Creamy Mocha Cupcakes For That Special ‘Hit’

creamy-mocha-cupcakes-for-tCreamy Mocha Cupcakes

If you love coffee and cream then this mocha cupcake is surely going to please.

Never one who is reserved or shy of my inate love of everything coffee related, this day we bring you a special mocha cupcake recipe which will simply blow your very mind. Tainted very lightly with superb coffee flavored enhancers such as Kahula, fresh instant espresso coffee powder along with deep bitter dark chocolate, my very good friends, these mocha cupcakes are absolutely sublime.

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All of my co-workers were extremely pleased when I happened to walk into work carrying a  box of freshly made cupcakes (they almost always are). The actual comments happened to be so flattering, the most common comment being “Which bakery did you buy these from? They are simply amazing!” When I made it known that they were made at home and decorated by none other than me,  each and every wide eyed jaw on the floor seemed to make every single minute spent in the kitchen absolutely worth it. Even right before the very last crumbs were devoured and almost often with the buttercream still dripping from their fingers and lips, my friends were asking me for the special recipe.



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