What Sauces Does Whataburger Have, Taste Test & Pairings

What Sauces Does Whataburger Have, Taste Test & Pairings
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Whataburger’s burgers are legendary, but for me, it’s all about their sauce game. Whataburger offers a whopping number of sauces to choose from, and as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of condiments, I knew I had to take it upon myself to rank them from worst to first based on flavor. So, what sauces does Whataburger have?

Whataburger has a sauce for every palate: Fancy or Spicy Ketchup, Real Mayo, or Original Mustard to Creamy Pepper and Buttermilk Sauces, Spicy Jalapeno Ranch, Buffalo, and Picanto Sauce. Plus, there are also several honey-based sauces and a fantastic Salsa Verde.

From the Classic Honey Mustard to Salsa Verde to their Fancy Ketchup that reigns supreme for dipping fries and onion rings, you will find the definitive ranking of Whataburger’s sauces in this article. So, let’s look at the list!

Whataburger Sauces Ranked by Taste

While I’ve come to my personal conclusions about Whataburger’s sauces, there are different tastes, so you might find some of them higher or lower on the list. One thing is for sure; they have something for every taste bud! 

Salsa Verde

Salsa verde is my personal favorite Whataburger sauce. This green sauce’s tangy, spicy flavor pairs perfectly with almost anything on the menu. Whether I’m enjoying a classic Whataburger with cheese or one of their breakfast sandwiches, a few packets of salsa verde make everything taste fresher and more flavorful.

The blend of tomatillos, jalapeños, cilantro, and lime juice gives this salsa a bright, zesty kick that’s not too overpowering. The mild heat from the jalapeños adds a little punch without being spicy enough to deter anyone. 

This sauce’s fresh, homemade taste and versatility make it a clear winner in my book. Whether on your burger, fries, or breakfast sandwich, salsa verde takes the flavor up a notch.

Fancy Ketchup

Whataburger Fancy Ketchup Sauce

Whataburger’s signature Fancy Ketchup is the second one on the list because, well, it’s ketchup. However, it’s a whole heaven better than the regular ones you can find in the stores. And why is that? This one is made from vine-ripened tomatoes and a blend of spices, adding the perfect kick of heat to every bite. Whether you prefer it on a burger, fries, or both, one thing’s for sure — this sauce is fancy for a reason.

For me, a Whataburger meal just isn’t complete without the generous help of Fancy Ketchup. The blend of chili peppers provides a zing of heat and spice that pairs perfectly with the savory, juicy beef patty and crispy fries.

If you like your ketchup with an extra dose of heat and flavor, Fancy Ketchup should be your go-to Whataburger condiment. 

Honey Butter Sauce

In third place, Honey Butter sauce is sweet and savory, so it hits all the right notes. Your taste buds will sing as soon as you dip your fry or taquito in that golden, butter-colored liquid.

The Honey Butter sauce has the perfect blend of honey and melted butter, with just a hint of cinnamon and other warm spices. It strikes a balance of rich and decadent while still being light enough not to overpower the item you’re dipping. For me, Honey Butter sauce pairs best with Whataburger’s crispy french fries or taquitos. The sweetness helps balance the saltiness and brings out the flavors of the potatoes and beef.

If you have a sweet tooth and want a dipping sauce that satisfies without being too sugary, Honey Butter is the way to go. 


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Spicy Ketchup

Spicy Ketchup hits the fourth spot. The familiar tomatoey ketchup base is kicked up a notch with a blend of chili peppers that provide a slow burn without being overly fiery. For me, it’s the perfect combo of flavor and heat.

A dollop of Spicy Ketchup on a Whataburger adds a little zing to an already delicious masterpiece. But its uses don’t end there. Spicy Ketchup also makes a great dipping sauce for fries, tater tots, onion rings, and chicken tenders. If you want to get really wild, use it as a glaze or marinade for grilled shrimp, meat, or veggies.

For those who like a little extra zap with their zap, this sauce is sure to please. You’re in for a treat if you haven’t tried Spicy Ketchup yet. 

Creamy Buttermilk Ranch

When it comes to Whataburger’s creamy buttermilk ranch sauce, I have to say it’s in my top five. This tangy, creamy dipping sauce pairs perfectly with Whataburger’s crispy chicken strips or french fries.

As someone who enjoys the combination of cool ranch flavor with the heat of spicy food, Whataburger’s creamy buttermilk ranch hits the spot. It has just the right amount of kick from black pepper and spices to keep things interesting, balanced by the cooling effect of buttermilk and mayonnaise. The herb blend also provides an aromatic, earthy undertone.

What I appreciate most about this ranch sauce is its versatility. In addition to being a classic dip for fried foods, it also works well as a spread on burgers and sandwiches or even as a salad dressing. The creamy and tangy flavor profile complements so many types of savory foods.

