Almond Bark Uses: 18 Recipe Ideas

Almond Bark Uses
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Many people have been using Almond Bark for baking delicious sweet treats for quite some time. It is often used as a chocolate substitute, especially when the recipe calls for melted chocolate. But what are other Almond Bark uses? What recipes can you use it for?

People use Almond Bark to cover and coat nuts, pieces of fruits, etc. to create a confection. Additionally, you can use Almond Bark for nut crisps, marble chocolate, crepes, cookies, pretzels, hot chocolate, fudge, cake pops, pie, cake decoration and much more.

As you can see, Almond Bark is a versatile and flexible item, which you can melt and mold into your desired shape. So, in this article, we are going to look at some of the mouth-watering recipe ideas you can conjure with Almond Bark.

What to Make With Almond Bark?

So, as we alluded to earlier, Almond Bark’s main use is to coat other pieces of candies and chocolates. But you can incorporate melted Almond Bark into so many different recipes. And you can also make several variations of Almond Bark that will surely prevent your palate from monotony. 

So, here are some of the items you can make with Almond Bark to satiate your sweet tooth.

White Chocolate Almond Bark Pretzels

Let’s begin with a nice and easy recipe. Make pretzels on your own or buy some. Melt white Almond Bark on a stove. Then simply dip the pretzels in the melted bark and apply an even coat. If you want to get fancy, you can lay the pretzels on wax paper while it is still wet. Then sprinkle some jelly beans or jimmies on top.

Almond Bark Uses

Almond Bark Fudge

Line a baking tray with parchment paper or plastic wrap. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the Almond Bark till it has a nice and smooth consistency. Then add the peanut butter and thoroughly combine the two. Pour the mixture into the dish and refrigerate until it is solid.

Peanut Brittle

This is one of the more recognizable forms of Almond Bark. Add in roasted peanuts or almonds, some cereal flakes if you feel like it, and, of course, Almond Bark. You can add chocolate to the mix, be it white or dark. Cook on medium to low heat, occasionally stirring so that the mixture does not stick. 

Afterward, pour the mixture onto a tray and let it cool down. Remember to line the tray with parchment paper or the entire thing may become a sticky mess.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

You can also make chocolate covered strawberries with Almond Bark, but you should know that the taste won’t be the same. Almond Bark is not as tasty and creamy as chocolate.

However, once you cover something with Almond Bark, it forms a crunchy and sweet outer coat. The thickness of the coat will depend on the amount of bark you apply. Usually, you give it enough so that there is an audible crunch when you bite into it.

Hot Chocolate Drink

To make hot chocolate with Almond Bark, you need to melt it using a double boiler, add one tablespoon of sugar and some milk until you get the desired density. You can also make hot chocolate with water, but the taste won’t be the same.

Almond Bark Uses

Strawberry Cookies

For this recipe, you require 1 brick of Almond Bark, a few crackers, and some strawberry frosting. Place the frosting in between two crackers. Melt the bark in a pan and dip the cookies in the melted cream.

Chocolate Almond Popcorn

This may sound silly but sticky popcorn is a very popular sweet treat in many places. You can utilize homemade or store-bought Almond Bark for this. Melt the bark with chocolate and place it on the side. In a large bowl, mix popcorn and some roasted almonds. Then pour the melted chocolate on top of the popcorn and properly stir, until every piece gets a healthy coat.

Peanut Butter and Rice Krispy

The combination of peanut butter and Almond Bark is truly delectable. Then you add in the crunchiness of rice and you have yourself a perfect afternoon snack. 

For a serving of 20 Krispy bars, add 6 cups of Rice Krispie cereal, with ½ cups of peanut butter, and make a solid block in the tray. Then cover the entire thing with melted Almond Bark. 

As a bonus, you can add in chocolate chips or marshmallows if your heart feels like it.

Peanut Bars or Homemade Payday

This is basically like peanut brittle but in the form of a bar. Take a large pan and grease it with butter or oil. Then add ½ of the peanut on the bottom. Melt the Almond Bark and pour it over the peanuts. Put marshmallows on top but without melting them. Then put the rest of the peanuts and pat it down with some more melted Almond Bark.

Allow the confection to chill. After it has cooled down and become solid, cut it into square or rectangular blocks to imitate a payday candy bar. Or you can simply give it any shape you want.

