Does Fudge Have Eggs & Is It Bad For You?

does fudge have eggs Is fudge bad for you
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Fudge can be an amazing dessert, especially when you are craving something really sweet and chocolatey. However, many people question the ingredients included in this sweet dessert, and whether or not it is considered a healthy treat. So, does fudge include eggs, and is this treat bad for you?

Fudge doesn’t have eggs. The main ingredients in fudge are milk, butter, and sugar, and it is not customary for a fudge recipe to contain eggs. It is a sugary candy with a smooth consistency, and it is quite delicious. However, fudge is not good for you considering that it is high in sugar.

I have written this article with the aim to clear out many debates and dilemmas that people usually have about fudge. I have included the ingredients that are used for making fudge, so you would be aware of whether or not this treat is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. I have also pointed out how fudge normally affects a person’s health; therefore, you could decide how much fudge you can consume and how frequently. 

Is Fudge Considered Vegetarian? 

Due to the fact that fudge does not contain any type of meat or meat products, it is obvious that it is vegetarian. The main ingredients that are mostly used for making fudge are milk, sugar, and butter. Without them, you would probably not be able to make fudge, i.e. you will not be able to achieve the consistency you expect. 

Fudge can also be vegan if you properly select your ingredients. Since this treat does not include eggs, you can use milk and butter that are not of animal origin. For instance, you can use plant-based butter and milk, and your fudge will be perfectly suitable for vegetarians. 

If you need an idea for a vegan fudge, you can easily use cashew butter and organic soy milk. This is a perfect combination that will make your fudge healthier in a way, although you should not expect that the organic and plant-based ingredients will decrease the needed amount of sugar. Fudge needs to contain a high amount of sugar due to the fact that only in that way you can achieve a texture that is seen in this kind of treat. 


Does Fudge Need to Be Refrigerated? Tips to Keep It Fresh

What Is Fudge Mostly Made Of? 

The main ingredients in fudge are milk, butter, and sugar, and you cannot really substitute these ingredients with anything else. However, you can add some other ingredients you think are appropriate and according to your needs. Some people tend to follow some really basic recipes with only a few ingredients, while others want to experiment a little bit, and make their fudge a little bit more complex.

Most recipes include butter, condensed milk, sugar, milk chocolate, chocolate chips, and vanilla extract. Some people might include ingredients like nuts to change the taste of the fudge and experiment with recipes a little bit, but the true fudge is only chocolatey. Therefore, if you intend to make fudge at home, make sure that you have enough sugar, milk, and butter.  It is good to know that, since it doesn’t contain eggs, you can keep it at room temperature.

Is There Flour in Fudge?

Since fudge is not a cake, i.e. it does not have the same consistency, it does not include flour in normal conditions. 

There is no necessity to include flour in the fudge due to the fact that milk, butter, and sugar are the only ingredients you need to achieve the smooth consistency you need for this kind of treat. There are quite many fudge recipes all over the internet and if you do proper research, you will see that none of them includes flour. 

Is Fudge a Dairy Product? 

Whether fudge is a dairy product or not depends on the ingredients used in the process of making fudge in the first place. For instance, if you opt for all organic and raw products, then your fudge would be dairy-free. This means that fudge could include dairy or it could be dairy-free, but that will always be determined by the ingredients you use in your recipe.

If you are using the classic recipe, then your fudge will be a dairy product. 

Is Fudge Bad For You? 

Firstly, let’s establish that fudge is quite sweet and delicious, and it is really a popular treat all around the world. People in all parts of the world make fudge, and this treat is sold everywhere. However, its popularity does not mean that this product is actually healthy and good for you. 

It might be good to satisfy your craving, but it is, in fact, very high in sugars, meaning that it cannot be very good for you. Intaking high amounts of sugars might lead to blood sugar spikes, weight gain, and risks imposed by obesity. [1] Sugar is also responsible for the occurrence of diabetes, which is one of the most common diseases around the world. 

Why Is Fudge Called Fudge?

Fudge is believed to be an American invention, therefore, the name has an American origin. 

According to much research and various beliefs, the treat has been a result of “fudged” caramels, and that is how the name was put to the treat in the first place. Since in the past, stories were told from one person to another, the recipe for fudge has been spread widely, and this has quickly become the name for this sugary dessert. 

I believe that you have resolved the dilemma when it comes to the ingredients of fudge, and now, you are aware that fudge does not contain eggs. In addition, I have cleared out that fudge is not really a healthy treat, therefore, you should be careful of the amounts you intake at once. 

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