Where Is Pringles Expiration Date? How Long It Lasts?

Where Is Pringles Expiration Date
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Imagine finding a long-forgotten Pringles tube in your pantry. However, before you start consuming this snack, you need to make sure that the product is still consumable. So, where to find the expiration date on the Pringles tube?

Pringles expiration date location is the most commonly placed on the bottom of the can or the bottom of the bag. But, it may vary depending on the factory where it was produced. Eating Pringles past the expiration date will most likely not do any harm to your body. 

It is recommended to always check and make sure whether the can is usable or not. So, let’s dive into explaining where exactly you can find the expiration date on the Pringles can and how long do Pringles chips last.

Where Is the Expiration Date on Pringles?

The exact place where the Pringles expiration date is printed may vary, but most commonly it is printed at the bottom of the can. This is because it is easy to find and to read it. 

Not only the expiration date but also other data is printed on every single can that is produced. For example, you can see a LOT number that indicates the series, date, and time of the production. The date next to the letter “P” is the date of production, and the date next to the letter “E” is when the Pringles chips expire.

Where Is Pringles Expiration Date

This is printed to identify one whole series, so in case that there are any issues with one series, it can be easy to find all other packages produced in one series, which would solve the issue easily. 

The Pringles usually have 15 months of shelf life. This means that after production, they are good to be consumed for the following 15 months (considering that they are kept stored the right way). This is important because other brands of potato chips usually have a shelf life of only four months, so this extended shelf life gives Pringles a competitive advantage. 

Can You Eat Pringles After Expiration Date?

Once the expiration date of the Pringles has passed, they are good to be consumed for around 2 to 3 weeks. In this period, they will still have all the original properties of Pringles. After this period of time, you will notice some change in flavor and that specific Pringles taste would probably be lost (or just not as strong as with the new can).

Also, the expiration date on the can is usually printed in a “best by” or “best before” format. This usually indicates that even after that date has passed, the containing of the tube is still safe to be consumed,  just the original flavor will be altered or lost. [1]

To avoid this, it is always best just to buy and consume a fresh can of Pringles. And to be honest, it is very hard to keep the Pringles unopened past the expiration date – they are usually consumed within the same day. 


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How Long Does an Open Can of Pringles Last?

An open can of Pringles can last somewhere from 1 to 2 weeks from the date of opening. However, this is only true if the opened can is being stored under the right conditions. 

How long an opened can of Pringles can last depends on how you take care of it after opening. If you keep it with a closed lid, stored in a dark and cool place, then it can last anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks from the date of opening. 

However, if you keep the can open, close to the sunlight, or next to some source of moisture, the Pringles will last for several days. That’s why it is best to finish eating Pringles the same day you have opened it. 

Is a Pringles Can Airtight?

Every Pringles can is airtight when it’s unopened. This is to prevent the chips inside from losing their taste, smell, and other nutritious properties. Thanks to this airtight lock, the Pringles can be stored unopened for a long period of time. During that time, the freshness of the contents of the Pringles can be guaranteed. 

Once you open the seal on top of the can, the clock starts ticking. This was an inspiration for Pringles’ popular slogan – “Once you pop, the fun doesn’t stop”. When you open the tube, the air is already inside and the cover is not that tight to stop the air from coming inside the tube.

Pringles can is not filled with air – it is filled with nitrogen, because air is known to have a negative effect on the crisps – they go soft when they are exposed to air for a long period of time. That’s one of the reasons why every Pringles can have a lid for you to close it and prevent the air from ruining the snack.

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