat in the next few days. Then your next option is the refrigerator. 

  • After baking, let the rolls sit at room temperature until completely cooled.
  • Place them in an airtight container. Alternatively, you can put them inside resealable plastic bags individually. Make sure you squeeze out as much air as you can without smashing the rolls.
  • Transfer them to your refrigerator. An airtight container will ensure that the rolls do not absorb any unwanted smell or flavors.

In the Freezer

The freezer should be your last choice for storing cinnamon rolls. Ideally, you should eat them within a week of baking. But if you need long-term storage, keep them in the freezer by using the partially baked method. Here is how you do it:

  • Follow the recipe like normal but bake the rolls for only 10-15 minutes instead of the full 25-30 minutes. This way the rolls will rise up but will not start browning.
  • Let them cool completely after taking them out of the oven
  • Double wrap the rolls with plastic or clean foil. Double wrapping will ensure no air will touch the rolls, thus preventing the possibility of freezer burn.
  • Place them in the freezer.

When the time comes to bake, take them out of the freezer and let them thaw for 1-2 hours. Alternatively, you can shift them to the normal fridge the night before. Remove the plastic wrap and bake them in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown.

How Long Is Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Good for After Expiration Date?

Every package of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls comes with a best-before or best-by date. Now, this is not the date until which the rolls will remain safe for consumption. Rather it is the manufacturer’s assumption as to how long the rolls will remain in good quality.

So, you can still bake and eat the rolls even after they have passed their expiration date, provided that the package is intact. If the box is looking in good shape, the unbaked rolls inside will still be safe for you to eat for another 60 days.

So, you do not have to panic if the rolls have gone past their best-by date by a couple of days or weeks. As long as the box remains intact, the content inside should be safe to eat. 

How to Tell if Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Are Bad?

Despite their relatively long shelf-life, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, like any ready-made food, are susceptible to rot. The roll will gradually lose their quality over time and without proper storage, they may become contaminated.

Luckily, there are a few signs you can look at to tell whether the rolls have gone bad or not. Common signs of expiration will be a loss in taste and aroma. If the bread starts to smell sour, then you can be pretty sure they have gone beyond the state of consumption. 

Another sign you can look at is the look of the cinnamon rolls. If you notice anything growing on the bread, such as fungus or mold, then avoid eating them. 

What Happens if You Eat Spoiled Cinnamon Rolls?

Like with most food items, eating spoiled cinnamon is a threat to your health. Aside from the disappointment that comes from eating bad cinnamon rolls, there is a genuine risk of food poisoning that you need to keep in mind. This is because spoiled cinnamon rolls can be contaminated by mold, fungus, or bacteria.

Now, in most cases, you will be okay if you eat a small bite of a rotten cinnamon roll. Your digestive system and immune system are strong enough to handle that. Most species of mold are not dangerous to human health. [1]

But there are a few species that definitely are. Some people may be more allergic to mold than others. And some species are known to release deadly toxins called mycotoxins. If you ingest a large amount of this toxin, it can lead to neurological problems. [2] While the chances for this happening are slim, you still do not want to risk it just to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

To conclude, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are delicious, comforting, and above all, highly convenient. And if you know how to properly store and use them, these ready-made rolls will be ready to deliver a sweet time with very little effort.

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