How Long Does Ferrero Rocher Last?

How Long Does Ferrero Rocher Last
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Chocolate is a universally cherished treat. I know that it is my favorite. But when it comes to Ferrero Rocher, it doesn’t last long enough to ever worry about it going bad. And if you have that tremendous willpower to store the chocolate, you’ll want to be sure your treat is safe. So, how long does Ferrero Rocher last?

Ferrero Rocher can last two years if unopened and stored properly in a cool, dry place. Once unwrapped, it can go for 6-8 months without losing its decadent flavor, but keep it away from smelling products and spices.

Want more details? Read on, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about how long Ferrero Rocher lasts. I even attached the photo where you can find the expiry date on the packaging.

Does Ferrero Rocher Expire or Go Bad?

The chocolate itself hardly goes bad. However, the ingredients added for texture and crunch, including nuts and wafer, may lose the crunchiness over time or even go stale. In addition, the nuts might spoil within your treat, making the chocolate unappealing.  


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How Do You Know When Ferrero Rocher Expires?

Chocolate usually has a best-before and not an expiration date. However, Ferrero Rocher allows consumers to ask directly on their website when the chocolate bar was made to quickly calculate how long it will last.

If you have a Ferrero Rocher box of 16 pieces, then turn the package around and you will see the “best use before” date on the bottom.

How Long Does Ferrero Rocher Last best date

Your sense of sight can also be a judge of whether your Ferrero Rocher has gone bad or not. If you spot little white streaks forming on the edge of your Rocher, then it’s drying out and getting old. Anything beyond the chalky white texture (bloom) could mean the chocolate is past its consumption date. At this point, the chocolate may start tasting waxy.

Can You Still Eat Ferrero Rocher That Has Expired?

Since the chocolate is such a delicate flavor, it’s best to eat the treat while it’s still fresh. But, if you find a Ferrero Rocher (you stashed somewhere and forgot about it) that’s past the best-before date, you can eat it. That’s because the chocolate contains lots of sugar that serve as a preservative, and hence it’s unlikely to go bad soon after the best-before date. However, the taste may not be as delicious as a fresh one.

What Happens if You Eat Expired Ferrero Rocher?

The chocolate will hardly cause tummy turn or poisoning. This is because, when packed and stored correctly, it won’t have moisture to encourage mold and bacterial growth. [1]

However, the added nuts and wafer can allow mold to grow, resulting in food poisoning and other issues. So, if you notice mold on the chocolate, or any other changes, it’s advisable not to eat the product.

I saved a Ferrero candy specifically to photograph and show you its appearance one and a half years after its best-before date. As you can observe, its appearance hasn’t changed much. However, it’s lost its shine and no longer has the signature chocolatey smell.

expired ferrero rocher

How to Store Ferrero Rocher?

Practicing proper storage techniques and hygiene will help prevent Ferrero Rocher from going bad quickly. The rule of thumb of storing the Ferrero Rocher is to avoid excessive changes in temperatures. Ideally, keep in a cool (between 65°-72° F) dry area since chocolate has a low melting point. Avoid warm places, including those with lights, hot appliances, and humid regions. [2]

Also, keep your Ferrero Rocher away from strong-smelling foods such as spices and cheeses. You can do this by using a container or wrap that can help prevent the chocolate from absorbing the flavors of its surroundings.

If your home has a consistent, cold temperature, you don’t need to store your chocolate in the fridge. Refrigerating often causes fat and sugar bloom.

Even so, many homes don’t have these right weather conditions throughout the year. That makes the fridge the ideal option for long-term preservation. However, the quality of your chocolate might decline after some time in the freezer.

Remember to place your Ferrero Rocher in a sealed, air-tight container or plastic wrap to keep moisture and other contaminants out.

Is Ferrero Rocher High Quality?

From a crunchy whole hazelnut, surrounded by a deliciously creamy chocolate-hazelnut paste filling, to a crisp light wafer sphere covered in more crushed nuts and chocolates, a Ferrero Rocher can make you drool in the creamy world. But, you might be wondering if Ferrero Rocher is of high quality.

Ferrero Rocher is made using premium ingredients, including wheat flour, hazelnut, milk chocolate, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, sugar, and butter oil. In addition, the company uses reverse osmosis to purify its water and ensure it achieves the required standards and is safe for consumption. 


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Using pure, clean water and premium ingredients help the company maintain hygienic conditions and offers a safe environment to produce high-quality Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

The Ferrero Rocher truffles are free of unnecessary chemicals, and that ensures healthy and consumable products. The company also has testers to spot defects and assess quality, so the consumers have that golden experience. Besides, the inimitable golden wrapper causes the Ferrero Rocher to be unique, memorable, and have high-quality packaging.