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Top 15 Spicy Mexican Candies You Need to Try!

spicy mexican candy
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Mexicans are known for making delicious sweets and candies, and that is perfectly obvious from their tradition of making piñatas for birthdays. 

However, the interesting thing about Mexican candies and sweets is the fact that they have spicy types of candy. Therefore, people who have a sweet tooth would definitely want to try some of them. If you are one of those people, I have provided a list of spicy Mexican candies, so you would know what to choose, and not make a mistake in your decision. 

List of Spicy Mexican Candies 

Spicy candy is a delicacy from the Mexican tradition, so it would be a shame not to try something so unique. Since there are a lot of types and a lot of brands, I have made a narrowed-down list of Mexican candies, so it would be easier for you to make your choice. The below-listed candies are some of the greatest kinds, so you should not miss out on an opportunity to try them if you have the chance.

PULPARINDO Extra Hot Tamarind Pulp Candy 

If your tongue and mouth can withstand some extra hot spices in candy, then Pulparindo Tamarind Pulp Candy would be a perfect selection for your taste. These candies contain corn syrup and sugar tamarind mixed with chili spices, creating a challenging and unique taste of the sweets. Pulparindo is considered the best brand for those who want to try something absolutely different. 

VERO Spicy Mango Lollipop

The Spicy Mango Lollipop by Vero is the perfect candy for those who adore lollipops, and spices, of course. This lollipop has a sour mango center that is covered with a layer of chilies. This is one of the most commonly sold candies around Mexico, but you need a high tolerance level for spiciness if you want to enjoy this sweet treat.

VERO Rabanaditas Chili Covered Lollipop 

Another type of spicy lollipop is the Vero Rabanaditas that comes in the shape of a watermelon. The amazing watermelon taste of the lollipop is covered with a salty and spicy layer, giving this hard candy a unique and challenging taste. This is not only a delicious and adventurous candy but also a great gift option. 

LUCAS GUSANO Chamoy Liquid Candy

If you are really looking for something different that is not usually seen on the candy shelves in the stores, then your choice should be the Chamoy Liquid candy by Lucas Gusano. Nothing will bring you closer to Mexican culture than the Chamoy condiment that is widely used in Mexican dishes. This liquid candy balances the Chamoy spices along with the natural sweetness of the candy, giving the unique experience of trying something different for a change. 

MIGUELITO Chamoy Candy Chili Powder 

If you want a little bit of everything Mexican, then Miguelito Chamoy Candy Chili Powder is the treat you need to try. This is a combination of Chamoy, sugar, tamarind, lemon, and chilies, and it is simply put in a powder state. This type of candy is commonly found in piñatas, so it would definitely be a great gift as well.

JOVY Enchilokas Pineapple Chili Gummy Candy

If you love candy, you probably adore the gummy types since they are soft and full of sweetness. The Jovy Enchilokas Pineapple Chili Gummy Candy is the gummies you need but with an additional spicy taste for guaranteed uniqueness. This Mexican candy is the ultimate combo of sour, sweet, and spicy flavors, meaning that it is suitable for every taste.  

SONRICS Rockaleta Chili Lollipop 

The Sonrics Rockaleta Lollipop comes with an amazing chili layer that will give you the ultimate taste of candy you have never tried before. The lollipop comes with gum in the center, which gives you the sweet finish you desire after a whole bunch of spiciness. The Sonrics Rockaleta is a way to enjoy candy in a true Mexican style. 

VELVET SALES Spicy Flavored Gummies 

These gummies are a combination of Chamoy and spices, and it is the perfect combo for a real taste of Mexican sweetness. The Velvet Sales Gummies will give you exactly what you want in a candy – the perfect mix of sweet, sour, and spicy. The base flavor in gummies is watermelon covered with additional spices, so expect to taste something really unique. 

VERO Takis Fuego Lollipop 

As the name “fuego” suggests, these lollipops are real fire. The Vero Takis Fuego Lollipop is hot and spicy Mexican candy, with Chamoy as the main flavor. You have to be prepared to tolerate real spiciness if you want to try these fiery lollipops. 

JOVY Chili Rokas Revolcadas Hard Candy

The Chili Rokas Revolcadas Candy is suitable for both kids and adults due to the mild spiciness included in their center. The main ingredient is tamarind, which is fresh and sweet, and suitable for every taste. In order to give you the scent of Mexico, Jovy has included a little bit of chili flavor, but it is nothing that you will not be able to withstand. 

INDY Dedos Spicy And Sour Candy

The combination of spicy, salty, and sour flavors will really dance around your mouth in the rhythm of Mexico. If you are fed up with hard candy as your main choice, a tiny piece of chewy candy would come as a great change. The Indy Dedos Candy is not only suitable for daily use, but it will also be suitable as a gift or as part of a huge piñata.

PELON PELO RICO Tamarind Candy Dispensers 

Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarind Candy Dispensers are not only delicious and tasty, but they also have an amazing package that is enjoyed both by children and adults. The candy dispensers are used for squeezing some perfect spaghetti candy. The tamarind flavor dominates the inside of the candy with a little bit of spiciness. 

LUCAS CANDY Skwinkles Rellenos Chili Candy 

If you are craving a perfect combination of spicy and sweet, then the Skwinkles Rellenos Chili Candies would be the perfect choice for your palate. The Skwinkles are actually watermelon tubes with candy fillings, while the top of the tubes is covered with a layer of chili powder. The hot and spicy flavors are something really unique, so you will be delighted to try candy like this.

INDY Hormigas Spicy Watermelon Candy 

If you have decided to try Mexican candy, then you cannot miss out on Indy’s Hormigas Spicy Watermelon Candy. The main flavor in the candy is watermelon, but the top is coated with a spicy powder that will challenge your palate. This is one of the most popular candies in Mexico, and it is definitely one of the favorites among children and adults. 

DE LA ROSA Acidulatito Con Chile Chewy Candy

A combination of sweet, spicy, and sour flavors is everything you need to try from Mexican origin. After trying Acidulatito Chewy Candy you will get the picture of everything that Mexican culture is about. The amusing and challenging spicy flavor will definitely stick to your heart forever.

This list will definitely help you out when trying to choose which candy to try from Mexican origin. You will not regret trying something from Mexican culture, especially something this unique like spicy candy. So, do not wait up anymore, and treat yourself with something different. 

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