Does Ferrero Rocher Melt? Find Out Here!

Does Ferrero Rocher Melt
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You can get a chocolate craving at any time of the day- from the morning, midday, to midnight. When you do, that Ferrero Rocher bar that you stashed in your kitchen can satisfy your needs. However, as you unwrap it, you notice that the chocolate has melted. So now you’re wondering, does Ferrero Rocher melt, or has it gone bad?

Ferrero Rocher chocolate melts when exposed to high temperatures and humidity. Usually, the heat will cause the cocoa butter (fat) and other ingredients to split, making the solids melt. It may change in taste, but it is safe to eat.

So, don’t throw away that melted Ferrero Rocher yet. Instead, stick around and learn why Ferrero Rocher melts, what to do with melted chocolate, and how you can prevent your chocolate from melting.

When Does Ferrero Rocher Melt?

The chocolate’s melting point ranges between 64 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s substantially lower than the average human body temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, the heat from your hands can raise the temperature of the Rocher and cause it to melt.

What to Do if Ferrero Rocher Melts?

You could eat a melted Ferrero Rocher if it weren’t kept near inedible ingredients that are unsafe. Besides, if the chocolate is melted and then solidified, it may be disfigured and have a slight change of taste, but it’s completely safe to eat.

Alternatively, you can create something new and wonderful with a melted Ferrero Rocher. Simply reheat and temper the chocolate, pour it in molds of any shape, and you’ll have well-textured Ferrero in the shape you’d want. Note that tempering enables you to reincorporate the fat in your chocolate and remove the white specks on the surface (if the chocolate has melted and resolidified).

You can also use the melted and tempered Ferrero Rocher as a luscious topping for ice cream, sugar cookies, pound cakes, and marshmallows. Just remember that the chocolate will lose some flavor and texture with every tempering.

Keep in mind that if your home is over 70° Fahrenheit, the Ferrero Rocher chocolate will melt once you remove it from the fridge. Due to temperature changes, it may have developed white streaks (bloom) on the surface while in the freezer. Usually, the fat bloom will cause the bar of chocolate to melt quicker.


How Long Does Ferrero Rocher Last?

Does Melted Ferrero Rocher Go Bad?

Cocoa butter has a long shelf-life because of its low polyunsaturated fat content and antioxidants. However, due to the additives in Ferrero Rocher, when it melts and condenses, it can go rancid with mold and bacteria starting to grow on the chocolate. 

Typically, green dots and cracks on the Ferrero Rocher are often an indicator of stale chocolate. Fortunately, when stored properly, you can expect chocolates to last up to six months even after their best-before dates.

How Do You Keep Ferrero Rocher from Melting?

If you need to keep your chocolate from melting for some hours, you can use ice cubes. While the cubes will eventually melt at room temperature, you can utilize that time to preserve your chocolate. You can keep changing the ice packs to preserve your chocolate for a more prolonged period.

It’s ideal to keep a Ferrero Rocher in a cool, dry place. The temperature should be consistently below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity below 55%. This will allow the emulsions of the cocoa butter and solids to remain stable for months.

Moreover, it would help if you sealed your treat in an airtight container. That’s because oxygen can oxidize the chocolate causing less-than-ideal flavors to emerge. Also, it keeps the cocoa butter from picking up scents of whatever is around it.

When it comes to the proper storage of Ferrero Rocher, the darker, the better. Dark areas mean away from the sunlight and artificial light as they create heat, which is the primary reason for the chocolate to melt. However, don’t cover your treat in many layers as it may result in more heat, hence melt the chocolate. Placing the chocolate in a cabinet or cupboard can serve as a dark place for storage.

Can You Freeze Ferrero Rocher to Keep It from Melting?

Ferrero Rocher doesn’t recommend keeping its chocolate in cold storage. However, you might need to store the chocolate in a fridge or freezer due to unfavorable weather conditions. Besides, the freezer could be the ideal space for storage durations of six months to a year.

To preserve your chocolate, place it in the fridge for about 24 hours before transferring it to the freezer. When you want to eat the chocolate, put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours before bringing it to room temperature to unwrap them. 

The procedure ensures the chocolate maintains its texture by avoiding sudden temperature changes. You can also retain flavor and texture by keeping the chocolate in an airtight bag.