What Sauces Does Zaxby’s Have, Taste Test & Pairings

What Sauces Does Zaxby’s Have, Taste Test & Pairings
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Known for its juicy fried chicken meals and the sauces that make your mouth tingle, Zaxby’s has definitely become an institution in the fast-food department. You can choose from numbing hot to pleasantly tingly because Zaxby’s has it all! Even though I don’t prefer hot sauces, I was compelled to write this article after trying all sauces Zaxby’s offers because, well, there is a lot to say. So, what sauces does Zaxby’s have? 

Zaxby’s wing sauces include Nuclear, Tongue Torch, Buffalo Garlic Blaze, Hot Honey Mustard, Sweet and Spicy, Wimpy, BBQ, and Teriyaki. The dips are Zax Sauce, Spicy Zax Sauce, Ranch, and Honey Mustard. The salad dressings are Lite Vinaigrette and Blue Cheese.

Divided into three categories, Zaxby’s condiments offer your meal a lot of style and flavor. As someone who prefers mild food over burning hot, I got ready for a merciless battle, but I am happy to report that it was a delicious journey instead. Now, I am here to share my experience with you and tell you all about Zaxby’s sauces. 

List of Zaxby’s Sauces [Ranked by Spiciness Levels]

Starting with the first category — Zaxby’s wing sauces and dips. Wing sauces are known for their heat and spiciness, so here they are ranked below. I also included dips in this category, so that you have all Zaxby’s sauces in one place.

Nuclear Sauce

The name says it all. The Nuclear Sauce at Zaxby’s is genuinely the hottest sauce I have tried. Still, contrary to what I expected, I could feel actual flavor, in addition to the extreme heat. It is very spicy, very bold, and very potent; it reminded me of a BBQ sauce but much more intense. 

I recommend it with chicken wings or chicken fingers. Fried chicken seems to tone it down, while grilled chicken only awakes its wrath. 

This sauce is so hot and spicy that you don’t even have to know its name to know that it’s this sauce. There’s no chance of mistaking it for another one. 


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Tongue Torch Sauce

The Tongue Torch is one level more merciful than the Nuclear. While the Nuclear makes your mouth go numb yet itchy, the Tongue Torch gives you a burning sensation, like your palate is on fire, but in a good way. 

As I expected, I enjoyed this sauce quite a bit, and I can say that even a palate like mine can appreciate it. So, give it a try even if you aren’t a fan of heat and spiciness. It tastes tangy and slightly sweet, creating a warm sensation in your mouth.

Pairings: It complements chicken wings, boneless wings, or chicken sandwiches, adding a zesty kick to the dish.

Any fried chicken option is an excellent choice to pair with the Tongue Torch. The grilled chicken meals are also good, but not as good as the fried chicken options.

If you can handle the heat and spiciness, you must have the Tongue Torch. It has a very particular sweet and tangy note, and that’s how you will undoubtedly recognize it.

Buffalo Garlic Blaze Sauce

Moving toward the more bearable range of flavors, I give you the Buffalo Garlic Blaze in third place. It is moderately spicy and hot, so it is totally bearable for people who don’t enjoy too much heat. Once you feel the tangy and garlicky note, you’ll definitely know that it’s the Buffalo Garlic Blaze you’re having.

I like it for its traditional buffalo flavor accentuated even more with a discrete garlic note. It has the classic buffalo sauce tangy and savory flavor, with a hint of sweetness to balance out the spiciness.

I recommend you pair this sauce with Zaxby’s wings, primarily because it is a wing sauce but also because there is no better fit for it on Zaxby’s menu. 

Hot Honey Mustard Sauce

The Hot Honey Mustard is a huge deal in the fast food world, and you can have it at many fast food places. So, what separates the hot honey sauce at Zaxby’s from the rest of them? Well, I’ve noticed that this sauce has a very particular kick in the end while not being overly spicy. 

So, you’ll be getting a sweet and tangy flavor, slightly spicy, with a warm kick right before swallowing. Moreover, it leaves a noticeable mustardy aftertaste. 

You can pair this sauce with every item on Zaxby’s menu. I’ve had it with chicken wings, fingers, grilled chicken, and even fries and salads. 

Sweet and Spicy Sauce

Zaxby's Ranch, BBQ, Sweet and Spicy, and Zax Sauce
Source: www.facebook.com/Zaxbys/photos/10159576146248309

Perfectly named and self-descriptive, this sauce is really sweet and spicy. What was most fascinating for me was how I could feel the sweetness and spiciness separately. In other sweet and spicy sauces, they sort of blend together, but here, they were two separate flavors in one sauce. 

