What to Do for Strawberry Moon? Meaning & Celebration Ideas

what to do for strawberry moon
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Strawberry Moon is a super moon, so extra-large and shiny one. The Strawberry Moon has several meanings, and people have several different names for it. So, what to do for Strawberry Moon? 

During Strawberry Moon, people do energy cleansing rituals, attend different festivals, reconnect with nature, celebrate the Strawberry Moon with a symbolic bonfire, and some eat raw meat. The Strawberry Moon is the last spring full moon and denotes the end of spring and the beginning of summer. 

There’s more than meaning attached to the Strawberry Moon and different spiritual-cultural interpretations. In the following paragraphs, I will explain what the full moon is, why it is called that, what it symbolizes, as well as the celebratory rituals related to it and how it influences people.

What Is Strawberry Moon?

The Strawberry Moon is the last full moon of the spring, and it symbolizes the end of the spring and the beginning of the summer. The month of June has been known for its fruitfulness and abundance. Usually, the time for harvest is in June, whereby the people get to sew the fruits of their labor. 

June is also the time when strawberries ripen, and the Strawberry Moon occurs around the time they are at their best and ready to be harvested. The Strawberry Moon is also known as the Blooming moon because many flowers blossom around the period of its appearance. 

Other names for the Strawberry Moon are the Birth moon, Egg-laying moon, or Hatch moon, all symbolizing the fruitful period of abundance this moon announces. 

In Europe, the Strawberry Moon has been known as the Honey Moon because June is when most weddings take place. 

It is a cultural belief that the Strawberry Moon is the best time to get married, but also to clam, crab, and shrimp. It is also believed that the Strawberry Moon brings good weather, starry nights, and sunny days. 

What Happens During a Strawberry Moon?

The Strawberry Moon is usually the time when people tend to go inward and reflect on their lives and actions. It is an excellent time to revise the first half of the year and set intentions for the second half. 

The energy around Strawberry Moon has been said to be calming and soothing, so people feel comfortable opening up to each other or curling up around the fire, sharing and talking. 

How Do You Celebrate Strawberry Moon?

Due to the spiritual nature of the Strawberry Moon and the pleasant and positive energy it brings, its celebration has been connected to calmness, spiritual renewal, and new beginnings.

Energy Cleansing Rituals 

Energy cleansing rituals are common during the Strawberry Moon. People burn sage at their homes to purify the energy of bad influences and invite abundance into their lives. 

Setting Intentions 

Since the Strawberry Moon rings at the beginning of the second half of the year, it is not uncommon for people to journal during this time. Most commonly, they write what their intentions are for the next six months and what they want to manifest. 

They then burn the pages they’ve written on and send that energy into the universe, hoping that they will appear in their physical reality. 

Strawberry Moon Festivals

Another way to celebrate the Strawberry Moon is with a strawberry festival. These festivals are common for indigenous people who gather together to celebrate the following harvest with music and dancing. 

Nature Walks and Exploration 

Strawberry Moon inspires people to go back where they came from, get in touch with nature and reconnect with their ancestry. Therefore one of the ways to celebrate the Strawberry Moon is to spend time in nature, explore new natural marvels and simply immerse in it and become one with it. 

Ritual Bonfire 

Ritual bonfires have been well-established midsummer celebration practices for a long time. Therefore it is only appropriate to celebrate the Strawberry Moon with a symbolic bonfire to bring wealth and abundance to your life. 

If a bonfire is something you cannot make, you can always light a candle and let it burn for three nights during the Strawberry Moon. 

Juice Fast

Just like we can cleanse our homes of negative energy, the Strawberry Moon also inspires people to cleanse their bodies too. Therefore juice fasts have been known to occur before the Strawberry Moon and end on the third night after the Strawberry Moon appears.  

Raw Food

Consuming raw food is yet another way to celebrate Strawberry Moon. Since it’s all about renewal, good health, and spiritual, mental, spatial, physical cleansing, and purification, consuming raw food free of any chemical elements is a suitable way to celebrate the new beginning. 

Strawberry Moon Spiritual Meaning

Astrologists believe that the Strawberry Moon influences each zodiac sign individually, bringing changes and new opportunities into people’s lives. 

The Strawberry Moon is very connected to spirituality, primarily because it occurs mid-year, denoting the duality of the reality we live in. Therefore it is considered a way the universe reminds us of our own dual nature- masculine and feminine. 

While Mother’s Day is celebrated before the Strawberry Moon appears, which means that the feminine energy has already been honored, the Strawberry Moon is more associated with the divine masculine energy. Fathers’ Day is shortly after. 

This time is known as a very suitable period to honor the masculine members of your family or any protective father figure in your life. Since the Strawberry Moon announces the harvest period, it is associated with the masculine energy as strong men and women did the harvest. 

What Does the Strawberry Moon Symbolize?

The Strawberry Moon symbolizes wealth and abundance. It denotes the most fruitful time of the year. It brings luck, health, and happiness, and it is the official beginning of the summer when food, water, and fruits are everywhere. 

It also symbolizes enjoyment and rings a period where people are free of any food-related issues and can devote their time and energy to hedonism and looking within. 

It is believed to be a new beginning, setting the tone for the rest of the year. Generally, the Strawberry Moon is like a break in the middle of the year, where people can relax and enjoy themselves. 

Is Strawberry Moon Actually Pink?

Although specific-looking, the Strawberry Moon is far from pink. It isn’t the same color as the moon we see every night, as it is very bright, full, and at a closer distance to the Earth, but to say that it’s pink wouldn’t be correct. 

what to do for strawberry moon

Sometimes it can appear pinkish or reddish, depending on which part of the globe you are observing it and at which angle the sun illuminates it. 

The name “Strawberry Moon” has nothing to do with the color and is about the period of the year. The strawberries ripen at that time, hence the name. 

How Will the Strawberry Moon Affect You?

Because it is a full moon, the Strawberry Moon may leave you awake through the night if you are sensitive to the full moon in general. Also, you should expect calming and soothing energy, where time will run a little slower. 

You should also expect to be more open and receptive to your emotions and also external emotional influences. Your emotions may be a little unstable, but all in all, astrologers expect it to be a pleasant experience. 

To know more about how the Strawberry Moon will affect you, you could read what would it means for your zodiac sign. 

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