Top 5 Fixes for Too Much Butter in Rice Krispie Treats

Fixes For Too Much Butter In Rice Krispie Treats
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When I want a light and tasty snack made in virtually no time, I always make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats. Pour, mix, cool, and voila, you get a light yet very satisfying delicacy! Still, even the best ideas can take a turn for the worse if you get the ingredients slightly wrong, and in this case, the butter is the riskiest ingredient. So, here’s how to fix too buttery Rice Krispie Treats:

To fix too much butter in Rice Krispie Treats, add more cereal, use a paper towel to remove the excess butter, refrigerate, or double the recipe. If all else fails, make a new batch, but measure out all the ingredients in advance.

It can be disappointing to end up with overly buttery Rice Krispie Treats, but luckily, they are easily fixable. With a few simple tricks, I’ve always been able to fix this issue, and now I will share my tips and tricks with you!

What Happens if You Put Too Much Butter in Krispie Treats?

The first sign you’ll notice will be the texture. While Krispie treats should be soft while you make them, you’ll notice the mixture becoming gooey, greasy, and sticky. You’ll definitely have difficulty shaping and cutting them, not to mention transferring the mixture into a tray before you place it in the fridge. 

They also get a glossy and visibly greasy appearance when they contain too much butter, which is a sign that is hard to miss. 

Still, even though these are pretty apparent signs of excess butter, I often fail to see them, so don’t feel bad if they escape your eye. If you don’t see the too much butter signals, you will most certainly taste them. 

Krispie treats with too much butter are often overwhelmingly buttery, with suppressed marshmallow and cereal notes. The rest of the flavors are dim and stay in the background, while the overall taste is buttery and pretty heavy. You will also notice a greasy sensation and a lot less crispiness in your mouth. 

Since butter is high in fat, too much of it will make your sweet snacks overly fatty and caloric, giving you the sensation of a heavy stomach. Also, they will be very satiating. Since Krispie Treats aren’t meant as a meal but as a snack, you should be able to snack on them as long as you want. 

Excess butter will prevent you from doing so, giving you a feeling of fullness after a few bites. 

Overly buttery snacks are also pretty soggy and not as crispy as you might have hoped. The mixture will not be evenly distributed, so you might bite into moister and drier parts of the same square, which, to me, isn’t a pleasant sensation. 

Too much butter never comes unannounced, and you will definitely spot some of the signs I have just described. The more experience you have with them, the more quickly you’ll notice these signs, but don’t worry, here’s how you can easily make it all better!


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How to Fix Krispie Treats with Too Much Butter? 

As disappointing as it may seem, don’t worry, as too much butter in Krispie Treats is easily fixable. Worst case scenario, you’ll just make a new batch, which isn’t difficult at all, so don’t despair because nothing is lost. Here’s what you can do!

Add More Cereal

adding more cereal to homemade rice krispies with too much butter

Just like fixing dough that contains too much butter, apply the same technique to fixing too much butter in Krispie Treats. In this case, add more cereal, just like you would add more flour to dough. 

If you have ever fixed an overly buttery dough, you already know the drill, and if you haven’t, I got you covered. Add the extra cereal slowly, gently, and carefully. Don’t rush the process, and don’t expect immediate improvement. 

Give the cereal time to bond with the butter, and if, after a few minutes of mixing, the mixture still seems overly buttery, add some more cereal until you get the right consistency. I must warn you that too much cereal results in a dry and overly crumby mixture, which isn’t what you want either. 

Use Paper Towels

Another way to remove excess butter from your Krispie Treats is to blot it out with a paper towel. It is a well-known fact that paper absorbs grease to the greatest possible extent, so it’s a great way to remove the butter mechanically. 

Still, this is an effective method if you notice the excess butter right away before it gets absorbed in the mixture. If there is excess butter on the surface, don’t hesitate to use a paper towel to remove it. 

Gently press down on the paper towel to absorb some of the excess butter from the surface.

Rotate or replace the paper towel if it becomes saturated. Repeat this process until you’ve removed as much excess butter as possible. Note that this method won’t extract the butter from the interior of the mixture, but it will only blot out the excess butter on the surface. 

I use this method as a first reaction, and it has always been successful for me.

Refrigerate or Freeze

pressing rice krispies with too much butter into a baking tray to put into the freezer

This method is the most painless one, and it doesn’t bring any risks because you aren’t changing the internal structure of the mixture. Whether you are certain that you’ve added too much butter or are in doubt, feel free to refrigerate or even freeze the mixture to harden and stabilize it. 

Leave them in the refrigerator for about 20-30 minutes or 10-15 minutes in the freezer. Check them frequently to avoid over-chilling. This cooling process will help the excess butter solidify, making it easier to handle and improving the texture.

Since cooling is a standard step, you shouldn’t see this as an extra step or anything, but just a prolonged last step of the preparation procedure. Keep your Krispie Treats in the fridge all the time and have them while cold. 

Double the Recipe

Doubling the recipe is my last resort when I add too much butter to Krispie Treats, but it does turn a desperate situation into a hopeful one. If you have the ingredients and want to salvage the treats, consider doubling the entire recipe, excluding the butter.

Mix the new batch with the overly buttery treats, which will dilute the excess butter.

This method is effective if you want to avoid wasting the initial batch but keep in mind that you’ll end up with a larger quantity of treats.


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Create a New Batch

Creating a new batch isn’t as much of a solution as it is a do-over, but you will get your treats nevertheless. In cases where the treats are beyond repair, it is best to start fresh and be more careful the second time around. 

I’ve found that measuring out all the ingredients in advance is a foolproof method for not messing up the amounts, so feel free to try it out. I hope it will work for you, too!

What Not to Do?

When trying to fix overly buttery Krispie Treats, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do, 

Refrain from adding more marshmallows. It may seem like a good idea to balance the butter, but believe me; it is one of the worst things you could do. Focus on adding cereal instead.

Don’t try to evaporate the butter by applying excess heat. The liquid will evaporate, but the fats won’t, and they are likely to burn, giving you a very dry and absolutely unfixable treat. 

Don’t eyeball the measurements. Always follow a recipe and respect the measurements to prevent the excess butter problem entirely. 

In an attempt to homogenize the butter with the rest of the ingredients, overmixing is often used as a tactic. Please don’t do it. Overmixing will only break the bonds between the ingredients, making your mixture even more gooey and soggy. 

What Should a Perfect Krispie Treats Mixture Look Like?

the perfect krispie treats mixture

The first thing you’ll notice when in a perfect Krispie Treats mixture is the even coating. The cereal is evenly coated with the melted marshmallow mixture, giving it a balanced appearance with a moderately glossy light golden color. 

The texture is consistent, and the consistency is chewy but not soggy and crispy but not crumbly or dry. The bars hold their shape, and they are easy to move and transfer. A perfect Krispie Treats mixture has a buttery aroma, which isn’t overwhelming but very inviting. 

Which of the fixes do you usually use for too much butter in Krispies? I would love to hear about your Krispie adventures in the comments below!

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