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Top 15 Chocolate Mexican Candies You Need To Try!

chocolate mexican candy
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You probably enjoy consuming both chocolate and candy, but how about chocolate candy that comes straight from Mexico? Mexican culture and cuisine are popular for creating and producing the most delicious candies, but the ones that include chocolate in their content are among the favorites. There are many choices and options, so it would probably be difficult to choose which one to try. 

List of the Best Chocolate Mexican Candies

Considering that it is quite difficult to choose the right chocolate candy of Mexican origin, I have prepared a short list that will give you the idea of which ones are regarded as the best. Therefore, next time you want to try something new and from different cultures, such as Mexican, you will know what to opt for. In the list, you will find everything you need to know about these candies, so enjoy while you are browsing through your options.

DE LA ROSA Chocolate Covered Marzipan 

Not many people enjoy marzipan due to its delicate taste. However, De la Rosa has made the perfect candy that amazes even people who do not like marzipan. This Chocolate-Covered Marzipan Candy will stick to your heart with its miniature size and soft and chewy structure. The secret of this candy’s deliciousness is that the marzipan is made of peanuts instead of almonds as it is regularly done. 

CREMINO Nutresa Bicolore Hazelnut Praline Candy 

There is nothing better than a hazelnut flavor wrapped in layers of cocoa chocolate pralines. Nutresa Bicolore Hazelnut Praline Candy is the absolute Mexican delight that suits every taste. These amazing chocolate candies will sweeten your soul at any time of the day, and make you forget all about the guiltiness after eating chocolate.

RICOLINO Paleta Payaso Marshmallow Lollipop

You may not be a real fan of lollipops, but you will definitely make an exception when it comes to marshmallow lollipops. The Paleta Payaso Marshmallow Lollipops are truly delicious treats, and they are fun to eat due to their amazing look and shape as a clown. This lollipop consists of a chocolate face, gummy eyes, and lips, and a marshmallow core, and it is a candy liked both by children and adults.


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CARLOS V Mini Milk Chocolate Candy Bar

Everything that comes in miniature size is usually heavenly sweet and delicious. Therefore, the Carlos V Mini Milk Chocolate Candy Bars are not excluded from this selection of treats. Mexicans have really taken their chocolate to a whole different level, and this can be truly noticed by simply taking a bite of this amazing bar. A milk chocolate bar like this is everything you need to sweeten your day. 

RICOLINO Bubu Lubu Mini Candy Bar 

The Ricolino Bubu Lubu Mini Candy Bar is the Mexican classic, and you have probably never tasted something this delicious in a tiny size and package. This is a chocolate sandwich that includes a marshmallow center and a strawberry gummy layer. It is light chocolate candy, perfect for a snack on the go. 

MARINELA Gansito Pastelitos 

Mexicans are known for their tiny desserts and chocolate candies, and making tiny chocolate cakes is kind of their custom. Gansito Pastelitos by Marinela are the greatest miniature cakes that come in a combination of strawberry jelly, cream, and chocolate. These small cakes also come with sprinkle toppings making the perfect festive snacks.

DUVALIN Barra Chocolate Relleno Sabor Fresa 

The Duvalin Barra Chocolate Relleno Sabor Fresa is a delicious Mexican snack that includes milk chocolate with a strawberry filling center. This is something that Mexicans enjoy having on a daily basis, meaning that this chocolate candy will bring the Mexican culture really close to you. Although not so much a nutritious snack, this chocolate candy can really be a great snack that will regain your energy in the middle of the day. 

RICOLINO Huevitos De Chocolate 

These chocolate Mexican candies come in a really fun size and shape, and they taste like tiny drops of heaven. Namely, the Ricolino Huevitos de Chocolate comes in the shapes of tiny little eggs whose core is filled with creamy chocolate. They are not only the perfect chocolate snack, but they can also be an amazing gift or even a souvenir from Mexico. 

LAS SEVILLANAS Choco Obleas Wafers 

If you are really in search of the true Mexican candy, then you cannot miss out on the Las Sevillanas Choco Obleas Wafers. This is the classic Mexican chocolate candy that has a unique taste and looks. What is more, the Choco Obleas Wafers come with a certain amount of protein that will keep you energized throughout the day. 

TAZA Chocolate Mexicano Dark Vanilla Organic Candy 

When looking for something both Mexican and natural, your choice should be the Taza Chocolate Organic Candy that comes with dark organic chocolate and vanilla flavor. This chocolate candy comes in the shape of a disc, and it is the healthiest type of chocolate you can find of Mexican origin. You can easily carry these candies in your bag and take them on the go, but you can also consider them as a great gift option. 

NUTRESA Monedas De Chocolate Tykis 

Mexicans are not only known for the good chocolate quality, but also for the funny and amusing shapes of their chocolate candies. Therefore, the Monedas de Chocolate Tykis come in the shape of coins and are covered with delicious milk chocolate flavor. Adults love them of course, but the children adore them since they are a great gift or a perfect lunch snack. 

NESTLE Abuelita Chocolate Mini Tablets 

The hot chocolate flavor is not something that you commonly find in candy. Therefore, this special Mexican candy is mandatory for your candy experience.

Each Abuelita Chocolate Mini Tablet is covered with a flavor of hot chocolate that will bring you closer to Mexican culture, but also to a homey and cozy atmosphere. “Abuelita” means “granny” in Spanish, meaning that even the name suggests the deliciousness of this candy, i.e. its homemade-like taste.

NUCITA Chocolate Y Vanilla Candy 

The Nucita Chocolate y Vanilla Candy is characterized by sweet and creamy flavors and tastes. The taste of these chocolate candies will definitely remind you of Nutella or pudding because of the thick consistency. These candies can also be a good gift option, or they can be included and handed out as Halloween treats – either way, children will be over the moon.

DE LA ROSA Nugs Recreo Chocolate Candy Bar 

De la Rosa provides you the opportunity to try real Mexican candy by producing these original nugs. Nugs Recreo Chocolate Candy Bar is a perfect mark of Mexican culture, but most importantly, it is heavenly delicious. It contains the perfect combo of peanuts and creamy caramel along with coconut chocolate layers as covers. 

RICOLINO Kranky – Corn Flakes With Chocolate Coat Candy Bar

A mixture of corn flakes and chocolate is everything you need in a candy bar. Ricolino’s Kranky is one of the most famous chocolate bars across Mexico, and it is perfectly suitable as a snack or even a breakfast substitute. The base of the Kranky Chocolate Candy Bar is made of corn flakes, while the outer part is layered with milk chocolate.

The list above is quite long, but it offers a variety of different choices that will make you realize what you really want from a candy. The list contains some of the best chocolate Mexican candies out there, but your choice must depend on your own taste and personal preferences. So, do not hesitate to try the one that catches your eye and leave your recommendations in the comments section below.

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