Butterball Turkey vs. Popeyes Turkey: Differences & Which Is Better

Butterball Turkey vs. Popeyes Turkey
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Butterball and Popeyes turkeys are both juicy, delicious, and partially cooked. You get them both partially processed, i.e., Butterball brined and Popeyes seasoned with Cajun seasoning. I love them both, but they are pretty different, so I always adjust to their specialties while preparing them. But to know how to do this, you first have to know what makes them different. So, what are the differences between Butterball and Popeyes turkey, and which is better? 

Butterball is not seasoned, but it is brined and tenderized. Popeyes is Cajun seasoned, pre-roasted, and available in limited quantities around the holidays. Butterball turkeys are available all year round in different sizes. 

Even though choosing between Butterball and Popeyes is a win-win, and no choice is actually wrong, they are pretty different, and knowing where they differ can help you make the right decision. So, in this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about these two turkey brands. Let’s get into it!

Size and Variations

Butterball and Popeyes turkeys come in different sizes. The main difference between these two turkey brands lies in the business policies of both brands. While Popeyes’ specialty is fried chicken, Butterball specializes in producing turkey meat. 

Because both brands have different main products, Butterball offers more variety in terms of turkey sizes. It offers a range of turkey sizes to accommodate different customer needs. They have large and small turkeys fit for different numbers of people and different types of gatherings. 

I love a Butterball whole turkey for a festive Thanksgiving celebration or a large family gathering on a different occasion. When I’m hosting a smaller event, I usually go with a smaller size Butterball turkey. Large or small, Butterball turkeys offer a wholesome and traditional flavor for a warm get-together with your wider circle of family and friends. 

On the other hand, Popeyes usually offers whole Cajun-style turkeys, which are also delicious and inviting. Still, Popeyes turkeys would probably be a better fit for more informal gatherings, such as a more casual dinner. Their availability is limited, and you can find them around the holiday season. 

I’ve had Popeyes turkeys in different sizes, depending on where I bought them. They are an excellent choice if you want to fuse traditional holiday feasts with novelty cooking. 


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Taste and Meat Quality

Butterball Turkey vs. Popeyes Turkey Meat Quality

The meat quality of both Butterball and Popeyes is indisputable. They both offer excellent quality meat, which turns into a delicious meal. 

Butterball turkeys are brined and advertised as being as little processed as possible, and I believe that statement. They taste and feel very natural and fresh, the meat is indeed as tender as advertised, and I genuinely enjoy cooking them. 

You can get a Butterball turkey, both frozen and fresh, which I greatly appreciate because I love having options. You can get your holiday turkey well in advance and relax, having already gotten the centerpiece of your holiday dinner table. 

Popeyes turkeys are seasoned with Cajun spices, and you get them pre-roasted. You’ll need to thaw and heat them, so you still need to give them some time and effort. Still, Popeyes turkey is an excellent choice if you are in a hurry. 

Even though Popeyes are available around the winter holidays, they are great for any occasion where you want to inject some novelty food into your menu. Not that a Cajun turkey is unheard of, but Popeyes does offer a truly unique taste. 

Popeyes turkeys are deep-fried, and therefore, they are a little crispier and rougher than Butterball turkeys. They have crispy skin and a different texture than a traditional roasted turkey.


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The prices of Butterball and Popeyes turkeys vary depending on the size and location of the turkeys. The Butterball turkey sizes vary from 9 lbs for the Butterballs Li’l turkey to about 20 lbs for the whole turkey.

Depending on where you get them from, their prices can vary, but on average, they are about $80 per whole turkey. The Butterball Lil turkey is cheaper since it’s smaller. 

Popeyes turkeys are pricier since you have to order them online, and therefore, you need to pay the delivery fee. So, Popeyes turkey would probably cost you about $100 per turkey, depending on the delivery costs. 

Treatment of Turkeys and Use of Antibiotics

Butterball is a brand specializing in raising turkeys to produce the best turkey meat. They take much pride in the way they treat their turkeys, and it has been officially stated that they treat their animals with care and respect. 

The turkeys are free to roam and aren’t kept in cages; the feed they eat is GMO-free with all-natural ingredients. The Turkeys eat grains as well as animal protein since turkeys are naturally carnivorous. 

Butterball states that they don’t use antibiotics when raising the turkeys, nor do they inject them into the meat. The turkeys are raised with veterinarian supervision, and the only time the turkeys consume antibiotics is when that is medically needed if the turkey gets sick. 

Growth hormones are also not a part of the Butterball turkeys’ diet. These turkeys are advertised as all-organic natural, and they really taste that way. [1]

Popeyes don’t provide much information about the treatment and quality of the turkeys they sell. Since Popeyes doesn’t specialize in turkey meat but rather in fried chicken, turkeys aren’t their primary concern. 

Also, Popeyes is a fast food restaurant chain, not a meat brand, so they don’t farm their chickens or turkeys. They get the meat and process it; that’s how they work. So, there is little data on where Popeye’s turkeys come from or how they were raised. 


Butterball is a turkey brand, and Butterball turkeys are available around the holidays as well as all year round. You can get them frozen or fresh. The Butterball fresh turkeys are more popular around the holidays, and the frozen ones are available throughout the year

Popeyes turkeys are restricted in availability, and you can get them only around the winter holidays. Popeyes is a fast-food restaurant chain, and turkeys aren’t its main menu item. As you can see in the video, they are a limited holiday edition and, therefore, something to look forward to for the rest of the year. 

Which Is Better, Butterball or Popeyes Turkey?

Both Butterball and Popeyes turkeys are delicious, juicy, and very easy to prepare. Considering that there isn’t much info available about Popeyes turkeys raising and treatment, I can’t comment on that type of meat quality and compare the two in that regard. 

In terms of flavor, it is highly subjective, which is better. I love them both, but which one you prefer is totally up to you. As for availability, Butterball turkeys are more available than Popeyes, considering that Butterballs are available all year round and Popeyes only around the holidays.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below! Which one do you prefer?

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