How Much to Charge for Chocolate-Covered Rice Krispie Treats?

Chocolate covered rice crispies
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Cereals have always been an essential food selection in our lives since forever. Today, the most remarkable part is that you can find plenty of easy recipes with various cereals on the internet, especially as snacks. Cereals are our primary source of carbohydrates. One of the most interesting recipes is chocolate-covered rice Krispie treats. But have you ever wondered how much to charge for chocolate-covered Krispie treats?

If you prepare chocolate-covered rice Krispie treats yourself, you can charge around $3 per piece. It would cost you approximately $1 per piece, so, considering that, and to cover all the expenses like packaging and labeling, you can charge a minimum of 3 times more than the product price.

So let’s see together some key points and what you should have in your mind while producing them. Be careful. In the end, you may be completely ready to start your business. 

Can You Sell Chocolate-Covered Rice Krispie Treats From Home?

If you have an initiative for entrepreneurship and want to start by selling this type of cereal bar, you can for sure start thinking about your business plan. I don’t see any reason why not. Although, be careful in three points. 

Firstly, check the legislation for this matter. I am not a law expert nor have any experience with openings a business from home, but you can check all the steps and documentation needed on the government website

Secondly, the shelf life is approximately five days. Selling from home would make it impossible to have direct contact with clients, which is shorter, so the delivery should be made very fast. 

Another factor you have to consider, again due to their short shelf-life, is whether you will be able to produce the quantity required every day. How flexible and dedicated are you going to be to this initiate. 

If you feel like you can handle those three key points, good luck you can start today!

How Much Does It Cost to Make Chocolate-Covered Rice Krispie Treats?

Well, let’s see together some easy calculations for this recipe. First, you will need 20 oz of mini Marshmallows, with a price of $6.90 per oz, and 6 oz of unsalted butter, with may cost around $10.05. I choose this high-priced butter because the quantity is large, so the quality needs to be superior. 

You will use 8,5 oz of rice Krispie, which may cost around $3.18. So by summing up the prices for approximately 20 pieces of chocolate-covered rice Krispie treats, you may spend a maximum of $20.12. And the price for one piece will be $1. 

How Do You Package Chocolate-Covered Rice Krispie Treats?

As soon as you finish preparing Krispies, put them in the fridge for a maximum of one hour to make sure chocolate won’t melt, and after immediately to a sealed packaging.

One of the essential factors to differentiate this product and reach more clients would be the decoration of the chocolate rice Krispie treats. That is why I think the best idea would be a transparent box. In this way, the lovely colors of your dessert will create an immediate impact as soon as it reaches the client. 

How Long Will Chocolate-Covered Rice Krispie Treats Last?

According to the official page of Kellog Rice, this dessert can last up to 5 days if it’s properly stored in an airtight container. If the butter used for the recipe is salted, you can extend the shelf life by 2 or 3 more days. Beyond that, don’t risk consuming it as it may not be that fresh anymore. 

But I have to admit that the first day is the best day to enjoy their freshness thoroughly. So even if you are preparing Krispies to sell the day after, don’t cut them immediately, do it at least 3 hours before. 

How to Decorate Chocolate-Covered Rice Krispie Treats?

The first decoration I would propose would be chopped nuts. Not only cute but also healthy with all the good nutrition values that nuts have. Try to chop nuts as thin as possible and randomly put them in the Rice Krispie treats.

Secondly, considering that the primary fans of this recipe are kids due to a large number of Marshmallows present, you can try to put some M&M confectionery for more extra chocolate flavor and a colorful appearance. 

In conclusion, try decorating them with white chocolate to create color contrasts or adding some coloring to make rainbows or Christmas decorations according to the session.

Chocolate covered rice crispies