Almond Bark vs. Chocolate Chips: Differences & Uses

Almond Bark Vs Chocolate Chips

Almond Barks and chocolate chips are some of the most used ingredients in kitchens worldwide. They are used for similar purposes when melted. For example, for dipping or coating fruits, pretzels, nuts, but also many other desserts. But have you ever thought about the real differences between Almond Bark and chocolate chips?

Almond Bark is artificial chocolate, whereas chocolate chips are real chocolate that can be tempered. Moreover, Almond Bark has a soft, consistency that makes them easier to melt, while chocolate chips have the proper firm snap. You can substitute one with another, but chocolate chips are tastier thanks to cocoa butter.

Read on, and learn how Almond Barks and chocolate chips differ, which is better for melting, coating, or dipping and if you can substitute one for another.

Almond Bark vs. Chocolate Chips: Differences

Almond Bark mainly consists of vegetable fats, colors, and flavors, while chocolate chips comprise cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. The most common flavors of Almond Bark are vanilla (white Almond Bark) and chocolate (brown Almond Bark). Chocolate chips are similar in that matter. They come as white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Treats coated with or dipped in Almond Bark have a higher melting temperature and can hold their shape in your mouth for longer. In addition, when you melt Almond Bark, it starts to harden a lot quicker than chocolate chips.

However, Almond Barks leave a waxy mouthfeel. Chocolate chips are made from the same ingredients as real chocolate, so it’s not strange that they offer the same rich and smooth taste as chocolate. 

Almond Bark is not so tasty snack, and it doesn’t offer any nutritious benefits. Its primary focus is on saving time during melting. On the other hand, chocolate chips, especially those made of dark chocolates, are nutritious and have various health benefits, including antioxidants properties.


Almond Bark can be melted over low heat on the stovetop or at high power in a microwave. However, chocolate chips need to be tempered to be used for dipping or coating. Tempering means melting chocolate, then letting it cool to the exact temperature.

Chocolate chips can easily scorch up, and you’ll end up with a lumpy mess. That’s because chocolate is a blend of cocoa butter, sugar, milk products, and a fatty substance known as lecithin, which has a low burning point.

To sum up, Almond Bark is easier to melt because it saves time and you can be sure that you won’t make a huge mess.

Which Is Better for Coating?

Almond Bark is so good for melting since it doesn’t need to be tempered. It’s made for melting purposes, and hence it will melt smoothly and without any issue. Besides, it can coat your treats perfectly, forming a shiny, glossy finish.

Conversely, chocolate chips contain stabilizers that keep them from melting completely in your oven (that’s what makes them stay chips). When melted, chocolate chips tend to be a bit cloudy and aren’t recommended for coating or dipping.

Can You Substitute Candy Melts for Chocolate Chips?

If you want to substitute candy melts with chocolate chips, you’ll need to mix 1 tbsp vegetable oil for every cup of chocolate chips. However, while candy melts are easy to melt and use and are available in various colors, they don’t taste anywhere near real chocolate chips.

You can also substitute candy melts with Almond Bark without additional modification since their ingredients are pretty much the same.

Can You Use Almond Bark Instead of Chocolate Chips in Cookies?

You can use Almond Bark instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips in cookies. The main difference is that you will have to chop the bar of Almond Bark by yourself.

Almond Bark Vs Chocolate Chips substitute

Can You Use Almond Barks and Chocolate Chips Together?

You can mix Almond Barks with chocolate chips to melt and cover your cake balls or dip in your treats. However, it would be best if you’d melt them separately before blending them.

Is Almond Bark Actually Chocolate?

Almond Bark isn’t the real chocolate. Instead, it is a chocolate-like confection, made with fats rather than cocoa butter and added sugar, flavors, and coloring. You can buy almond backs in blocks, packages, or round discs in candy and baking supplies stores.

Is Almond Bark the Same as Baking Chocolate?

Almond Bark isn’t the same as baking chocolate. While baking chocolate can be melted for use as cookie or cake batter, it doesn’t have milk solids, and so it has a bitter flavor that’s different from the sweet taste of Almond Barks. You also need to add cocoa butter to the baking chocolate to achieve a smoother texture.

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