Where to Buy Panera Baguette Bag? Here’s What’s to Know…

where to buy panera baguette bag
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The fashion world is fickle, even more so when the internet is involved. Add a popular casual food chain, and you have the recipe for something viral.

That’s exactly what happened when Panera Bread announced the presale for their massively popular Baguette Bag. Stylized as BAGuette, it was available for preorder on February 7, only to sell out immediately. And after the restock disappeared just as fast, your only option now would be to buy from resellers.

Will Panera Restock Baguette Bag?

Believe it or not, Panera has already restocked the highly-coveted Baguette Bag. And just like the first wave of preorders, this second wave sold out immediately.

It’s currently unknown how many bags were made available on the second wave of preorders, but the first wave had 500 bags available. Even if the second wave had 500 bags as well, it seems 1,000 isn’t enough for the BAGuette-hungry internet.

Beyond the second set of preorders, there haven’t been any other announcements for further restocks. Even the BAGuette website itself doesn’t give any indications of any subsequent restocks.

Can You Preorder Panera Baguette Bag?

From February 7 to 13, the restaurant chain opened presales for 500 BAGuettes. [1] And following the viral response, which saw the bags fly off the virtual shelves, Panera opened more preorders on February 14.

However, there hasn’t been any announcement for more BAGuettes available for preorder ever since the second wave of orders. At the moment, it seems the majority of the world missed out on the iconic Panera-green handbag, with no signs of relief anytime soon.

If you really must get your hands on one right now and would rather not wait, third-party reseller sites such as eBay are your best bet. Keep in mind that the BAGuette is currently, at the time of writing this article, about $250 on eBay, which is nearly four times its original price.

And if you don’t feel like splurging such a large amount of money on a handbag, make sure to keep an eye on Panera Bread’s social media channels and the BAGuette website itself. You’ll never know when they’ll drop more bags for the rest of the world to purchase.

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