Ezekiel Bread vs. Dave’s Killer Bread: Differences & Which Is Better?

Ezekiel Bread vs. Daves Killer Bread 3
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Diet culture once more struck the world with the popularization of healthy bread. Not long ago, you could rarely find bread without flour or with loads of seeds. Now, there are whole sections filled with healthy bread varieties. Yes, the label sells it all, but two brands have leading positions – Ezekiel and Dave’s killer bread. So, what are the differences between Ezekiel’s and Dave’s killer bread, and which is better?

Ezekiel bread has much better ingredients and nutritional values, but Dave’s killer bread has a better taste. Moreover, Dave’s killer bread has flour and sugar in its composition, which Ezekiel bread doesn’t. Despite those facts, both brands are attention-worthy.

If you don’t have health restrictions, there is no bad food if you eat it consciously. But, if you want to make better decisions for your body, choose whole grains bread instead white. These two brands are superb options for dropping overly processed bread we find at every turn. Read on if you want to know what is so special about these brands that took the world by storm.

Ezekiel Bread vs. Dave’s Killer Bread: Differences

Both of these brands are highly certified, from organic to non-GMO certificate. They are unquestionably first-rate bread, but some differences make one of them a gold medalist. 


Apropos of taste, Dave’s killer bread has, undoubtedly, better taste. It’s the presence of flour and sugar that makes it appetizing. It still has a grainy texture, of course. 

It has a vaguely sweet taste due to cane sugar and goes well with deli meat like ham and turkey. With its grainy texture, it is suitable for toasting. Plus, seeds have a deeper flavor when slightly toasted. 

Regarding the taste of Ezekiel bread, it has a nutty flavor. That is no surprise as it’s packed with whole grains, and only them. Bread has a sticky texture besides its chewy. It also has a strong flavor, and you will definitely need some time to adjust.

For the best taste, toast it. Toasting will dry it out, and grains will become crunchy. It makes an amazing base for avocado-egg toast, as its crunchiness compliments creamy avocado.


Regarding nutrition, forget every commercial you saw; just read ingredient lists. Fewer calories don’t always mean a healthier choice. Let’s compare the labels for all the answers.

A slice of Dave’s killer bread (28 grams) has 70 calories, while a slice of Ezekiel bread (34 grams) has 80 calories. Both of them have low-calorie amounts for bread. But what about macronutrients? [1][2]

Ezekiel bread has 0,5 grams, and Dave’s bread has 1 gram of fat. They have no saturated fats or cholesterol at all. It doesn’t go better than this for bread.

70 calories of Dave’s killer bread have 105 milligrams of sodium, which isn’t oh-so-much, to be fair. But 80 calories of Ezekiel bread have 75 milligrams of sodium. That is a perfect ratio, as it’s best for sodium to be equivalent to or lower than the number of calories. 

Total carbohydrates are pretty much the same, but let’s dig a bit deeper. There are 3 grams of dietary fiber in a slice of Ezekiel bread and 2 grams in Dave’s. The first one has no sugar added at all, but the second one has.


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Every slice of Dave’s killer bread contains 3 grams of added sugar. Imagery that is one teaspoon of sugar in a piece. Be aware that organic cane sugar from the ingredient list is actually regular sugar. It takes third place on the list, meaning more sugar than whole grains. 

When speaking of ingredients, the first on Dave’s killer list, surprisingly, is whole wheat flour. Yes, the label says 21 whole grains, but there is more flour in it than 21 whole grains combined. Organic whole wheat flour is a high-quality ingredient whatsoever, but grains are obviously more commercial-friendly.

On the other hand, Ezekiel is spot on what it says it is – sprouted grain bread with no flour at all. There are different sprouted grains in their composition, plus legumes – sprouted lentils and soybeans. You may ask what is so particular in sprouting, so have an insight.

As a matter of fact, sprouting increases the nutritional value of grains and makes them easier to digest. Sprouted grains have the least carbs and the lowest glycemic index because sprouting breaks down starch and reduces gluten. 

When compared with whole-grain flour, sprouted grains have fewer calories. That means Ezekiel bread makes an amazing choice in your diet, especially when you want to lose weight.

One more fascinating thing is that sprouting reduces antinutrients (substances that decrease nutrient effects), enhancing iron absorption by up to 50%. To add more, it boosts amounts of vitamin C, folate, and soluble fibers.

Organic sprouted wheat, barley, millet, spelled, soybeans, and lentils together contain complete protein. There are all nine essential amino acids in a slice of Ezekiel bread. You have to admit, that is more than amazing for bread.

It adds more to its protein total with organic wheat gluten, which is pure wheat protein. This grain mixture is the closest thing to a protein found in eggs and meat you could have.

Dave’s killer bread also incorporates a splendid mixture of grains and seeds. Flax, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, poppy, plus rice, amaranth, buckwheat flour, and many more are all organic. All of these superfoods are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Ezekiel Bread vs. Dave's Killer Bread


Both brands offer a wide variety of products. Understandably, the market requires new and fresh things. They return to the roots and use as many unprocessed ingredients as possible. 

For example, Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Sprouted Whole Grain bread has more carbs, explicitly sugar, than any other this brand makes. It is logical, as raisins themself have high levels of sugar.

Dave’s killer company presents specific bread such as Powerseed, Whole Wheat that doesn’t have any seeds, or with added rye that’s called Righteous Rye.

There is a variety for any taste bud. Try it and decide on your favorite. Try them with different combinations and opt for your winner taste-fusion.  


Ezekiel bread and Dave’s killer bread are extremely popular. You can find them on shelves everywhere. Although, it seems Dave’s killer is slightly favored. It has killer marketing, and people rarely read the ingredients list. It has eye-catching wordplay, and maybe that’s a reason for its popularity; even Ezekiel bread is more nutritious. 

Ezekiel Bread vs. Dave’s Killer Bread: Which Is Better?

All summed up, Ezekiel bread is the best bread you can have. It is so nutrient-thick you would never assume it is store-bought bread. Compared to Dave’s killer bread, it’s not even in the same class.

But when comparing Dave’s killer bread to any other store-bought bread, it is top-notch. Yes, sugar is added, but it has more nutrients than you would expect from bread. If you want more flavor, go for Dave’s, no question.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference. They are both good choices and, beyond any doubt, much better than regular toast.

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