Butterfinger Vs. 5th Avenue: Which Is Better And Why?

butterfinger vs 5th avenue

If you have a sweet tooth, and you want to have some chocolate bars as snacks, then you have probably heard of or even tried Butterfinger and 5th Avenue. These chocolate bars are quite popular in the US, and it is common for people to regard them as the same since they are quite alike. However, what are the differences between Butterfinger and 5th Avenue, and which is considered the better? 

Both Butterfinger and 5th Avenue are quite large chocolate bars, and they contain most of the same ingredients. However, the great difference that makes them distinct is the coating. While Butterfinger has a chocolate-like substance as coating, 5th Avenue is covered with creamy milk chocolate.

Whether you want to decide which chocolate bar is better or are just curious about these chocolate snacks, you have come to the right article for you. As I have provided the differences between Butterfinger and 5th Avenue, you will be able to decide on your own which of the two is better. Choosing the right snack is important; therefore, you need to know the features of each chocolate bar before you decide to include something in your diet. 

What Is the Difference Between Butterfinger And 5th Avenue? 

It is a fact and a common opinion that Butterfinger and 5th Avenue have a lot of similarities, and some people even believe they are the same chocolate bar. There are no significant differences that can be seen clearly, so you will need to read something more to understand what is going on with these chocolate bars. Below, I have discussed some of the most important features and the differences, so you will have a clearer image of the distinctive properties of the chocolate bars I am referring to. 


Firstly, it is important to know that both Butterfinger and 5th Avenue are considered massive chocolate bars, meaning that they are quite larger compared to other types present on the market. 

In addition, they mostly have the same ingredients and are made in a similar way, which leads us to the fact that they do not have any particular appearance differences. They are both regular chocolate bars, and if you put them next to each other, you will rarely be able to say which is which. 

However, there is one big difference when it comes to the coating of the chocolate bar. Therefore, Butterfinger is known to have a thinner coating that is made of chocolate-like substance rather than real chocolate. On the other hand, 5th Avenue includes a coating that is made of real and creamy milk chocolate. Therefore, it has a visibly smoother surface. 


As I mentioned in the previous section, these chocolate bars look and taste similarly due to the same or similar ingredients. Therefore, they share many ingredients, such as peanuts, caramel, sugar, corn syrup, and different kinds of oils. 

However, when it comes to peanuts, Butterfinger contains just the regular ones, while 5th Avenue includes ground roasted peanuts, which are known to have slightly better quality. 

Nonetheless, as I have stated previously, the biggest difference comes from the different coatings. So, Butterfinger does not include real milk chocolate in its coating, but it uses substances that imitate chocolate, resulting in a chocolate-like taste. On the other hand, 5th Avenue is characterized by real milk chocolate coating since it includes cocoa solids and cocoa butter in its texture.

Nutrition Facts 

When you want to see the real differences between chocolate bars that are not visible to the naked eye, then you should look into the nutritional facts of the particular products. So, the first thing that really concerns people is the number of calories that a chocolate bar contains. In the case of Butterfinger and 5th Avenue, the former carries 250 calories, while the latter carries 150. 

This is a big difference, and it changes things for many people, especially those who try to maintain a well-balanced diet. However, Butterfinger is known to include a higher amount of protein than 5th Avenue, which puts this chocolate bar in an advantageous position. Also, they do not contain the same vitamins, although the percentages present in both Butterfinger and 5th Avenue are not really significant. 

Ownership And Price

Butterfinger is manufactured by Nestle and was first introduced in 1923. Nestle has better name recognition, therefore, Butterfinger is spread around the whole world. On the other hand, 5th Avenue is produced by Hershey’s and was created in 1936. Hershey’s products are also known across the world, however, they are more common on the territory of the US since Hershey’s is an American chocolate company. 

When it comes to prices, it is known that 5th Avenue is slightly cheaper, however, prices usually vary in different stores and markets. Therefore, sometimes you can find one or the other cheaper or more expensive, but that usually depends on the needs of the stores that sell them. 

Butterfinger Vs. 5th Avenue: Which to Choose? 

It is usually difficult to determine which chocolate bar would be the better option since people have different snack requirements and obviously quite different tastes. Therefore, which one you would go for depends on your personal taste. However, if you want to cut on calories and want something that contains real milk chocolate, your better option might be 5th Avenue.

Is 5th Avenue Candy Discontinued?

Since 5th Avenue is not advertised anymore like it used to, many people believe that it does not exist anymore. However, you can still find this chocolate bar in most stores and supermarkets. If you look carefully, you would probably find 5th Avenue in your closest local store. 

As you can see, 5th Avenue and Butterfinger share a lot of features, so many people regard them as the same. However, they also have some distinct properties that make them quite distinguishable and suitable for different tastes. 

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