Cornflake Cookies

Put cornflake cereal inside a plastic bag and crush it. Separately, melt peanut butter, sugar, and light corn syrup on low to medium heat. Remove the pan and add in the crushed cereal. Mix the two properly. Pour the mixture on a large tray lined with parchment paper.

Now take a brick of Almond Bark and melt it in a microwave oven or in a separate pan. Once it is thoroughly melted, pour it slowly and evenly over the cookie. Add sprinkles or M&Ms and enjoy.

Chocolate Almond Dip

One of the more common uses of Almond Bark is using it as a dip instead of regular chocolate. Maybe it is because you want a break from chocolate or you prefer the taste of Almond Bark. Whatever the case, you can use melted Almond Bark as a delicious dip for your cookies and biscuits.

Almond Bark Uses

Cake Pops

Cake pops are tiny balls of cakey goodness. You make cake and frosting and crush both into the little balls. Then roll cake pops in melted Almond Bark. Sprinkle cake pops with colorful sprinkles and allow them to cool down.

Almond Bark Pie

Right before you put your pie in the oven, you can add a layer of melted Almond Bark on top of the pie. Alternatively, you can pour melted chocolate Almond Bark into a pie crust. Then simply fill in the rest of the pie with a banana or pecan filling.

Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies are easily recognizable thanks to their distinct center filling. That center is also how this cookie variety got its name. Normally, you place jelly or a chocolate fudge in the middle of the cookie. 

But instead of using any other piece of candy, just place a block of Almond Bark in the middle. Simply press it in with your thumb before baking. Or you can use a small utensil to make a divot in the middle and fill it with Almond Bark.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwich

Sandwiches do not always have to be a savory dish made with meat or vegetables. It can also be a delicious dessert item. Fill two pieces of cracker with a generous amount of peanut butter. Then cover the cracker with melted Almond Bark and allow it to dry.

Cake Decoration

You can cut the Almond Bark into specific shapes and place them on top of the frosting. Alternatively, you can melt the bark and then pour it into templates made from wax paper. Then place it onto your cake. Or you can simplify the process and pour melted Almond Bark on top of the cake as an additional frosting.

Caramel and Coconut Truffles

First, you roast the shredded coconut in a pan. Secondly, you melt caramel on a separate pan. Give it a pinch of salt if it is not already salted. Then mix the roasted coconuts in the caramel soup until you get a uniform texture.

Now, scoop the mixture into small balls and dip it in melted Almond Bark. Get a nice and even coat and then place the balls on a tray to let it cool. If you want, you can also add almonds or pecans to the mixture and then turn it into balls.

Caramel and Coconut Truffles

Crockpot Peanut Clusters

Combine peanuts, cashews, some chocolate chips, and a drizzle of vanilla extract in a crockpot. Cook it in low heat for about 2 hours. Halfway through the process, you can stir the mixture. In a parchment-covered tray, place scoops of the mixture onto it using an ice cream scoop or a large spoon. Put in the refrigerator to cool.

Melt 1 brick of Almond Bark (or the amount you need) and place it inside a plastic bag. Make a funnel shape and snipe the end. When the clusters have cooled down properly, drizzle it with the melted bark.

What Exactly Is Almond Bark?

Almond Bark is a confectionery made of vegetable fat, sugar, artificial flavoring, and coloring. So, it is not a type of chocolate since it does not contain chocolate solids. However, it is used for the same purposes in cooking and baking.

What Is the Best Way to Melt Almond Bark?

To use Almond Bark for dipping, you have to melt it. A microwave oven is a quick and easy way. Make sure to do it in 20-second intervals so as not to burn it. Alternatively, you can melt the bark in a double boiler over low heat. Put the dip in a large bowl and you have a delicious dip for cookies and more.

Almond Bark vs. Chocolate: Which Is Better?

Speaking of chocolate, it does share some similarities with Almond Bark. Most notably, both melted chocolate and Almond Bark are incredibly versatile and can be used in several different desserts. There are, however, some important distinctions between the two as well.

The most notable thing is that Almond Bark is much easier to melt and use as a spread. With chocolate, you have to temper it properly first. Otherwise, the chocolate will not have a smooth and glossy look and will easily melt with touch. With Almond Barks, you do not have this problem. Whether you use it as a coat, dip, or put it into the batter directly, you are sure to end up with a scrumptious treat at the end.

On the other hand, real chocolate is so much tastier, that nothing can truly replace it.