What Sauces Does Del Taco Have? Taste Test & Pairings

What Sauces Does Del Taco Have, Taste Test & Pairings
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If you are a fan of Mexican food, then you already know about Del Taco and its heavenly meals. As a lover of vibrant Mexican dishes, I am a regular customer at Del Taco, which is why I found it very strange when my cousin told me that they offer ten hot sauces because up until then, I have tried only four. I wanted to find out more about their delicious sauces, so I went online to do a little digging, but nothing could resolve the mystery better than going there myself and trying their sauces. So, what sauces does Del Taco have? 

Del Taco offers four main sauces, i.e., the Inferno, the Mild Sauce, Ketchup, and Scorcho sauce. The confusion arises when there are seasonal offers at different locations, which is why some of their seasonally available sauces are mistaken for regular menu items. 

After a spirited discussion supported by facts on my part, I am happy to report that I resolved the Del Taco sauce mystery. That’s why I had to write an article to clear the air on this matter. So, in this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about their sauces and how to pair them!

List of Del Taco Sauces & Taste Test 

Before I get into each individual sauce, let me just say that the main focus in this article is on the regular Del Taco sauces. If you go online, you will find other Del Taco sauces besides those listed here, but those aren’t a part of the regular menu. 

The seasonal sauces include salsa, habanero, Del Taco savory secret sauce, guacamole, chipotle, and green sauce. Still, I haven’t seen any of these sauces on the regular menu in the restaurant or online. You can probably get them if you specifically ask if they have any of them available.

Mild Sauce

A Packet of Del Taco Mild Sauce on White Background

When I saw that this sauce was on the menu, I instantly knew that it was the one for me. It was perfectly named since it really is mild, but there is much more about it than the mildness. It is a flavorful sauce that doesn’t only bring its own magic to the food but also accentuates the other flavors. 

You could spread it on a piece of toast and get a flavorful meal; that’s how well-balanced it is. I had it with the legendary Double Del Cheeseburger, and I can tell it was a heavenly meaty experience. 

I could detect a smooth and tangy flavor with a mild heat level, which only worked up my appetite. I don’t like overly pronounced heat, so this sauce was perfect for my palate. It adds flavor and vibrancy without overwhelming the taste buds, allowing all the included flavors time under the spotlight. 

Even though I had it with only one item, I can see how this sauce would pair well with almost any item on Del Taco’s menu. I would recommend it with tacos, burritos, quesadillas, burgers, and even their crispy chicken options. 


What Sauces Does Domino’s Have? + Taste Test

Del Scorcho

A Packet of Del Taco Del Scorcho Sauce on White Background

I like to call this sauce the rock-and-roll brother of the mild sauce. Still, I think that the name gives the wrong impression about the level of heat this sauce offers. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is intense, but if I could handle it, you can too. 

It is spicier with a more pronounced heat than the mild sauce, but it is still very delicious, tangy, and easily palatable. The trick in this sauce is the balance, as it masterfully juggles the heat, spiciness, and tanginess, making the surrounding flavors shine through. 

I had this sauce with the Chicken BLT Epic Torta, fearing that it would be too much for me if I had it with tacos. I am now happy to report that it wasn’t scary at all! If you have a higher tolerance for spiciness and heat, I urge you to pair this sauce with tacos or chili fries, and even if you are more sensitive, you have nothing to worry about. 

Del Inferno

A Packet of Del Taco Del Inferno Sauce on White Background

Just reading the name gave me the chills. I must admit that I had been preparing myself mentally for two days before trying this sauce. But I had to do it in the name of science! 

The second I saw this sauce, I expected a wild ride, but to my surprise, it wasn’t as bumpy as I thought it would be. The Inferno is the hottest sauce they offer at Del Taco, and it really is fiery. The good news is that the heat isn’t this sauce’s only feature, and there is a lot more going on. 

You may be used to hot sauces that only offer heat and a bit of flavor, which is what I initially expected, but this sauce is very flavorful, so the heat isn’t the only sensation it offers. I tasted a slight note of paprika, perhaps a tomato whiff, as well as spices. 

It was tangy and savory, which made the heat much more bearable than I had hoped. All in all, it’s a great sauce, palatable for those like me who don’t prefer heat, as well as for the braver ones who like challenging flavors. 

I had it with the Epic Combo Beef and Bean Burrito. I added just a few drops, and, for me, it was more than enough. The Inferno pairs well with almost any menu item, so you can have you’re your favorite Del Taco meal. I would just advise you to be cautious and not add a lot of it before trying it. 

Del Ketchup

A Packet of Del Taco Del Ketchup Sauce on White Background

You may think it’s just ketchup, but that’s where you’ll be wrong. It is more of a tomato sauce than classic ketchup. I must say that this one was my favorite, and I think it’s the most versatile sauce they offer. 

It tasted somewhere between marinara and ketchup, spicier than what I expected but also more delicious than I thought it would be. It has the classic Mexican twist, so you’ll think of tacos even when smelling it.

It is slightly sweet, slightly savory, and just a bit acidic to pierce through and balance the flavors. I’ve had this sauce with many Del Taco menu items, and it fits perfectly in any combo. My favorite is the cheeseburger, but I’ve had it with tacos, tortas, and fries. 

What Del Taco Sauces Are Hot?

Del Taco offers two hot sauces on its regular menu: the Scorcho and the Inferno. The Scorcho is milder than the Inferno. It has a pronounced heat and is noticeably spicy, but it is well-balanced and not overwhelmingly flavorful. 

The Inferno sauce is the hottest and the spiciest sauce you can get at Del Taco. It is very hot and vividly spicy. Still, it is very flavorful and easily adaptable to the surrounding flavor notes. 

Can You Buy Del Taco Sauces?

Del Inferno, Del Scorcho, and Mild Sauce Sauce Packets Available to Purchase on Del Taco Webshop

Yes, you can buy Del Taco sauces. Del Taco has a web store that offers different Del Taco and Del Taco-related items. You can get all four sauces there for affordable prices. You can choose one or get all the sauces in a single multipack. 

Separately, the sauces are sold in packages containing 100 sauce packets, and the multipack contains 300 pieces. 

What is your favorite Del Taco order at the moment? I would love to try it out so make sure you write it down in the comments below!

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