All 13 Sauces that You Can Find at Papa John’s

what sauces does papa johns have
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Did someone say sauce? I am your girl! As a total sucker for sauces and fast food places, I am always eager to raid casual dining places and explore their food and sauces. While I could write a 100-volume book on Papa John’s pizzas, this time, we will focus on their sauces. 

Papa John’s sauces are the secret miracle workers that can transform a plain dish (side note: Papa John’s food is anything but) into a luxurious dining experience. So, let’s dive in and see what sauce options Papa John’s offers. 

List of Papa John’s Dipping Sauces

With a semi-modest number of sauces, or more precisely, 13, you still have more than enough to choose from. The best thing about Papa John’s sauces is that they haven’t just slapped them on the menu; each sauce is perfectly tailored to the flavor it is supposed to accompany. So when they tell you that a specific sauce goes with a particular menu item, believe them! 

Take a look below and see what kinds of sauces you can get at Papa John’s and how to enjoy them best. 

BBQ Dipping Sauce

bbq dipping sauce

The BBQ sauce at Papa John’s is way more than just a BBQ sauce. Imagine making a meaty meal even meatier! This sauce offers a sweet and smoky flavor with a tangy finish, perfect for those who love a classic barbecue taste, me among them.

When it comes to BBQ sauces, my motto is the meatier, the better, which is particularly true for the BBQ sauce at Papa John’s. So, don’t think twice before pairing it with a meaty delight such as a pizza or even Papa John’s chicken poppers. 

Another way you could go is cheesy. So, I encourage you to try the BBQ sauce with a cheesy meal, especially a juicy cheesy pizza!


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Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

If there’s anything better than blue cheese, it’s blue cheese dipping sauce! Unlike many blue cheese dipping sauces you’ve tried, Papa John’s really tastes like blue cheese, which is something I’ve seen only a few times before, and I’ve tasted many! 

Rich and creamy, this sauce dominates with a bold blue cheese flavor that’s both tangy and slightly sharp. It is very aromatic, alluring the nose before it even reaches your palate. 

Long story short, you can pair it with almost anything on the menu and enjoy it to the fullest. I love it with a pepperoni pizza because it creates a sharp contrast, but I encourage you to unleash your creative juices and pair it with what you see fit. Perhaps you will tell me about it! 

Buffalo Spicy Dipping Sauce

What can I say about Papa John’s buffalo sauce? I am serious; how can I describe something that needs to be experienced to be understood? 

Papa John’s buffalo sauce is a whole story packed in a single sauce, and you haven’t experienced the complete Papa John’s spirit until you’ve tried it! 

It is a spicy and tangy sauce that brings a tad of heat and a lot of flavor to your palate.

Pair it with whatever you think would go with the BBQ sauce; they are complementary that way. I love it with everything chicken. 

Cheese Dipping Sauce

When it comes to cheesy sauces, I’m not the most impartial person to listen to because I am in love with the flavor. Still, I think that I am being very realistic when I say that Papa John’s offers some of the most delicious cheese-based sauces out there, and I am sure that those of you who’ve tried them will agree with me. 

Like the blue cheese sauce, this one is also very creamy and rich but not as sharp and aromatic, which is excellent since you have a choice. You can have your cheese and eat it, too- enjoying the flavor you prefer. 

When it comes to pairing this sauce, in addition to pizza, I have one more word- breadsticks

Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

The good old honey mustard is a classic at Papa John’s. Although I can’t say that it offers a new and unique flavor or a twist, I can definitely confirm that it delivers what you came for. Taste, texture, and consistency- straight As

It is a harmonious blend of sweet honey and tangy mustard with a mild zest that will take your taste buds to the moon and back.

I love it with the meat lover’s pizza but feel free to pair it with other menu items. The sky is the limit with this sauce!

Special Garlic Sauce

Special Garlic Sauce

Before I get all worked up describing this sauce, let me just say that if you aren’t crazy about garlic, you may find it overly intense; you’ve been warned! 

Now, garlic fans, come closer- this sauce is the holy grail of garlic sauces; I kid you not! The taste is best described as the garlic lover’s dream, but I don’t advise the garlic lover to have it on a first date, maybe later into the relationship! 

This sauce is very rich in garlic flavor with a buttery undertone that will skyrocket your meal to the stars and keep it there with an even richer aftertaste. Yes, you will feel it in the days to come!

