Best Kept Secret Tips to Bake the Perfect Cupcake: Step by Step

Bake the Perfect Cupcake: Step by Step

how to bake perfect cupcakes

Have you ever walked into a cupcake or cake store and walked out with a cupcake that tasted so moist and so fluffy and divine that it felt like your lips and taste buds had just gone to heaven? You think wow i want to try another one of those in a different flavor but at $4 to $6 a pop its going to be a little bit hard on your pocket.

What if you could bake them yourself at a fraction of the cost and have your family and friends and guests begging you for me and your secret? You may say, ” But i have tried and mine just don’t come out any good!” Well you need to read the page below because you are soon going to hold the secrets to the most moist fluffy and delicious cupcakes you could ever bake step by step. I’ve divided my all-about-cupcakes post into three sections: Bake the Perfect Cupcakes (all about baking!), Perfect Cupcakes Frosting (all about frosting!) and (How to decorate cupcakes like a professional!).

Bake the Perfect Cupcakes (all about baking!)

1. Only use the very best ingredients available.

Do you think you will not be able to tell the difference from imitation and real vanilla extracts, or that the Dutch Processed Cocoa will not make the slightest difference? Wrong! Using only quality ingredients available makes a LARGE difference in the final outcome. If you go ahead and taste test a cupcake that has fake/ cheap/ flavorless ingredients beside a cupcake using high-quality ingredients, the difference in taste will actually astound you. Go ahead and try – I dare you! My very favorite flavor enhancers tend to be Pure Vanilla Extract along with this fair trade cocoa powder – they are both so very rich and always have an amazing depth of flavor. By using only quality vanilla (and cocoa, if you are making a chocolate cupcake) will always make the most noticeable difference with your cupcakes, so always prioritize those specific ingredients over others if you are low on funds. If your recipe requires white vinegar, substitute some apple cider vinegar which will give a bit more depth. I also always prefer to make my own buttermilk rather than using store-bought buttermilk.

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