Where to Buy Irish Soda Bread? [5 Places]

Where To Buy Irish Soda Bread
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St. Patrick’s day might be over, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on Irish Soda Bread. Whether you’re looking to restock a favorite or try something new, a slice of soda bread will surely hit the spot. I’m always craving a piece after an especially bad day.

Unfortunately, finding soda bread in stores can sometimes be a challenge. They’re not as readily available, so you’ll have to do some searching. To help you satisfy your craving or curiosity, I’ve compiled a small list. So, this is where you’ll find some Irish soda bread:

King Arthur Baking Company

If you want to get hands-on with your soda bread, King Arthur Baking Company can help. For about $5.95, you can buy a 20-ounce box of their Irish Soda Bread Mix, which is more than enough to make one sizable loaf.

And if you’re concerned about the ingredients, you’ll be happy to know that the mix is made with non-GMO ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Shipping rates start at $9.95 for orders below $30.

Trader Joe’s

Trying to find Irish soda bread at Trader Joe’s is a double-whammy – it has a weird name, and it’s seasonal – but it’s worth it when you find it. 

Though a bit misleading with its name, Blarney Scone, Trader Joe’s Irish soda bread offering is sizable. It weighs about two pounds and is chock full of raisins and caraway seeds.

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you and you’re quick enough to find it during its seasonal release, grab a Blarney Scone or two.

Zingerman’s Mail Order

From a cooperative of family-owned businesses in Michigan comes Zingerman’s Mail Order – another excellent source for your Irish Soda Bread needs. For $16, you can secure a 1.5-lb loaf of soda bread made with whole wheat flour, white wheat flour, and Irish stone ground oatmeal.

However, you have to be quick if ordering from Zingerman’s. Around St. Patrick’s Day, they only make this bread once a year. Their most economical shipping at $12.99 takes around four business days to arrive.


Finding a friend with a Costco membership or securing your own might be a worthy endeavor when it comes to Irish soda bread. That’s because Costco sells a loaf of their Nellie Duncan Irish Soda Bread for around $6-8, depending on where you are.

And while you’re in the store, you can go ahead and stock up on other soda bread essentials such as Irish cheese and Irish butter. If you’re going to brave the massive floors of Costco, you may as well make the trip worth it. I love making an adventure out of my soda-bread grocery run!


When it comes to availability, you can’t go wrong with Walmart. They’re almost everywhere, and they offer affordable prices.

If you’re after a loaf of Irish soda bread, Walmart’s bakery has you covered. $3.98 gets you a 1-lb loaf of soda bread, baked fresh for you in the store. And if they’re out of stock for that day, you can always return the next day to try your luck.

If you’d rather not wait for the bakery to stock soda bread, you can always browse the aisles for Irish soda bread mixes.

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