Drizzle it over a classic Margherita pizza or dip those breadsticks for a garlicky treat… go wild with this sauce; it is definitely made for it!

Pizza Sauce Dipping Cup

Pizza Sauce Dipping sauce

If you gravitate more toward the classic and gentle flavors, this sauce is definitely for you. I rush and slap this sauce on my slice when I want a traditional pizza flavor. It is a classic tomato-based sauce, rich in herbs and spices, perfect to add to any pizza at Papa John’s.

Although it is a bit “vanilla,” especially compared to the flavor bomb that is the garlic sauce, it delivers a wholesome and remarkably satisfying sensation you just can’t get enough of! 

Ranch Dipping Sauce

ranch sauce

The Papa John’s ranch sauce is one more of the gentle sauces this place offers, showing once more that it has something for everyone. If you are not a fan of the explosive flavors of the cheese sauces or the buffalo or BBQ zest, this is definitely your cup of tea, or better yet, a ramekin of sauce.

With its moderation and refinement, this creamy and herb-filled sauce is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser. I’ve stumbled upon some strong opinions about the other sauces, but the Papa John’s ranch seems to be the sweetheart of sauces everyone finds sweet and cute!

The best thing is that you can pair it with whatever you want. Worst case scenario- you won’t feel it; best case scenario- you will thoroughly enjoy it!


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Spicy Garlic Sauce

Spicy garlic sauce, because the garlic bomb that is the regular garlic sauce sometimes just isn’t enough! 

So, as a huge garlic lover, I can say that this sauce is too much even for me. If you are not into extremely spicy flavors and you have exceptionally tolerant test buds, don’t bother with this sauce. I made the mistake of getting greedy and paid for it over the next few days! 

You won’t feel it only in your mouth but in your stomach as well, so if you have a sensitive digestive system, it may be better if you skip this one. 

The taste is a fiery and very robust twist on classic garlic sauce infused with jalapeno and red bell pepper. So, as I said, it is very much out there.

I had it only once, in the name of science, and paired it with breadsticks. I think that it would also pair well with cheesy meals and pizzas. So, don’t be afraid to experiment, but caution is advised.

Cream Cheese Icing

cream cheese sauce

This is another cheesy one, but more on the sweeter side. After the intense description of the spicy garlic sauce, I think it is best to cool things off with a mellow delight. So, this is a sweet, rich, and creamy sauce you can have with a dessert, but I’ve seen many customers ordering it with salty meals, so it probably works both ways.

I had it with donuts; it tasted light and gentle, but it didn’t wow me. Maybe it is just my taste and preference. I can’t say that the sauce isn’t good because I tasted it alone, but I don’t really know what it would go with. It seems that it goes with everything sweet, but it doesn’t. You may need to kiss a few proverbial frogs until you find the right fit. 

Honey Chipotle Dipping Sauce

This sauce fuses different flavors you wouldn’t even imagine fusing. It blends the natural honey sweetness with the smoky heat of the chipotle peppers. It has a smooth and thick texture that reminded me of syrup.

I love how versatile it is, and you can enjoy it with many menu items, from fatty and meaty meals to salads.

Special Zesty Dipping Sauce 

special zesty dipping sauce

The special zesty dipping sauce at Papa John’s is a true crowd-pleaser. It incorporates features of other sauces that people like, resulting in a creamy sauce with a zesty note and Italian seasoning. 

This sauce has been designed to pair perfectly with pizza, and the meatier, the better. 

Caramel Dipping Sauce for Twix Papa Bites

This sauce is actually a limited edition treat specially designed for the Twix Papa Bites. It fuses sweet and salty notes, resulting in a caramel flavor with a salty undertone.

I like it, but I’m not too crazy about it, mainly because I don’t like mixing sweet and salty. The sauce itself is excellent, and it has many fans.

It has a smooth and velvety texture, ideal for the Twix Papa Bites. If you are a sweet tooth, I warmly recommend this sauce for you!

What Papa John’s Sauces Are Vegan?

Although one rarely goes to Papa John’s for vegan food, the place considers all tastes and preferences, which is why it has been a beloved fast food restaurant for decades. Of course, you can find vegan sauces there. The special garlic sauce, tomato and herb, BBQ, hot buffalo, and garlic and herb are vegan sauces you can enjoy at Papa John’s.

Images source: Papa John’s Official Website