Original Mustard

Whataburger Original Mustard Sauce

The Original Mustard is another classic. As Whataburger’s original condiment, it’s a yellow mustard with the perfect amount of tang and kick. When I want to keep it simple, the Original Mustard is my go-to sauce, so I put it in sixth place. It pairs well with almost everything on the menu, from the classic Whataburger to the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich. 

The mild spiciness cuts through the richness and complements the beef, bacon, and melted cheese flavors. For me, the Original Mustard sauce is a vital part of the classic Whataburger experience and essential for any visit.

Real Mayonnaise

Real Mayonnaise is my guilty pleasure. I can’t get enough of its rich, creamy texture and tangy flavor. While fancy bottles of ketchup and spicy sauces have their designated place, sometimes you just cannot beat this classic condiment.

For me, this sauce is the perfect complement to Whataburger’s iconic burger. The cool creaminess provides a nice contrast to the hot, juicy patty and melty cheese. I also like to dip my fries in it for an extra special treat. The slight vinegar kick cuts through the starchy, salty flavor of the fries.

Beyond burgers and fries, Mayo adds moisture to sandwiches and wraps, binds potato and tuna salads, and enhances deviled eggs. Its versatility and familiar flavor make it a condiment I always return to. 

Creamy Pepper Sauce

The Creamy Pepper Sauce adds a kick of heat without being too spicy for most people. It has a great blend of chili peppers and spices that give it a little zing, balanced by the creaminess of ingredients like buttermilk and mayonnaise.

The Creamy Pepper Sauce is amazing on Whataburger’s classic burger, the Whataburger Jr., or the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich. I also like to dip my fries or onion rings in this sauce for extra flavor. If you want a spicier option, mix in a few drops of the Picante Sauce or Spicy Jalapeño Ranch. 

Add a spoonful of the Honey Butter for a cooler and creamier dip. The possibilities are endless!

Spicy Jalapeño Ranch

Whataburger Spicy Jalapeno Ranch Sauce

The creamy buttermilk base of this sauce is kicked up a notch with the addition of diced jalapeños, giving it a pleasant heat that builds as you eat. Unlike some other spicy options, the jalapeño flavor comes through in this sauce without being overwhelming, and this balance deserves ninth place. The ranch seasoning adds a savory, herbaceous layer that complements the jalapeño spice.

This versatile sauce pairs well with so many Whataburger menu items. I love dipping my french fries, onion rings, and hash browns in Spicy Jalapeño Ranch. It’s also a perfect topping for the Avocado Bacon Burger or Monterey Melt. 

If you want to experience a flavor explosion, mix the Spicy Jalapeño Ranch with the Honey BBQ sauce. The sweet and tangy BBQ blends seamlessly with the creamy ranch and jalapeño kick. 

Classic Honey Mustard

The Classic Honey Mustard has the perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavors that pair well with many menu items.

I love dipping chicken strips, onion rings, and french fries in the Classic Honey Mustard. The honey provides a nice sweetness balanced out by the spiciness of the mustard. It’s a match made in heaven! 

This versatile sauce also works great as a spread on your burger or sandwich. The creamy and zesty flavors complement the savory beef patty and crispy veggies.

Honey BBQ Sauce

Whataburger Honey BBQ Sauce

The eleventh place belongs to the Honey BBQ sauce, which is the personal favorite of many people. The honey provides a touch of sweetness that complements the smoky, molasses-like flavors of the BBQ. It’s thick, sticky, and finger-licking good. 

If I could only choose one sauce, the Honey BBQ would be it. It’s versatile enough for every item and every craving. Whether you want something sweet or savory, this all-purpose sauce delivers.

For me, the Honey BBQ hits the spot every time. I highly recommend giving it a try — you won’t be disappointed! 

Buffalo Sauce

This creamy, tangy sauce that has just the right amount of heat to keep things interesting without burning your taste buds takes the twelfth place. Made from a blend of chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, and spices, the Buffalo sauce pairs perfectly with Whataburger’s chicken tenders or a juicy burger.

For an extra kick of heat, add a few dashes of the Picante sauce or Spicy Jalapeño Ranch. The creamy buttermilk ranch cools the heat and adds more flavor. Either way, have plenty of napkins on hand — things might get messy! 

The Buffalo sauce is versatile enough for fries, onion rings, or even a salad.

Picante Sauce

Last but not least, if you are someone who loves a kick of heat, this sauce is the right one for you! The blend of chili peppers provides a spicy and smoky flavor that enhances so many Whataburger items without being too overpowering.

Personally, I like to dip my fries in the Picante Sauce for an extra burst of flavor in each bite. The spice cuts through the starchy flavor of the fries, bringing them to life. Dip your Honey BBQ Chicken Strip in the Picante Sauce for an even bolder pairing. The sweet and tangy BBQ flavor combines with the heat and smokiness for a heavenly match.

Which is your favorite sauce and food combo at Whataburger? I would love to read about it in the comments below!

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