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What Sauces Does Five Guys Have, Taste Test & Pairings

What Sauces Does Five Guys Have, Taste Test & Pairings
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Have you ever sat down for a delicious burger and fries at Five Guys and wondered what their array of sauces tastes like and which one you should choose? As a self-proclaimed sauce connoisseur, I embarked on the ultimate taste test to determine how Five Guys’ sauces rank.

And, trust me: whether you like it hot, tangy, or savory, Five Guys has a sauce to satisfy. My advice? Don’t be afraid to mix and match to create your own perfect combo. Your burger and fry experience will never be the same!

List of Five Guys Sauces

From the familiar ketchup and mayonnaise to their signature hot sauce, Five Guys offers a variety of flavors to enhance your meal. Read on to discover what each sauce tastes like, what it pairs well with, and which reigns supreme as the best sauce for Five Guys fries.


When I think of Five Guys, the first thing that comes to mind is their mayonnaise. As a mayo lover, I was thrilled to discover they offer their own variety of this famous sauce. 

The mayonnaise is your classic, creamy condiment. I like to pair it with Five Guys’ regular or Cajun fries for a classic combo. It’s made in-house from high-quality ingredients. 


Five Guys Ketchup and Fries

Ketchup is a classic sauce, and Five Guys does it well by using Heinz ketchup only. Their ketchup has a nice balance of sweet and tangy, with just a hint of spice. Personally, I think it pairs excellently with Five Guys’ hot, fresh fries. The ketchup helps cut through the richness and saltiness, adding a touch of sweetness.

While the ketchup may be overshadowed by some of the bolder sauces like barbeque or hot sauce, for me, it’s still a classic pairing for a classic burger and fries. The flavor is nostalgic and comforting, transporting me back to childhood meals at diners and drive-ins.


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Mustard at Five Guys has a tangy, spicy kick that pairs perfectly with their hot, salty fries. It’s a classic French yellow mustard with a few unique twists. It has that familiar mustardy bite from the ground mustard seeds, along with vinegar, turmeric, and spices. 

For me, mustard is the ideal condiment for cutting through the richness of a burger or hot dog. The vinegar helps cut the grease, while the honey mellows out the spiciness so it’s not overpowering. I like to slather my burger bun with mustard before adding the patty – it infuses the whole burger with flavor in each bite.

Mustard also pairs excellently with the Cajun fries. The heat and acidity help balance the heaviness of the fries, and the honey notes complement the slight sweetness of the Cajun seasoning. For the ultimate combo, dip your fries in both ketchup and mustard. The sweet and tangy mix is hard to beat.


The relish at Five Guys is definitely one of my favorite sauces. It perfectly blends sweet and tangy flavors from pickles, onions, mustard, and vinegar. You get hit with that signature pickle aroma when you open the packet. It adds a burst of flavor to every bite of your burger or hot dog without overpowering the other ingredients.

For fries, the relish is a must-have topping. The vinegar helps cut through the greasiness of the fries and complements the starchy potato flavor. The minced pickles and onions provide little pops of flavor in each bite. If I had to rank the sauces just based on how they pair with fries, the relish would be at the very top of my list.

The relish also pairs excellently with the cheese dogs and bacon cheese dogs. The salty, savory bacon and melted cheese are balanced out perfectly by the bright, tangy relish. 

Bar-B-Que Sauce

Five Guys Cattlemen’s Brand BBQ sauce

Five Guys’ barbeque sauce is tangy, smoky, and slightly spicy. The molasses and brown sugar provide a touch of sweetness to balance the vinegar, while chili peppers add a kick of heat. 

This rich, smoky Cattlemen’s Brand barbeque sauce is delicious on Five Guys’ burgers, especially their cheeseburger or bacon cheeseburger. The cheese helps temper the spiciness. Their Cajun fries are also a great pairing, as the Cajun seasoning complements the barbeque flavor. For something lighter, dip their grilled cheese sandwich or hot dog in the sauce.

The best thing is — it’s available on Amazon!

Hot Sauce

This spicy condiment adds a kick of heat and flavor to your burger or fries without being too overpowering.

When I’m craving something spicy but not blistering, Frank’s original Hot Sauce hits the spot. Made from a blend of chili peppers, it has a mild heat and tangy, vinegary flavor. The viscosity is on the thinner side, allowing it to coat your food easily. I like to douse my fries in the Hot Sauce, as it pairs perfectly with the salty, seasoned coating on the fries.

For burgers, the Hot Sauce complements the robust, savory flavors of beef and cheese. Whether you get a Bacon Cheeseburger or a Little Cheeseburger, the Hot Sauce enhances all the flavors in each bite. 

A1 Sauce

This original steak sauce has a tangy, savory flavor, perfect for topping fries or burgers. The A1 is a bold, zesty steak sauce made of tomatoes, raisins, vinegar, molasses, and many herbs and spices.

The A1 sauce has a blend of sweet and spicy flavors. It has a nice kick of heat without being too overpowering. The spices are well-balanced and create a robust, full-bodied taste.

The A1 sauce pairs excellently with beef, like Five Guys’ cheeseburgers or Little Bacon burgers. It also complements the Cajun fries beautifully. 

Which Is the Best Five Guys Sauce for Fries?

The blend of paprika, garlic, thyme, and cayenne pepper of Cajun seasoning that Five Guy’s uses for its fires adds the perfect kick of heat and flavor to their fries. A little sprinkle goes a long way in adding spice and zing. 

That’s why I’d recommend using any of the sauces mentioned above to upgrade them, as they all pair perfectly with Cajun seasoning. 

If you’re craving intense flavor and spiciness, then barbeque and hot sauce are the best options, but be careful not to overpower the fries. The Five Guys fries have such a delicious flavor on their own that they don’t need to be drowned in barbeque or hot sauce.

I’m curious: what do you think — which is the best Five Guys sauce for you? I’m looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below!

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