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7 Places Where to Find Kewpie Mayo

Where to Buy Kewpie Mayo
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Whenever I have people at home and decide to spruce up the meal with Kewpie mayo or a sauce made with it, my guests often ask me where I got it. Since I use it frequently, I never realized that people may not know where to get it, although it is a very popular condiment. To ease up your quest for this delicious mayo, I decided to write an article about where you can buy it from. 

And even though it has been on the US market for a long time, you may see it as a more exclusive product. But look no further since, in this article, I will tell you all about where you can buy this delicious sauce! 

Where to Buy Kewpie Mayo?

Kewpie mayo is part of the assortment of many chain markets such as Walmart, Target, Costco, and Kroger. You can also find it online, but also in some unexpected places that you can find below.

As a big fan of this mayo, I know how disappointing it can be not to find it when you crave it the most. Luckily, you don’t need anything more than just a few simple pointers to show you the way. Please be aware that the prices mentioned are for reference only and were accurate at the time of writing.


Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one, and in this case, the solution is Walmart. Hidden in plain sight, you can buy your favorite sauce from the nearest one of the many Walmart shops. 

It is a standard part of their offer, so you don’t have to think about seasons or holidays as you do for many other products. You can go get it directly from the store or have it delivered. The packaging they sell is 500 grams and it will cost you about $6.43

A small price to pay, if you ask me. Also, if you go to their website, you can see the reviews about the mayo, which is very convenient if you haven’t tried it before. 


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Target is another chain store with many locations around the US, and chances are you have it in your neighborhood, and even if you don’t, you can use their delivery service. Kewpie mayo at Target is a little cheaper compared to Walmart, but only marginally, and it makes no difference to me. 

The same packaging of 500 grams at Target costs about $5.99. If you want to have it delivered, you will have to pay the delivery fee, but that’s to be expected. 

Either way, it won’t set you back a lot, and it is definitely worth it. Here, too, you can ask questions regarding the product, price, delivery, or whatever you want to know before making the purchase. 


This list wouldn’t be complete without the giant called Costco. By the way, you don’t have to be in the US to buy from Costco since they have warehouses worldwide. Check if they have one where you are, and run to the nearest location to get your bottle. 

The amount they sell at Costco is slightly smaller compared to Walmart and Target, and you can’t see the price unless you are a member. Still, I don’t think that price differs by much. 

You can read everything about the product on their website and buy it in person or have it delivered. The prices vary depending on the season or the supply of Kewpie they have. I’ve bought it several times for several different prices, but not significantly different. 


Kroger usually carries Kewpie, but don’t be surprised if there isn’t any when you go there to get it. Sometimes, they sell the total supply and are all out until the new shipment comes. In this period, they often remove the product from their website and put it back once the shipment arrives. 

The last time I went, they were out of Kewpie mayo, but I’ve bought it from there in the past, so I know they carry it. The prices don’t differ much, so expect a price tag of $6-7

Kewpie Shop

Kewpie Products

The Kewpie online shop offers many Kewpie products, and you can choose from a pretty wide assortment of condiments. They have different sizes and prices, deals and discounts. The best thing is that they have a free delivery for orders of $30 and above. 


Even though I don’t prefer ordering food from Amazon, especially perishable like Kewpie mayo, I do know that you can order it. What I like is that you can see a complete product description and reviews about the product and overall service, so it might be worth a try.


Another online shop you can buy this Japanese mayo from is Instacart. If you aren’t already familiar with it, it is essentially a virtual space offering products from various brands, and their supply is pretty rich. 

I order things from Instacart often, and they have never disappointed me. They offer this product in 500 gr. packages, but the prices are steeper compared to the stores above, i.e., about $9

Local Grocery Shops

Just because they aren’t as shiny and popular as the big chain markets, don’t underestimate your local grocery stores because they may surprise you. So, if there’s a local store closer to your home than a chain market store, give it a shot and look for Kewpie mayo there. 

How often do you buy Kewpie mayo? I would love to hear from you, so make sure you write it down in the comments below!