You can have the Sweet and Spicy sauce with everything chicken at Zaxby’s, from wings to fingers to grilled chicken. I like how it adds flavor to the meal and, at the same time, accentuates the already present taste notes. 

Spicy Zax Sauce

Spicy Zax Sauce is a spicier version of the original Zax sauce, intended for the braver adventurists. It is significantly spicier than the original Zax, but nothing you cannot handle. Moreover, the spiciness is there to accentuate the rest of the flavors, not only in the sauce but also in the food you combine it with. 

You can pair the Spicy Zax just like you would pair the regular version. 

Wimpy Sauce

When I saw the name of this sauce, I thought that there could not be a better choice for me because, though I can manage, I am not a huge fan of hot, and I was right. At the lower end of the spiciness scale, Wimpy Sauce is for those who want to stay on the milder side, with the occasional jump on the other side of the rope. 

It has an expressive tanginess and savory notes combined with moderate spiciness and just a hint of heat. 

I had it with chicken wings, but I can see how it pairs well with grilled chicken too. I don’t think that it would be a good fit for chicken fingers, though.

Zax Sauce

Zax Sauce is a signature tangy and savory dipping sauce. It’s one of my favorites because it is a little bit of everything. A little sweet, a bit acidic, slightly salty, combining tangy and savory notes. 

I love it on Zaxby’s everything, but especially on fries, which is what makes this dip even more attractive. 

And it’s easy to replicate it at home! Here’s the how:

BBQ Sauce

Zaxby's BBQ Sauce
Source: www.facebook.com/Zaxbys/photos/10159183171443309

What separates the BBQ at Zaxby’s from the other BBQ sauces is its depth and complexity. This BBQ Sauce tastes smokier and meatier than many of those that I’ve tried. It is very rich, tangy, and savory. 

The grilled chicken is the best pair for this sauce. It adds a smoky note to the meal, creating an overall richness and depth of flavor. You can pair it with the Buffalo fingers too. 

Teriyaki Sauce

Zaxby’s Teriyaki is a classic teriyaki sauce with an expressive umami note, perfectly combining the sweet and savory elements it contains. It isn’t hot or spicy, so if you want something mild and familiar, it’s the way to go, and you won’t regret it. 

The beauty of Zaxby’s Teriyaki Sauce is that it pairs with all the items on the menu, so you can have it whatever you want. From wings to fingers, to grilled chicken, to salads. It’s like mayo but more nutritious!

Besides these sauces, you can also order Ranch Dip and Honey Mustard. They are also considered as salad dressings, so I described them below.

List of Zaxby’s Salad Dressing Choices

There are four dressing options at Zaxby’s. So, let’s take a look!

Ranch Dip/ Dressing 

The Zaxby’s Ranch dip/dressing you can pair with the meaty delights, as well as the salads at Zaxby’s. It’s creamy, cool, refreshing, and slightly herbal. This sauce is the perfect addition to wings, chicken fingers, grilled chicken, as well as the coleslaw and the Garden House Salads. 

I don’t recommend it with the buffalo wings, though, because you wouldn’t feel it at all.

Apparently, paired up with some Sweet and Spicy, it makes the best chicken finger dip. Well, I’m going to have to try this out next time!

Honey Mustard Dip/Dressing 

Zaxby’s Honey Mustard Dip is a traditional honey mustard with the special Zaxby’s note of extra tang. It is somewhere between thin and creamy, perfectly balancing texture and flavors, offering you a delightful blend of sweet and tangy. 

The meaty treats at Zaxby’s are a given combo, but you can also combine this dip with their salads and any salad you want. I especially recommend the House Salad for this dip/dressing. 

Lite Vinaigrette 

The lite vinaigrette at Zaxby’s is a very light and refreshing salad dressing, fit to pair with all Zaxby’s salads. I prefer it with the coleslaw, but it fits great with the rest of them. The acidity of the lite vinaigrette is lesser, so if you aren’t a fan of acidic flavors, you’re in luck. 

Blue Cheese 

This is a decadently rich and creamy dressing and meal in itself. Try it with the House salad and reach new levels of enjoyment in your food. I just can’t get enough of this dressing, and I have it with also with the chicken meals, not only with salads. 

How Long Are Zaxby’s Sauces Good For?

Generally, Zaxby’s sauces are long-lasting, but not all of them. For example, the Teriyaki has a short shelf-life, as well as the Ranch and the Blue Cheese Dressing. The spicy and hot sauces are more durable and unopened; they can keep going for about a year or two. 

Opened, they don’t last for more than a few hours and a day or two in the fridge. 

What are your favorite Zaxby’s orders? I would love to try them out, so write them down in the comments below!

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