What to Do With Hamburger Grease? 10 Ideas

What to Do With Hamburger Grease
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Even though cooking with hamburger grease is not the healthiest option, it is still a very flavourful one. So, if you don’t mind eating fast food but also insanely delicious food, there are things you can do with hamburger grease to make your food taste smoky and meaty, like hamburger. Therefore, what to do with hamburger grease? 

You can use hamburger grease to make meals and side dishes. You can even use it as a garnish, adding it to the meal before it’s fully cooked. Making roasted potatoes or fries, roasted mixed vegetables, omelets, soup, bread-grilling, chicken-basting, toast-making, frying sausages, mashed potatoes, or savory pancakes.

Before getting rid of the hamburger grease, think about what else you’d like to make that tastes like hamburgers because you have options. To help you make the most of your hamburger grease and treat yourself to a tasty meal, I will give you some ideas on how to use it in the following paragraphs. 

Ways to Use Hamburger Grease

I will make each meal taste like hamburgers, so I use hamburger grease a lot; not every day, but I treat myself to a nice fatty hamburger-tasting meal from time to time. 

Using regular cooking oil, you can use hamburger grease to make virtually everything you would make, but that doesn’t mean you should. The hamburger grease tastes delicious but is also pretty heavy, and not all meals go with it taste-wise. 

Below are some ideas on what goes best with hamburger grease, flavor, and texture-wise. 

Roasted Potatoes 

Roasted potatoes and hamburger grease are a pretty obvious combination, as few flavors don’t go with roasted potatoes. Hamburger grease is much fattier than regular cooking oil, so don’t use it as much. 

You can use it the same way as regular oil, smearing the baking pan or mixing the potatoes and oil; it goes both ways. Bake as you normally would, and combine your roasted potatoes with the regular ingredients. 

You will get softer and juicier roasted potatoes tasting like hamburgers.


Instead of dipping your fries in hot regular oil, mix the cooking oil with hamburger grease. I don’t recommend using 100% hamburger grease for your fries as it is much greasier than regular oil, making them unpleasantly fatty. 

Here, you need the hamburger grease for flavor only, as fries are supposed to be hard, dry, and crispy, while the fat of the hamburger grease will make them softer with that nasty fat layer on their surface.  

Therefore, use up to one-third of hamburger grease and two-thirds of regular cooking oil when making hamburger grease fries. 

What to Do With Hamburger Grease

Roasted Mixed Vegetables

Roasted mixed vegetables smelling and tasting like hamburgers, plus their natural vegetable taste, is an absolute slam dunk of a side dish. You will love the meaty and smoky tasting notes on your roasted vegetables and even a side salad; nothing more will be enough to pair them. 

Don’t use too much hamburger grease for roasted vegetables, as they will be overly fatty. 


A hamburger grease omelet may be the best thing you make that month; that’s how good it is. You can either use grease up the pan or add some hamburger grease while beating the eggs. Either way, don’t add too much. 

Your omelet will taste and smell like hamburgers, and if you make it with meaty, such as sausage or fried deli meats, even better. 

Cream Soup 

Sizzling the ingredients for your cream soup before adding the broth makes it an excellent idea to make it taste even better. A few drops of hamburger grease can make all the difference for your cream soup. 


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Also, you can drop a few drops of hamburger grease after adding the broth somewhere before removing the cooked soup from the stove. At first, the hamburger grease will float, but after a while, it will settle, giving your soup an overall smoky hamburger taste. 

Mushroom cream soup and French onion soup are the best for this. 


If you are craving an upgraded sandwich but don’t feel particularly creative about making it, smear some hamburger grease on the buns and throw them on the grill or on a skillet to warm them up and let the grease penetrate the bread. 

You can also smear bead slices with hamburger grease and pop them in the oven, thus making small and delicious breadsticks you can dip in the sauce. 


A basted chicken or turkey is probably one of the most deliciously cooked meats ever. While you usually baste the chicken with the juices it releases during roasting, basting it with hamburger grease is an even better idea. 

Your chicken will have a slight hamburger dimension that will enhance its already existing flavors, add some extra fattiness, and make it even softer and juicier. 

Frying Sausages 

 Sausages are naturally greasy and smoky, so they don’t require any additional grease to fry nicely. However, a few drops of hamburger grease can never harm the flavor. Imagine your sausages smelling and tasting a tad like a hamburger. Heavenly. 

Also, before frying the sausages, you can smear them with a nice thick layer of hamburger grease. This way, you don’t add any hamburger grease to the frying pan. 

What to Do With Hamburger Grease

Mashed Potatoes 

Hamburger grease mashed potatoes are yet another great way to put your hamburger grease to good use, or better said, excellent use. After you mash the potatoes, add some hamburger grease to them, mix it nicely and let it sizzle on the stove. 

After a minute of sizzling, with constant stirring, pour the milk into your mashed potatoes to make them creamy. The hamburger grease will alter their consistency, making them even softer and creamier than usual. 

Savory Pancakes

Although pancakes are usually a sweet meal, they don’t taste sweet in themselves, as the pairing gives them the flavor. So, just like pairing pancakes with sausage circles or bacon strips, you can make pancakes one step higher by baking them with hamburger grease. 

Smear a thin layer of hamburger grease and place them on the pan. Your pancakes will taste slightly like hamburgers, and paired with bacon, they will taste like heaven. 

Can You Reuse Burger Grease?

Once you’ve used your burger grease, I don’t recommend you use it again. Since the grease has been processed twice, the first time you collected it from the burgers and the second time you used it for another meal, it became very harmful. 

Moreover, with each new use, the hamburger grease tends to thin, making the food you use to burn. Therefore, use your hamburger grease only once. 

How to Dispose Of Hamburger Grease?

Disposing of hamburger grease is very easy, but it doesn’t work like disposing of regular garbage. You need to collect it in a can and let it solidify. Once it has hardened, place it in your garbage bin and discard it just like regular garbage. 

Since it has hardened, it won’t spill into your garbage bin, and the tin can will protect it from spilling in the general garbage disposal location. 

Can You Pour Hamburger Grease Down the Drain?

You cannot pour hamburger grease down the drain. The fat from the hamburger grease solidifies, causing the pipes to clog. Do not spill it through the garbage disposal or into the toilet. 

Keep your hamburger grease away from any pipeline that may get blocked.