What Sauces Does Hardees Have, Taste Test & Pairings

What Sauces Does Hardees Have, Taste Test & Pairings
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Hardee’s is my morning jam — their biscuits are my number one choice when I want an energy boost in the morning. I love it for its juicy food and even juicier sauces. If you have one close by, I wholeheartedly recommend making it a part of your morning commute. The food is great, but the extra flavor you get from the sauces and dips is sure to pick you up. So, what sauces does Hardee’s have? 

Hardee’s offers five sauces: Buffalo, Honey Mustard, Smoky BBQ Sauce, Honey Q, and Buttermilk Herb Ranch. 

With its five sauces, Hardee’s is a true testament to how going simple is sometimes the best way to go. They have found a way to give the old classics a new shine and turn them into original and unique experiences. Now, I think that this deserves some attention, so in this article, I will tell you all about Hardee’s sauces and how to pair them. 

List of Hardee’s Sauces

Modest at first glance, the Hardee’s sauces selection is far from unnoticeable. With their five dipping sauces, they have managed to become the favorite place of many. Take a look at the sauce list below and prepare your next order in advance!

Buffalo Sauce

Hardee’s Buffalo Sauce is a classic tangy and spicy sauce combining flavors of vinegar, spices, hot sauce, and a whiff of buttery richness, which I find to be more pronounced at Hardee’s. Unlike the buffalo sauces I’ve had at other fast food places, here, the spiciness is not overly expressed, so you can enjoy it even if you are not a fan of spicy flavors. 

Another thing that I found surprising about this sauce was its versatility. Buffalo sauce is usually restrictive in its use, and it works mostly with wings, but not this one! It pairs wonderfully with chicken, and you can truly pair it with any Hardee’s meal.

Last time, I had it with their Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders and Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and it was the perfect match!

Honey Mustard 

Hardee's BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Ranch on a Platter With Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders
Source: www.facebook.com/Hardees/photos/10160852518969455

Hardee’s Honey Mustard Sauce is an old classic with an original twist. It has the honey’s sweetness and the mustard’s tanginess, a creamy texture, and a discrete yet noticeable savory note. Most honey mustard sauces I’ve had have a pronounced mustardy element, but Hardee’s version balances these flavors, so both get time under the spotlight. 

In terms of pairings, I honestly think that it would go well with every menu item. I usually have it with Hardee’s Chicken Tenders or as a dip for their Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich.

Smoky BBQ Sauce 

This BBQ Sauce is rich and savory with a smoky flavor and a very meaty note. It combines vinegar, molasses, and various spices, which create a smoky, robust, and potent flavor. 

Still, Hardee’s BBQ isn’t very versatile, which is by no means a problem because it pairs perfectly with the meals it goes with. I recommend it for heavier meals because it adds depth and a rustic feel to the meal. 

My favorite pair for it is Hardee’s Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich, but I also like it with a Sausage Biscuit.


What Sauces Does Cook Out Have, Taste Test & Pairings

Honey Q Sauce

Yes, you guessed it, it’s honey and barbecue. I could always see that these two would go perfectly together, but I had never experienced it before. The first time I tried this sauce was at Hardee’s, and since then, it’s been a must in any order!

It combines the sweetness of honey with the smokiness and tanginess of barbecue sauce, creating a vibrant, versatile, and decadently rich flavor. It has the honey’s thickness and stickiness, making it the perfect dipping sauce. It will stick to your food and hold onto it, so each bite is covered with its deliciousness. 

It pairs great with Hardee’s Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich, but you must try it with the Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders and Hash Rounds.

Buttermilk Herb Ranch 

Hardee's Buttermilk Herb Ranch With Chicken Tenders

Hardee’s Buttermilk Herb Ranch is a creamy and tangy dressing with a gentle flavor but a very potent one. It combines the rich notes of buttermilk, the fresh tones of herbs, and the edgy and aromatic dimension of garlic. 

It also creates a refreshing and cooling taste that complements a variety of dishes. I prefer it with Hardee’s Side Salad or as a dip for their Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuits.

What Is the Best Hardees Sauce for Chicken Tenders? 

Although their chicken tenders are in themselves quite a versatile dish and pair easily with many sides, in my experience, the Honey Mustard at Hardee’s is the best option. Honey Q Sauce is another great option.

What do your order when at Hardee’s? Can’t wait to find out in the comments below!

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